CU Means Closeup

Nicktoons Racing II

"WWWWWWelcome racing fans!" A black and white dog with a black shirt but no pants begins to talk in a microphone at the top of the announcer tower. "My name is Dudley Puppy, and these are the other announcers of this year's Nick Racing!" Dudley points to the giant fairy next to him.

"I am Jorgen Von Strangle. Touch me and I'll hurt you!" Jorgen exclaims in a big booming voice.

"Next to Jorgen we have all the way from New York, King Julian!" Dudley points to a lemur with a crown on his head.

"I like to move it, move it!" Julian begins to sing, but is cut off by Jorgen.

"Stop Singing!" Jorgen booms at him.

"Our final announcer is literally out of this world, Gir!" Dudley points to a robot, clearly dressed as a green dog.

"I'm way up high!" Gir cheers. "Everyone down there look like ants!"

"Now that we got the announcers out of the way, let us introduce all of our racers!" Dudley exclaims.

"First off we have my partner in crime, Kitty Katswell from Petropolis!" Dudley announces with extraordinary excitement.

CU: Ground Level as Kitty's boots enter frame before the camera slowly pans up her body

"You all have no chance against me." Kitty exclaims.

"Now coming to the field, the reigning champion of last year's race, SpongeBob Squarepants!" Jorgen says, as Spongebob walks onto the field, and his theme plays.

"I'm ready!" Spongebob shouts out his catchphrase.

"We have the person who should have been in the first year, and the kid I know, Timmy Turner!" Jorgen cheers on Timmy

CU: Timmy's feet as he is walking before stopping. Camera then pans up his body

"I've got magic in me!" Timmy says, trying to look cool.

"Hey, you went twice, it was my turn." Julian complains.

"Well I wasn't going to let some king announce the kid who has had his fairies for over 5 years!" Jorgen argues.

"You two are acting like children!" They can hear Kitty yell out.

"Ooooh, she got you good." Dudley says.

"Danny Fenton!" Gir screams, breaking up the fight.

CU: Ground Level as Danny's feet land into view. His red shoes then transform into grey boots as the camera pans up his body

"I'm going ghost!" Danny cries out his catchphrase.

"Next we have Jimmy Neutron from Retroville!" Dudley cheers as he comes out and his theme plays as well.

"Gotta Blast!" Jimmy says his catchphrase too.

"Oh great, I'm stuck saying this kid?" Jorgen complains. "Fine, next we have… Sheen Estavez from…" He takes a big sigh. "…Planet Sheen." He does not look entertained in the least. Sheen comes out and his theme plays, making everyone hold their ears.

"What? It's a good theme." Sheen says instead of announcing himself.

"Up next we have Otis from Back at the Barnyard." Julian says, and Otis comes out, driving his motorcycle to the center of the stadium. His theme plays as well.

"If you are to slow, then Mooove it!" Otis shows off.

"We have going to the stadium, the weird bee scout, Bessie… really long last name, from Mighty B!" Gir announces

CU: Ground level as Bessie's feet enter frame. Her left foot taps on the ground as the camera slowly pans up her body

"Bee Scouts!" Bessie shouts.

"We have Robot and Monster next, who will take turns racing each race!" Dudley cheers as they come to the field, Monster carrying Robot on his back.

"Buddies, bacon, boom!" They both cheer.

"Up next we have the very skilled and talented Korra from Legend of Korra! Thank goodness someone is worth racing here!" Everyone, even the racers, give him an angry look. "And, here she comes!" He changes the subject

CU: Ground Level as Korra's feet stomp into view. The camera then really slowly pans up her body

"We are here to come together and have a wonderful time. So when we race, remember we are all like a big family and should treat each other with pure respect, no matter if we win or lose." Korra exclaims. She shocks the whole stadium with those sentences.

"She's… amazing." Bessie says in amazement.

"I've seen better." Otis says, unamused.

"That was an unexpected good speech." Dudley shockingly says.

