MLAATR XJ10 Episode

A long time ago, in a faraway government research facility, They had started to create a robot of their own, this robot was named XJ10. They were trying to make XJ10 superior to XJ9 A.K.A Jenny Wakeman in every way. Unfortunatley, they failed, and actually made XJ10 the opposite of what they expected him to be, so, embarrassed, they started to hide the evidence of his existence, they deactivated him, and launched XJ10 into Space. In case of him ever coming back to Earth, Scientists wiped him of all his memory, and knowledge of his functions as a robot. About two years later, Brad and Jenny were strolling along the beach. It was a regular day where Brad tells a funny story from school. Little did Jenny know that her life was about to change forever. Far in space, a car-sized meteorite was within Earth's gravitational pull.

Jenny automatically sensed the meteorite, however, it was just a C-class, and those always burned up in the Atmosphere. This meteor was not normal though, there was something within it. What was left of XJ10 was inside it. At the moment, XJ10 was missing the bottom half of his left leg, three fingers on his right hand, and lastly his right lens on his eye was cracked. His metallic body was battered, burned, and dented in some places. As the meteor started to burn up in the atmosphere, it was heading towards the beach that Jenny and Brad were at. At that time, the meteor had burned away, and it was XJ10 that was falling in the sky. He crashed into the sand 5 meters in front of Jenny and Brad. It was a large crater that shook the ground around it. Brad fell to the ground because of the force of the crash, Jenny, however was still standing because she can't be knocked over from small ground vibrations. "What the hell!?" Brad yelled, getting up, and brushing the sand off himself. "What the…!" Jenny said. But she realized that if it was a meteor, where were the bits of space rock? She ran over to the crater, and peered inside it. It was deep. She could only see 5 feet into it, the crater went in so deep, that it broke through the rock layer below the wet sand level. Jenny cocked her head in confusion. "What is it?" Brad called from behind her, too scared to come close to the deep hole. "It's just strange, there are no pieces of rock, and it's much too deep for a C-class meteor." Jenny called back to him. Brad shrugged in response. Just then, Jenny saw some sparks coming from the blackness of the hole. "Sparks? Wait a second!" Jenny formed a crane system, with her arm. She slowly lowered herself into the hole. "Be careful Jen!" Brad yelled. "I Will!" Jenny called back.

Brad waited outside of the crater. Several minutes later Jenny emerged from the hole. She was carrying something large in her arm. "What is it Je-" Brad began to ask but he was cut off. "Move!" Jenny said, laying the thing on the ground. It looked like a boy, around Jenny's and Brad's age. But… To His, and Jenny's surprise, he was metallic. He was a robot, and a little similar to Jenny. He was missing part of his leg, some fingers in his right hand, and the lens of his right eye was cracked. "Your… you're a robot…" Jenny said to the robot boy. He looked unconscious. Jenny shook him slightly. "hello?" She asked the motionless robot. She touched his arm, which activated The robot boy's movement sensors, this brought him online. His arm moved, and he blinked. "He's alive!" Brad said cheerfully. Jenny smiled slightly, "Whats your name?" Jenny asked the robot. "XJ…" The robot didn't finish, because he coughed up oil. He missing leg socket sputtered, His eyes dimmed. "Warning! Critical damage! Emergency Shutdown process initiated!" A robotic voice yelled from within the Robot boy. And with that, He coughed up a little more oil, and shut off. "uh oh!" Jenny said. "Is he dead?" Brad asked, worried. "I don't know, He's in bad shape, I need to take him to my mom, she'll know what to do! See ya later Brad!" And with that, jenny blasted off, carrying the robot boy in her arms.

It took about a minute for Jenny to reach her house. She accidentally smashed through the window. "Oops…" She said, she shook her head, she'll deal with that later, right now she had a dying robot on her hands. She flew into her mom's lab, carrying the robot with her. "MOM!" Jenny yelled out. Her mom came from one of the doors of the lab. "No need to raise your voice, dear! What is th- Who's that?" Dr. Wakeman asked Jenny, pointing at the lifeless robot in her arms. "No time! Hes broken, and dying, can you fix him!?" Jenny asked her. "yes, yes, of course! Give him to me!" She said, taking the broken robot from Jenny, and into the work room. "This doesn't look good… These injuries are severe…" Dr. Wakeman said, before disappearing behind the large, metal doors.

