Spike entered the hotel room teared up and looking at the lullaby necklace Jane gave her. Rarity was waiting for him on the hotel bed.

Rarity: Over here darling.

She was staring at him lovingly.

Rarity: I think somebody needs a lot of kisses and a lot of love tonight don't you think?

Spike looked at her briefly and then Jane's necklace. He began sobbing softly, causing Rarity to look at him worried.

Rarity: Spike what's wrong?

Spike (voice breaking up): Oh Jane.

He dropped down to his knees and sobbed hard.

Rarity: Aww Spike!

Rarity got up, rushed over to Spike, kneeled down to his level, and gave him a big comforting hug.

Rarity (whispering): My poor little Spike. *kisses his cheek 3 times*

After 20 seconds, they stopped hugging as Rarity continued to rub Spike's back.

Spike (voice breaking up): That was the necklace she gave to me when we were kids. It had the lullaby she would sing to me. It was more than a necklace Rarity, it reminded me of all the memories I had with her. I'm gonna miss her so much.

Rarity: Aww Spike. I know how much you miss your childhood crush. But look on the bright side. You still have me. You will always have me no matter what. And even if I'm not at your side some days, I will always be with you. Forever.

More tears began to stream his face.

Spike (voice breaking up): Oh Rarity. You're the sweetest person I've ever met. I love you.

Rarity: I love you too Spike.

She gave him 5 brief kisses on the lips before giving him another big comforting hug as she continued to console a sobbing and grieving Spike.