"Up next, we have Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender." Julian announces as Aang walks to the stage with his yellow royal robe on. His theme plays as well.

"We come together to race, and so we shall." Aang agrees with Korra.

"Skipper is next to come to the field! Skipper, come on down!" Gir cheers. Skipper doesn't come from the entrance, but he comes from the ground instead.

"Afternoon, competitors. Don't get too excited, because I'm here to win." Skipper is also showing off.

"We have the beautiful, robotic XJ9, but people like to call her Jenny, from My Life as a Teenaged Robot!" Dudley cheers on Jenny, who comes though the gate like a rocket, surprising everyone. Her theme plays as she does a few flips in the air, and lands.

CU: Ground Level as Jenny's feet land into frame. The camera slowly pans up her body

The crowd goes wild as she cheers out.

"I'm ready to race!" Jenny cheers.

"Looks like we've got some stiff competition, Happy." Bessie says to Happy.

"That wasn't flying, that was… falling with style!" Skipper says in anger. Suddenly, with no intro, Zim bursts out and laughs.

CU: Zim's boots as he walks toward the camera before it pans up his body

"Bow down to me!" Zim commands, but no one takes him seriously. "I said bow down!"

"Oh yes, we have Zim, who rudely came in without intro." Jorgen says.

"Zim does not need an introduction, he needs abduction!" Zim screams.

"Also returning from last year, the runner ups, we have the two crazy, but quirky, Ren and Stimpy!" Julien announces as it zooms up on the gate, but they burst through the wall right next to it.

"Stimpy, watch where you're driving!" Ren yells at him.

"Sorry Ren, but we need to get to the stadium in time." Stimpy then stops and looks around, seeing as they are there already. "See? We're here." They awkwardly step out of the car and their theme plays.

"This theme? I wanted Happy Happy Joy Joy." Stimpy says upsettingly

"Never again, Stimpy!" Ren once again argues.

"Finally, the last racer comes from an unknown place. He knows many strange beings, and… Tak from Tak and the Power of Juju!" Gir randomly stops his sentence to introduce Tak, who walks to the field as his theme plays.

"It's been a long time since I was at Nick." Tak says, looking at all of the new racers.

"Now that everyone is introduced, it's time for them to train for the big races tomorrow! As all of you may know, there will be five cups, corresponding to each cash prize: Junior Cup for one hundred dollars, Rookie Cup for a thousand dollars, Amateur Cup for ten thousand, Pro Cup for one hundred thousand, and Master Cup for One Million Dollars! Everyone will get a chance for any or all cups. There are sixteen racers here, and 12 racers per race. Good luck to all of you out there, and don't forget the free dinners every racer gets for trying their best!" Dudley says to the crowd.

"We will see you tomorrow, folks!" King Julian ends the broadcast.

"Where are we going?" Jimmy asks.

"To Driving School. We need to learn how to drive before we can drive." SpongeBob explains. "And there is one person who is great at that; Mrs. Puff!"

"Hello all of you racers… and SpongeBob." Mrs. Puff walks into the door with a bowl over her head, like what Sandy gives SpongeBob. She greets them all warmly, except for SpongeBob. "So, take a seat everyone, and I will explain the rules, regulations, weapons, and more. But first, who can tell me the most important thing about racing?" Mrs. Puff asks. Some people raise their hands, and she picks on all of them one at a time.

"Your speed?" Kitty answers.

"No." She responds.

"Your weapons?" Skipper answers.

"That's not it."

"Your handling?" Bessie answers.

"Not that, either."

"Having fun?" Monster asks.

"Good guess, but no." Jimmy then raises his hand.

"Yes, Mr. Neutron?" She calls on him.

"The most important thing about racing is not the speed, weapons, handling, and not even having fun." He begins to explain.

"Go on." Mrs. Puff wants him to continue.

"The most important thing about racing… is Respect." He answers and writes it on the board.

"Ha! Laaaaaame!" Otis cries out.

"It is not lame, it is very important in the sport of racing!" Jimmy argues.

