Fluttershy entered the room and saw all the photos of her and Sean when they were kids that Sean kept for her. She even saw the "I love you Fluttershy. Please come back for me" sign. She turned around and saw Sean on the bed.

Fluttershy: Sean, you kept all of them?

Sean: Yes. Every single one.

Fluttershy: Oh Sean. You're so sweet!

Sean: I had to keep them all. Because when I was in my depression, I'd always thought about you. I'd go into that room every day because I didn't want to forget about you. (Voice breaking up) All the pictures I had since we were kids. All the gifts you gave me. All the...all the...

Sean began crying before he could finish.

Fluttershy: Aww!

She came over, sat on the bed, and kissed his cheek. A crying Sean planted his head on her lap as she consoled him by rubbing his head and kissing his cheek.

Sean (voice breaking up): I'm just glad you're right here with me Fluttie. Even though I'm 18 and an adult now, I'm still a scared sad little boy that needs someone to take care of me forever.

Fluttershy: Hey.

Sean looked at Fluttershy.

Fluttershy: No matter where you are, I'll always take care of you. Forever.

Sean (voice breaking up): Oh Fluttie.

Fluttershy then kissed Sean on the lips as the 2 shared a 10 second kiss before breaking apart as Fluttershy continued to console him.

Sean (voice breaking up): I love you so much Fluttershy.

Fluttershy: I love you so much too Sean.

She kissed his cheek again as she continued to console Sean.