Tyler exited the bathroom and stopped in the hallway. He then sat down, tears streaming down his face. Blake passed by and saw Tyler.

Blake: You all right?

Tyler (voice breaking up): I need Rainbow.

Blake then left to get Rainbow. A couple seconds later, Rainbow arrived and saw Tyler on the verge of tears.

Rainbow Dash: Tyler? What’s wrong?

Tyler couldn’t respond. RD Kneeled down and put her hand on his shoulder, causing Tyler to look at her.

Rainbow Dash: What’s wrong?

Tyler wiped his eyes.

Tyler (voice breaking up): I…I…I Love You So Much!

Rainbow Dash: Aww Tyler-Boy. Come here. 

Rainbow gave a sobbing Tyler a big hug and rubbed his back softly. She then kissed his cheek 2 times before leaning to his ear.

Rainbow Dash (whispering): Shhhh. It’s Ok. I’m right here Tyler.

Tyler (sobbing, voice breaking up): The last time I saw you, I thought I was never going to see you again.sniffs** After my parents died, I was so alone, and I thought there was no one really close to me that was gonna take care of me for the rest of my life.

Rainbow Dash: Hey.

She stopped hugging him and stared at him lovingly, hands on his shoulders.

Rainbow Dash: I’ll take care of you. I’ll always take care of you. You wanna know why?

She rubbed Tyler’s cheek and tears as she continued to speak.

Rainbow Dash: Cause you were the only person that I cared about the most. I mean back then I liked you as a friend, but looking at you now Tyler, you are the sweetest person ever. Wherever you are, I’ll be here for you. You will always be my sweet little Tyler-Boy and I will always love you.

She then kissed Tyler’s lips and the 2 kissed passionately for 15 seconds, tears still streaming down Tyler’s face. They then broke apart and hugged tightly, with Rainbow continuing to console him by rubbing his back in a lovingly manner.

Tyler (voice breaking up): Dashie?

Rainbow Dash: Yes Sweetie?

Tyler (voice breaking up): **sniff** Can I be your boyfriend?

Rainbow Dash: Of course you can Tyler-Boy.

Rainbow and Tyler continued to hug before kissing repeatedly on the lips once again, with Rainbow continuing to rub Tyler’s back.

Took Place: Dave And Fionna's Wedding (June 5 2015, 6:42 PM)