"No, Otis is right. Respect is for losers, like you. Zim does not need to be respectful!" Zim yells.

Jimmy begins getting angry, but then he gets an idea. "Okay, but let me show you a demonstration. Otis, will you come to the front of the class?" Jimmy calls him up.

"Alright, I'm going to be in a demonstration." Otis says happily.

"Now you hold this steering wheel like you're driving." He hands him a steering wheel.

"I get to pretend drive! Awesome!" Otis says in happiness.

"Alright, the rest of you will get a ball. Now, on the count of three, I want you all to pelt Otis with these balls." Jimmy says, smiling at Otis.

"Wait, what?" Otis says, regretting a little.

"One, Two, Three!" They all throw balls at him, and Otis falls over. They all start to laugh, but Jimmy quiets them down.

"You see? Trying to race when everyone wants to be against you is not the best idea. We are here to have fun, not to be jerks to each other. We need to respect each other and avoid saying mean things, playing dirty to win, or all teaming against one person." Neutron explains, and then he goes to sit down again.

"Well done, Jimmy! I can tell you will be one of my great students!" Mrs. Puff gladly says. "Now, let's talk about the weapons you will be using." Mrs. Puff erases the board, and begins to write. "Every weapon you will find will be in these presents, which will be placed on the track in several places.

The first item you can obtain when grabbing one of these is the Jellyfish. This item shoots forwards, and will find an enemy in front of you. When a jellyfish hits a target, they will get electrified by its stingers, leaving the racer motionless for a few seconds.

The Second item is the stump. This item will attack the lead vehicle, but beware, if you use this while you are in first, it will attack you.

The Third item is the goo. This item drops behind the user, and if someone were to run it over, they will be slingshot backwards, leaving them open for someone to pass.

The Fourth Item is shield. This item will create a barrier around the user, avoiding any attacks. It wears off after 10 seconds.

The Fifth Item is the Kitty Litter. This item drops behind the user, and if someone were to run it over, they will spin out of control and become dizzy.

The Sixth Item is the Trash can. This item drops behind the user, and if someone were to run it over, their kart will be slower then usual. This will leave the racer open for attack, and to get their position stolen.

The Seventh Item is the Wand. This item will give the user another random item to replace the wand they just used.

The Eighth and last item is the best of all; The Portal. This item will not only get you in first place, but it will swap the positions with you and the first place driver. Let me give you an example: Say you are in 11th place, and you get the portal. When activated, the person in first place will be taken to 11th place, and you will be in first. This item can turn the tide in a heartbeat, but it is the rarest item here. There is a 1% chance per race that someone will get the item. You must have great luck in able to get this item, or be very far behind.

There is also a ninth item. It is your specialty weapon, which you yourself have to be creative in making. All of you should make a specialty item. It doesn't have to be now, but the sooner, the better. It can't be based on any of the items I've talked about. It has to be a creative and original weapon used by you and only you." Ms. Puff stops for a moment to collect her thoughts.

"Next, we shall talk about stunts and boost. As you would expect, there will be ramps on each track. When airborne off of these tracks, which if done successfully, you will gain boost. Boost is something you all may know, it is the thrust of speed you get to make you faster momentarily. You can also gain boost by picking up gems placed all over the tracks. You all also have your own special stunt as well you will be able to create yourselves. Boost is very important when racing, but still not as much as respect. Yes, I'm talking to you, Otis and Zim." She glares at them, and they turn away, Otis whistling.

"Next we shall talk about Break Down." Ms. Puff says. Bessie raises her hand.

"Yes, Bessie?" She calls on her.

"What's Break Down?" Bessie asks.

"Good question, Ms. Higgenbottom. It's when you are not careful with your kart. There will be weapons flying, and you must be cautious about how much your kart is taking, for if your kart takes too much damage, it will stall down, and leave you helpless for being passed for a few moments before your kart starts back up again." Mrs. Puff explains to the class. "So be careful and look out for items coming your way."

