Paul looked at Louise for a while.

Paul: Louise.

Louise: Huh?

Paul: Uh.... Can I tell you something?

Louise: What is it?

Paul: I....I like you.

Louise was surprised by what he said.

Louise: Seriously?

Paul: Seriously. I had a huge crush on you when we first met. I just couldn't stop thinking about you Louise. You're hot, awesome, daring, I love you bunny hat, I love your shoes, I just love everything about you. I was just too shy to tell you all this. I'm a shy guy. That's who I am and that's who I'll be if I didn't confess my love to you. Honestly Louise, out of all the girls I met in my life, you're the best.

After he stopped talking, Louise got closer to him and put her arm around his neck. He blushed hard as he looked at Louise, who was staring at him lovingly.

Louise: You wanna know how I feel about you Paul?

Paul: I do.

Out of nowhere, she gave him a brief 1 second kiss on the lips. Paul was shell shocked by this.

Louise: That's how I feel.

Paul: Louise...

They stared at each other for a while, before getting closer to each other until they locked lips. Paul and Louise share their first kiss as Louise put her hands on his cheeks while Paul put his around her waist.

They broke apart 15 seconds later and shared a tight hug.

Paul: I love you Louise.

Louise: I love you too Paul.

They then share another long kiss as the 2 embraced with love.