Tyler was waiting when someone came behind him, leaning toward his ear.

Voice (whispering): Guess who’s back Tyler.

Tyler then realized who’s voice it is.

Tyler: Rainbow Dash? 

Tyler turned around and gasped at what he saw. In front of him was indeed Rainbow Dash, and she looked beautiful than ever. She is wearing blue platform sneakers, a blue / green skirt with yellow on the sides, a bright blue jacket around her orange shirt, and blue / red / yellow wristbands on her wrists. She was staring lovingly at Tyler, who is beyond shocked. 

Tyler: Dashie…

RD took a step closer and put her hands on his shoulders and her feet onto his, causing Tyler to blush even harder.

Rainbow Dash: Hi my sweet little Tyler-Boy. I missed you a lot. Did you?

Tears began to roll down Tyler’s face.

Tyler (voice breaking up): Yeah. I did. 

After 5 seconds of staring at each other lovingly, they leaned in and locked lips. They shared a warm passionate kiss for 15 seconds before breaking apart, touched foreheads, and then hugged tightly.

Tyler (voice breaking up): I love you Dashie.

Rainbow Dash (whispering in his ear): I love you too Tyler.

They then kissed on the lips again as they kissed repeatedly on the lips.

Took Place: Dave And Fionna's Wedding (June 5 2015, 6:05 PM)