"That will be all for this lesson. Thank you for coming, and good luck to all of you out there!" Mrs. Puff closes with a farewell to all the racers.

"Wwwwwwwwwelcome racing fans! It's finally time to race our first cup!" Dudley screams with excitement.

"The Junior Cup!" Julian adds

"This is going to be so boring…" Jorgen mutters.

"Don't be such a grumpy little grump!" Gir hears Jorgen.

"For each cup, since there are twenty racers, and only twelve spots open, we will randomly select each racer!" Dudley explains

"Time to randomize!" Gir screams

"Jorgen, if you will?" Dudley gives Jorgen the honors. He spins a big wheel and every racer waits, anticipating seeing who will enter. The wheel comes to a stop and lands on…

"Kitty Katswell, representing TUFF Puppy!" Jorgen screams.

CU: Kitty's Boots as the camera pans up her body

"Yes!" Kitty cheers.

The wheel spins again, and lands on…

"Korra, representing Legend of Korra!" Jorgen announces.

CU: Korra's legs as the camera pans up her body

"Alright, time for me to go!" Korra exclaims.

"Next we have…" Jorgen once again spins the wheel. "Skipper, representing Penguins of Madagascar!" Jorgen calls out.

"Alright, time to kick some tail, boys!" Skipper says confidently.

"For the fourth spot…" Jorgen spins again, landing on… "Zim, representing Invader Zim!" Jorgen exclaims.

"You will all fall to Zim!" Zim screams.

"For the fifth spot…" Jorgen once again spins the wheel, this time landing on… "Jenny Wakeman, representing My Life as a Teenaged Robot!" Jorgen calls out.

CU: Jenny's feet as the camera pans up her body

"Alright, wish me luck!" Jenny says to her friends.

"For sixth, we have…" Jorgen spins, and lands on, "Aang, representing Avatar: The Last Airbender!" Jorgen cries out.

"Time to show my capabilities!" Aang says, ready.

"For seventh, it's…" He spins; it lands on, "Danny Fenton, representing Danny Phantom!" Jorgen says, happy.

"Alright, I'm going ghost!" Danny says.

"The last position for the cup is…" Jorgen spins the wheel one more time, landing on… "Tak, representing Tak and the Power of Juju!" Jorgen calls out.

"Yes, time to win!" Tak excitingly cheers.

"Looks like that's everyone." Dudley says. "Now for the first track. Tell the fans, Julian!" Dudley turns it over to Julian.

"The First track of the first cup is Electrodome. This track is as simple as it gets. A simple ellipse track with fancy disco designs and to make the track look cool as well as guard rails to stop you from falling off!" Julian describes the track as it is shown on the giant TV and appears in front of the audiences face.

"It's time for a race!" Jorgen gives the signal, and the racers get into position.

"This should be easy." Kitty says with boredom as she hops on her KittyCycle.

"Let's all play fair." Korra gets in her custom car.

"Ready to lose, babies?" Skipper teases as he jumps into the RC car

"You shall meet your doom if you get in my way!" Zim gets in his vehicle as well.

"Here we go!" Jenny flies into her car.

"Lets all have fun." Aang reminds all of the racers.

"Let's do it, to it!" Danny says as he gets into his car.

"Juju friends, don't fail me now!" Tak is the last one to get in his car.





( Track Music must be added to the end of the weblink on youtube. Track Music: /watch?v=ZxL9dW69VK0 )

CU: Kitty's boot as it hits the gas pedal

CU: Korra's foot as it hits the gas pedal

CU: Jenny's foot as it hits the gas pedal

CU: Zim's boot as it hits the gas pedal

CU: Danny's foot as it hits the gas pedal

They all fly out of the starting gate, except for poor Tak, who can't seem to get his kart started.

"Come on, come on!" Tak frustratingly tries to start it.

CU: Kitty's Boot on the pedal

CU: Kitty's Belt

Kitty is flying past all of the racers with breeze, with Skipper next to her.

