As Rob was waiting, someone tapped his shoulder.

Yumi: Hey.

Rob turned around and it was Yumi, who was staring at him lovingly.

Yumi: Remember me?

Rob: What?

Yumi: Remember when we were more than just childhood friends?

Rob thought.

Rob: Childhood...

He then realized what it was and his expression turned from confused to complete shock. He stared at Yumi, who nodded slowly.

Rob: Yumi!?

She leaned over to his ear.

Yumi (whispering): Hi Robbie-Boy.

She then kissed his cheek before continuing to stare at a still shocked Rob. After a few seconds, she put her hand on his cheek, and Rob, still shocked and tears rolling down his face, put his on her cheek.

They then leaned in closer until their lips locked together. With no interruption, Rob and Yumi shared their first warm passionate kiss, with Yumi beginning to softly rub Rob's back as the kiss continued.

After 15 seconds, they broke apart, touching foreheads and trading smiles at each other.

Rob (whispering): I love you Yumi.

Yumi (whispering): I love you too Rob.

Rob (whispering): Let's get to the theater. We don't want to be late.

Yumi slowly nodded and they shared another kiss for 3 seconds. They then went to the theater, holding arms.