Scootaloo and the others sees the tape of Nolan seeing his former friend Alice kissing Harold just as he is about to confess his love of to him, which caused him to break down and say that he wants someone to love him. Nolan feels down and the others look at him, especially Scootaloo.

Blake: Dude, she dumped you for that snothead!?

Nolan: Yeah. I still feel disappointed because of this.

After a few seconds, Scootaloo gets up and walks to Nolan.

Scootaloo: Hey.

Scootaloo lifts Nolan's chin up and he looks at her. Out of nowhere, she kisses him on the lips. Nolan, who's completely shocked by this, returns the kiss as the 2 kissed passionately.

Rob: And there it is. Ok, let's leave them alone guys.

The lone wolves then left the room so that they can give Nolan and Scootaloo some alone time. They break apart 10 seconds later and stare at each other lovingly.

Nolan: Scootaloo...

Scootaloo: I know. You were the one this whole time. If there's anyone in the world who would love you the most, it'd be me. You are by far the sweetest person I have ever met in my entire life. And that will never change Nolan. Ever.

Nolan: You're right. Forget Alice. You're my true love. I have always had a massive crush on you from the first day we met. I dreamt about you, I thought about you, I loved you. And last night, when you kissed me on the cheek, you stole my heart forever.

Scootaloo smiled at him and Nolan followed suit, tears beginning to roll down his face. They hugged tightly, with Scootaloo kissing his cheek twice as they hugged.

Nolan: I love you Scootaloo.

Scootaloo: I love you too Nolan.

They then kissed again as the 2 kissed repeatedly on the lips.