Kitty get their first item.

Kitty gets a jar with a jellyfish in it.

CU: Kitty's boot pushes the gas pedal

She opens the jar, and it hits Jenny electrifying her.

"Ow!" Jenny screams. They drive past her into third place.

Korra is right behind Aang, trying to flee, but then he gets the Goo from a present. He drops it,

CU: Korra's foot as she hits the brakes

Korra gets hit.

"Aw, disgusting!" Korra says in disgust, covered in goo.


Suddenly, a figure goes off a jump and lands in front of Kitty and Skipper.

"I'm not losing to a cat!" Skipper picks up an item and waves The Wand. "I look so silly…" Skipper says, looking embarrassed.

Skipper and Kitty continue to fight for first place.

CU: Kitty's boot on the gas pedal

Danny slips right past Jenny, literally.

"Hey!" Jenny says, as she sees Danny in his ghost form.

"It's my special weapon, chill out." Danny says, taking fourth.

CU: Danny's foot as he hits the gas pedal


"Take this, bitch!" Zim drops a trashcan behind him, and in front of Tak, and he scatters. Tak couldn't escape, and gets hit by it.

"Goddamit!" Tak exclaims

Zim laughs, but gets hit by kitty litter placed down by Jenny.

"Aaaah!" Zim screams.

CU: The Brake as Zim's Boot slams on it

"I'm getting first!" Kitty argues.

"No, me!" Skipper argues back.

CU: Kitty's boot on the gas pedal as it pushes it harder.

They are so close to the finish line, and they both pick up one item. Skipper picks up a shield…

"Ha! Beat that!" Skipper brags.

…but Kitty picks up her specialty weapon, Grappling Hook! She pulls out a gun with a hook attached to it, and shots the hook at Skipper. The Hook grabs his shield, and pulls him back, leaving him dizzy.

"What?" Skipper says in confusion. Skipper take the opportunity to take second at the last moment.


Race Results:

1st: Kitty Katswell- 12 points 2nd: Skipper- 10 points 3rd: Korra- 9 points 4th: Danny- 8 points 5th: Jenny- 7 points 6th: Aang- 6 points 7th: Zim- 5 Points 8th: Tak- 3 points

Cup Results (so far):

1st: Kitty Katswell- 12 points 2nd: Skipper- 10 points 3rd: Korra- 9 points 4th: Danny- 8 points 5th: Jenny- 7 points 6th: Aang- 6 points 7th: Zim- 5 Points 8th: Tak- 3 points

"Aaaaand, we are back, folks! Now let's get to the second race!" Dudley cheers. "KJ?" Dudley hands the mic to Julian

"KJ? Don't call me that, pup." Julian says offended. "The next track we have is Luigi Circuit, which is from, you guessed it, Mario Kart. Nintendo you can sue us later. Anyways, This track has a few turns and it is mostly on land. Ramps will be placed everywhere on the track, letting you do some big stunts in big air! Beware when you cross the bridge, because the chain chomp can knock you into the water!" Julian describes.

"Alright, let's get to the next race." Jorgen says unenthusiastically.

All of the racers get into positions and into their vehicles.





( Track Music: /watch?v=Br1fuTY1-Zg )

CU: Kitty's boot as it hits the gas pedal

CU: Korra's foot as it hits the gas pedal

CU: Jenny's foot as it hits the gas pedal

CU: Zim's boot as it hits the gas pedal

CU: Danny's foot as it hits the gas pedal

Kitty drives like a pro, going of jumps and doing stunts. She once again ends up in first.

CU: Kitty's boot on the pedal as she pushes it harder.

"Not this time, Sly Agent!" Skipper picks up a stump and hits Kitty with it, leaving her spinning out. Aang then flies in front of her.

"Oh no you don't!" Kitty says as she drops Goo right in Aang's face, leaving him sticky.

"How do I get out?" Aang struggles to get out as Kitty tries to make a comeback.

CU: Kitty's boot on the gas pedal, pushing it harder.

