Spike and Rarity continued to slow dance, staring at each other lovingly.

Spike: Rarity?

Rarity: Yes Spike?

Spike: I wanted to tell you something since the day we first met.

Rarity: What might that be?

Spike: Y-You're beautiful.

Rarity blushed.

Rarity: Really?

Spike: Yeah. I mean, whenever the word beautiful came up, I always thought about you. You're so beautiful. I had a massive crush on you since I first laid eyes on you. I just...I just didn't know when was the best time to tell you that and...and...

Rarity: Shhhh.

Rarity put her finger on his mouth as she said that. She then looked at him lovingly.

Rarity: You know what?

Spike: What?

And without notice, Rarity kissed Spike's lips. Spike, who at first is super shocked by this, returns the kiss as the 2 shared a warm passionate kiss while continuing to slow dance. Spike couldn't believe it. His first kiss, and with the girl of his dreams.

They broke apart 10 seconds later and touched foreheads.

Rarity: Darling, I think you're more than beautiful. You're gorgeous.

Spike smiled and Rarity did the same before kissing again as the 2 kissed repeatedly on the lips for 30 seconds while continuing to slow dance.

Once 30 seconds passed, they broke apart and hugged tightly.

Spike: I love you Rarity.

Rarity kisses his cheek.

Rarity: I love you too Spike.