Spike woke up and saw Rarity next to him in her normal outfit. She was working on her laptop as Spike looked at her beauty from her purple boots to her beautiful face.

Rarity noticed this and stared at him lovingly, and Spike, blushing, did the same. She closed her laptop, put it away, and gave Spike a warm kiss on the lips. Spike returned the kiss as the 2 shared a warm kiss on the lips.

They broke apart 15 seconds later and stared at each other lovingly.

Rarity: Morning darling.

Spike: Morning Rarity.

She kissed him again for 3 seconds before continuing to stare at him lovingly and rub his shoulders.

Spike: So beautiful.

He briefly looked at her boots.

Spike: I really love your boots.

Rarity: Really?

Spike nodded.

Rarity: Well they love you.

Spike blushed as Rarity kissed his lips 3 times before tapping her lap.

Rarity: Lean on my lap.

Spike scooted over and put his head on her lap. She kissed his forehead and proceeded to rub his hair in a lovingly manner.

Spike: I love you Rarity.

Rarity: I love you too Spike.

She kissed him again for 5 seconds as she continued to rub his hair in a lovingly manner.

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