Elsewhere, Luigi is seen getting gas on his kart when the Nicktoon Racers pass by.

Luigi: Oh not in my circuit you don't!

Luigi gets on his kart and chases after them. He catches up Korra

Luigi: HEY! You think you can start a copyright war huh?

Korra: What copyright war?

Luigi: Well take this!

Luigi knocks over Korra with a red shell, leaving her in last. Luigi then sees Zim.

Luigi then throws a red shell at him as Zim looks behind to see it coming.

Zim: SHIT!

CU: Zim's Boot as it hits the gas pedal even harder.

Zim manages to avoid the red shell.

Luigi: Oh no he didn't.

Luigi uses his star.

"I'm going to pass you!" Danny exclaims, about to pass Jenny.

"You, shall not, pass!" She hits the wand to the ground and appears Kitty Litter. She throws it behind her, hitting Danny.

"Ah!" Danny screams, spinning out.

CU: Jenny's foot as she hits the gas pedal.

Luigi, in star form, then catches up to Jenny.

Jenny: What the- LUIGI!?

Luigi: Yeah. This isn't your circuit or Nickelodeon's circuit Its NINTENDO'S!

Luigi hits Jenny with the star. Jenny gets pissed.

Jenny: Oh that does it.

CU: Jenny's foot as she hits the gas pedal hard.


"Juju, come forth!" Tak activates his special, giving him a laser. "A laser?" He asks as it pops out.

"That is my special! How do you have it?" Zim screams in confusion.

"Juju power, Zim!" Tak uses the laser on Aang, Kitty, and Skipper, making their karts break down momentarily and heading him into first.

Suddenly a chain chomp comes out of nowhere and knocks over Tak's car.

"Aaaah!" Tak screams as he falls into the water. Waffle appears and pulls him out. The others pass him.

"Move out of way for Zim!" Zim hits his front of the kart against Tak's bumper.

Luigi's kart then hits Tak's.

Tak: What the?


Jenny's car speeds away towards Luigi's, passing Tak's car.

"That wasn't cool…" Korra is still a little dizzy from all of the items. She sees Danny not so far from her.

"Here I come!"

CU: Korra's foot as she slams the gas pedal

Korra tries to pass him, but fails when he dumps a trashcan on her.


"You may have beaten us last time, but not this time, Kitty!" Skipper said

Danny and Korra are still struggling, when suddenly chain chomp comes out and knocks them both.

"Right… I forgot about the chain chomp." Danny just realizes.

Luigi catches up to Kitty and Skipper

Luigi: Time to finish this off once and for all.

Jenny: HEY!

Luigi looks behind and Jenny is right behind his tail. She has a blue shell in her hand.

Jenny: You hit me? I hit you.

Luigi: OH SHIT!

CU: Jenny's foot as she slams the gas pedal hard

Jenny throws the blue shell, hitting Luigi. Jenny then passes by him.

Luigi: I thought the blue shells are supposed to hit the lead player.

"Skipper and Kitty are neck and neck, who's going to win?" Dudley is on the edge of his seat.

Skipper goes off of one of the jumps, right to first place.

"I believe I can FLY!" Gir sings very loudly as they all witness Skipper take the finish at the last moment.

"That was close! I thought Kitty was going to win that one!" Jorgen sighs in relief. The other announcers glare at him. "Not… like that's a problem."

Race Results:

1st: Skipper- 12 Points

2nd: Kitty Katswell- 11 Points

3rd: Aang- 9 Points

4th: Tak- 8 Points

5th: Zim- 7 Points

6th: Jenny- 5 Points

7th: Danny- 2 Points

8th: Korra- 1 Point

Cup Standings (So Far):

1st: Kitty Katswell- 23 Points

2nd: Skipper- 22 Points

3rd: Aang- 15 Points

4th: Jenny- 12 Points

5th: Zim- 12 Points

6th: Tak- 11 Points

7th: Korra- 10 Points

8th: Danny- 10 Points

"Welcome back, every viewer! It's time for the third race of the Junior Cup!" Dudley happily cheers.