Jenny sat down on a nearby chair, and waited. Since she was a robot, she can sit still for hours on end, never needing to move for any reason. The time went by… seconds to minutes… minutes to hours… On a few occasions, a large clang, or a big flash of sparks drew Jenny's eyes to the room. "I hope he's okay…" She thought to herself. It had been over 6 hours,

CU: Jenny's right foot as it taps on the floor.

then it finally was done when the doors opened. Dr. Wakeman was pushing a large, cylinder tank, filled with a green liquid outside of the work room. Floating inside the liquid was the robotic boy. "Is he… dead…?" Jenny asked, confused, and worried at the same time. "Oh no! of course not!" Dr. Wakeman said. "His hardware, and circuit boards suffered critical damage from the injuries he had, It will take a while for his system to reboot." Wakeman replied. Jenny sighed. "So he's basically out cold?" She asked her mom. "If you put it that way, than yes. " Wakeman replied, not happy how Jenny dumbed down what she had just said. "Anyway… How and where did you find this robot? His machinery is different from mine." Dr. Wakeman said/asked. "He fell from the sky inside a meteor… I have no idea who built, or where he came from…" Jenny replied. Dr. Wakeman thought for a quick moment. "Maybe we'll know when he comes back online." She said.

"It's very interesting. His size and age, is very similar to yours, XJ9. It's as if someone was trying to duplicate you or something…" Wakeman said, thoughtfully while pushing the green-fluid tank against the wall, and then leaving the room. Jenny sat back down in the chair, and watched the robot float around in the tank. A light at the center-top of the the cylinder tank showed whether the robot was moving or not. Green for alive, and red for no movement. Jenny sighed, she wondered how long this poor guy had to float in space… broken. Un-wanted by everyone. But what her mother had said picked at her. "He is similar to me… Mom might be right…" She thought to herself.

CU: Jenny's feet as she stood up and walked over to the tank

She tapped on the glass a few times. The light remained red. She sighed, and left the room. On the way out of the lab, she could hear her mom ranting about the window she had broken.

It had been about two days since the incident with the robot that fell from the sky. Brad and Jenny didn't speak much of it. Except for brad asking if the robot lived or not. However, brad was able to forget about it, and continue trying to flirt with girls, and getting slapped, and called names by them. Which Jenny was still amazed that he didn't really seem bothered by it. Jenny Still had her mind on the events that happened two days ago. After the school day ended, with some taunting from the Crust Cousins, Jenny walked home. Sheldon was hiding in a nearby bush as Jenny walked. Jenny could obviously see him through the bush. "Sheldon, its REALLY creepy when your watching me from some hiding spot!" Jenny said, aggravated. Sheldon appeared out of the bush. "I wasn't watching you! I was… uh… examining some insects!" Sheldon said. "Yeah. Whatever." Jenny said, and she continued walking, leaving Sheldon to scramble around, pretending to examine insects. A few minutes later she had reached her home. She opened the Door, and called "MOM!" Dr. Wakeman was nowhere to be seen. "hello!" Jenny called to around the house. "she's probably in the lab somewhere…" Jenny thought to herself. She was heading over to it, when she bumped into Dr. Wakeman. "Hello, XJ9!" She greeted Jenny. "Hey mom! So… how is he?" Jenny asked in a quiet tone. "Well why don't you ask him?" Wakeman replied joyfully. "…what?" Jenny asked, confused. "XJ10! Would you come here, please?" Dr. Wakeman called. The robot came out from the lab. "yes, Dr. Wakema- oh! Uhm… hello Jenny…" The boy robot said. Jenny just stared, she snapped out of a trance. "hi…" She said.

