Once Tyler did the backflip, something bad happened. When he landed on the floor, both of his ankles sprained. He fell on the floor.

Tyler: OW!

The performance and music stopped. Rainbow, who was watching from the locker room, gasped at what just happened.

Lead Performer: You ok?

Tyler tried to use healing factor, but it didn't work. Tears begin to roll down his face as he tried to use healing factor several times, but to no anvil. His ankles were really broken.

Tyler: I sprained my ankles.

Rainbow, completley worried for Tyler, rushed out of the locker room to meet up with Tyler.

Spitfire: Rainbow wait!

Back at the field

Performer: We need emts!

Tyler silently cried as he was still lying in pain as EMTs arrived to the scene to tend to Tyler. The crowd stood there watching concerned and worried. Rainbow rushed to the field and to the stage. When Tyler saw her, his crying soon intensified.

Rainbow: Poor Tyler-Boy!

Rainbow embraced a sobbing Tyler and kissed his cheek 3 times.

Rainbow: Are you ok?

Tyler (voice breaking up): I'm not. I'm hurt badly.

Rainbow: Aww!

Tyler (voice breaking up): I'm never doing backflips again.

Rainbow: Ok Tyler-Boy.

She kissed his lips and cheek and continued to console him as EMTs tended to Tyler. Moments later, Tyler was being loaded on a stretcher into the ambulance and 3rd quarter of the game was about to begin.

Rainbow: Tyler, I gotta get back to the game. 3rd quarter's beginning. (She touched his cheek) When the game's over, I'm coming straight to the hospital to take care of you ok?

Tyler: Ok. I Love you Rainbow.

Rainbow: I love you too Tyler-Boy.

Rainbow gave him a 3 second kiss on the lips before heading back to the field as Tyler was being loaded into the ambulance.

An Hour later, The Wondercolts have won the game and championship as fireworks started occurring in the sky. As Rainbow looked up, one of them read "Rainbow Dash, will you marry me? -Tyler" Rainbow smiled and blushed hard as she looked at the message, overcomed with joy.

Spitfire: So you coming to the celebration party with us RD?

Rainbow: I'd love too Spitfire, but I can't. I have to go to the hospital.

Spitfire: Why? Oh! It's because your boyfriend got hurt right?

Rainbow: Yes. I have to take care of him.

Spitfire: Ok. Hope he feels better.

Rainbow: I hope so too.

Spitfire: Good work Dash!

Rainbow: Thanks Spitfire! See ya!

She then ran out of the stadium and got in her car to go to the hospital Tyler was in. In the hospital, Tyler was laying down in a hospital bed watching TV, ankles still sprained and in casts. Rainbow then entered the hospital room and leaned toward Tyler's Ear.

Rainbow: We won the championship.

Tears began to stream down Tyler's face and started to sob.

Rainbow: Aww come here.

Rainbow gave a sobbing Tyler a big hug and kissed his cheek 5 times.

Rainbow (whispering): Shhh. I'm right here Tyler-Boy. (beat) Hey.

She stopped hugging him and stared at him lovingly.

Rainbow: I saw the fireworks proposal message.

Tyler then became shocked, tears still rolling down his face.

Rainbow: Yes Tyler-Boy.

She then kissed him on the lips as the 2 kissed repeatedly on the lips for a while before they hugged again as Rainbow continued to console an injured Tyler.