Once Tyler headed to the door of the locker room, which was open, he saw Rainbow Dash getting dressed into her normal outfit. Tyler blushed hard at Rainbow's beauty, especially her legs and chest.

Tyler turned around and breathed heavily. Her beauty overwhelmed him with love. After a while, he turned around and Rainbow, who noticed, planted a big kiss on his lips. A super shocked Tyler returned the kiss as the 2 kissed passionately.

They broke apart 10 seconds later and stared at each other lovingly.

Rainbow: You love looking at my legs do you?

Tyler: Y...yeah. You're whole body is beautiful.

She continued to stare at him lovingly before planting another kiss on his lips as they kissed repeatedly for 15 seconds. They then hugged tightly.

Rainbow: Hi Tyler-Boy.

Tyler: Hi Dashie.

She kissed his cheek 5 times as the hug continued.

Rainbow: You ready to go?

Tyler: Yes.

Rainbow: All right.

She then kissed him on the lips 3 times before lifting him up, carrying him in her arms as they left the stadium and headed to their date destination.