"XJ9, this is XJ10!" Wakeman said with a smile. "Uh… mom? You told me I was the LAST robot you built!" Jenny said, a little hurt, but more agitated. "Honey! I did not build a robot after you. He's not my robot." Jenny's mom said. "then why is his name XJ10!?" Jenny yelled, pointing at the now nervous XJ10. Xj10, at this point, was against the wall trying to stay out of their arguing. "That's what he said his name was!" Wakeman replied. "Well actually I would rather be called Jackson-" Xj10 was cut off my Jenny "stay out of it!" She said, and then she turned her attention back at Wakeman. "what else have you been hiding!?" Jenny asked her. "Am I your robot? Am I built for good!?" Jenny yelled. "X!!J!!9!!" Wakeman boomed, silencing her angry daughter. "I would never, ever keep this big of a secret from you, I promise you, he is not my creation, I did not name him, and I've never seen him before in my life!" She yelled. Jenny had finally calmed down. "I… I'm sorry mom…" Jenny said. "I don't know what came over me…" She added. "It's all right XJ9." Wakeman replied. "I got a little loud myself." Wakeman said. "I need to lie down for a bit…" Jeny said. "Oh, take XJ10 with you, please." Wakeman said. "wait… what? What room is he staying in?" Jenny asked. "Yours, of course!" wakeman replied. "no! No, no, no, can't you put him in the lab somewhere… or with my sisters! Why, my room?" Jenny asked. "because, there is no room with your sisters, and nowhere to put him in my lab. And to be honest I don't fully trust him with my technology…" Wakeman replied.

"bu-" Jenny was cut off. "no buts, young lady! Now go show him around." Wakeman said.

CU: Jenny's feet as she stomps her right foot on the ground.

"come on, XJ10." Jenny growled. "I prefer to be called Jackson…" He said. "yeah, yeah whatever." Jenny said, as she dragged XJ10 by the arm. When they arrived at her room, she stopped XJ10. "hold on, I need to arrange some things before you come in." Jenny said, and with that she walked into the room, and closed the door behind her. Some movement sounds were coming from behind the door. After a couple minutes, the door reopened, and Jenny pulled XJ10 inside. "your room has so much space!" XJ10 said. "its just the size of any normal teenager." Jenny replied. "So, XJ10, you sleep there" She said pointing a dog bed. Your not allowed to touch anything, and you don't talk unless spoken to." She said. Jenny was still a bit mad about the whole teen – mom drama/conflict. Also, she did not feel like sharing her room.

"I like to be called Jackson." He said. He was tired of being called by his machine-name. "okay fine, Jackson." Jenny said. She sighed, and put her hand on his shoulder. "okay, im sorry, im being rude… im just not in a good mood right now, and for some reason, I take it out on you." She said with a friendly smile. Jackson was just staring at her hand on his shoulder. "Hey!" Jenny said, shaking him to get his attention. "Oh I heard you" Jackson said with a nod. "okay, good." Jenny said, and then she walked over to the window and looked down at the street, watching a single car go by. Jackson went to the mirror, he had never seen outside, never seen clouds, or plants. Though he knew what they were. When he was being programmed, the government planted a chip in him, giving him knowledge of all known plant, wildlife, or objects. Whether it be alien, or human.

"Whats today?" Jackson asked. Jenny just realized he was next to her. "Oh, I think its Wednesday." She replied. Jackson nodded. "For regular teens, including you, It's a school day." He added. Jenny looked at him. "How do you know that?" She asked Jackson. "I can tell by how you have the qualities that a regular teenaged girl would have-" he was cut off. "You think im a regular teen?" she asked. "Of course, only difference would be your metallic, but I would still count you as a regular teenager." "You're pretty smart." Jenny said. "Oh thanks!" Jackson replied with a smile. "So, you're basically a teen as well!" Jenny said with a laugh. "I guess so!" Jackson replied with a chuckle. "So You are going to school tomorrow to?" jenny asked him. "nah… I wouldn't fit in... Your good at mingling with teens because your like one, but Ive never communicated with anyone before in my life! You and Dr. Wakeman are the first things Ive ever come into contact with!" Jackson said. Jenny found that sad. "Oh you'll be fine!" Jenny said, trying to reassure him. "Ill help you make some friends, I know of some people that would be more than happy to meet you!" She said. Jackson had a small smile. "You really think I can fit in?" Jackson asked. "Of course! The first day is never easy, but you'll get the hang of it!" She said. "Okay then… Ill give it a shot!" Jackson said. Jenny smiled, and glanced back out the window, she realized it was getting late, the sun had already gone down. "Well Im getting a little tired, and its late, som im going to go to bed." Jenny said, lying down on her bed. "Im a little tired as well." Jackson said, and he curled up on the large dog-bed. "goodnight" They both said in unison, and then a small panel in the back of Jackson's head opened, a plug flew out of the opening, and plugged into the wall. A ant-sized light on his head glowed green to symbol that he was charging. Jenny's eyes were only open a squint, watching Jackson sleep, before she herself fell asleep.