Tyler and Rainbow Dash, holding hands, walked out of the museum with the others and headed back to the car.

Rainbow: So where are you guys staying?

Tyler: Wilderness Lodge. Walt Disney World.

Rainbow: I'm staying at the Swan.

Tyler: Really?

Rainbow: Yep. 4th Level.

Tyler: Wow. I'm at the 4th level of the Villas. Let me tell you, when I come back to my room, I'm gonna lay in bed and just relax cause it was a long day for me.

As they went into the elevator, Rainbow stared at Tyler lovingly and put her arm around his neck. She leaned toward his ear.

Rainbow (whispering): Tyler-Boy, because you missed me so much, come to where I'm staying. I'll give you a lot of care and love to you tonight when we get there.

Tyler blushed.

Tyler: Really?

She put her other hand on his cheek.

Rainbow (whispering): Sleep with me Tyler. *kisses his cheek*

Tyler (blushing hard): Rainbow Dash, of course I want to sleep with you. I need your love more than ever tonight.

Rainbow: Aww Tyler-Boy.

Rainbow and Tyler kissed repeatedly on the lips as they exited the elevator. They broke apart 15 seconds later and hugged tightly.

Tyler: I love you Dashie.

Rainbow: I love you too Tyler-Boy. *kisss his lips 5 times* Let's get in the car. I'll let you lean on my legs.

Tyler: Sounds like a plan Dashie.

Rainbow lifted Tyler up and they kissed again for 5 seconds before heading to the car.

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