"Let's get right into it. King Julian, what is the next race?" Jorgen asks.

"Koopa Troopa Beach! And it looks beautiful from down here! The sun is shining, and the sand looks ready to race! Each racer will have to drive around the beach in an ellipse with some ramps to get some air, and coins and crabs placed all on the track. All of the racers must be careful of the water, if you get hit in, we'll have Waffle ready to help you out." Julian explains the track.

( Track Music: /watch?v=kjAKoG6N5fw )





"Hey, boogity, boogity, boogity boys! Let's go racing!" Gir screams.

"What does that even mean?" Jorgen asks in confusion.

"It's what they say before a race in NASCAR, Jorgen." Dudley explains.

"Looks like Kitty is in first, as usual." Julian says. "Followed by Skipper."

"Not this time, fish breath!"

CU: Kitty's boot as she slams the gas pedal

Kitty hollers to Skipper, who is trying to take first.

"I won't let you get away!" Jenny has finally had enough as she uses her special: Trio Missiles! She fires the homing rockets at Skipper and Kitty sending them all into the water.

CU: Jenny's foot as she pushes the gas pedal

"I can't swim!" Kitty screams as her mouth begins to fill with water. Waffle saves all of them with a little help, and they are all back on the track, but in the last three positions.

"Eat that!" Zim cheers.

"How does the water feel?" Danny taunts.

"Cold!" Kitty replies to the rhetorical question.


"Now that those three are out of the way, time to get first!" Tak drives forward when Yoshi approaches

Yoshi: Yoshi!

Tak: What?

Yoshi gets out a banana peel and throws it in front of Tak, making his car slip.

Tak: Whoa!

Yoshi: Yoshi Yoshi!

Korra drives by and drops goo onto Tak

CU: Kitty's legs as they tremble rapidly

"I still feel cold from falling into the water. I'm shivering!" Kitty tries to race wet, but she's not doing well.

"Shake it off, you bunch of babies! I'm fine." Skipper says.

"Because you're an underwater creature!" Kitty replies.

CU: Kitty's trembling boot as she hits the gas pedal


"Alright, now I've got this in the bag!" Jenny is way out in front.

CU: Jenny's foot as she slams the pedal

"I'm about to go ghost, Jenny!" Danny begins catching up.

"Not so fast!" She drops a trashcan on his head.

"Who turned out the lights?" Danny asks. "Or, the sun in this case…"

"Move it, strange boy! I shall be the victor!" Zim is also trying to catch up.

CU: Zim's boot as he slams the gas pedal

"Wow, everyone is doing so well in this race." Aang realizes. "Impressive, even though I'm not doing that well myself."

Aang then looks left and sees Yoshi next to him

Yoshi: Yoshi Yoshi!

Aang: This is gonna be a long day.

"Alright, there it is, just a little more!" Jenny is close to the finish line.

CU: Jenny's foot on the pedal as she pushes it even harder

"No robot will defeat the great and mighty Zim!" Zim uses his special, the Laser, and fires and Jenny… but he misses. "Curse this contraption! I will have to make adjustments…"


Race Results:

1st: Jenny- 12 Points

2nd: Danny- 11 Points

3rd: Zim- 10 Points

4th: Korra- 8 Points

5th: Tak- 6 Points

6th: Aang- 4 Points

7th: Skipper- 3 Points

8th: Kitty Katswell- 1 Point

Cup Standings (so far):

1st: Skipper- 25 Points

2nd: Kitty Katswell- 24 Points

3rd: Jenny- 24 Points

4th: Zim- 22 Points

5th: Danny- 21 Points

6th: Aang- 19 Points

7th: Korra- 18 Points

8th: Tak- 17 Points

"It's here, folks! The final race of the Junior Cup! I'm so excited, and I hope all of you are too. So let's jump right into the race! Julian, if you may." Dudley hands it over to Julian.

"The last race is Peach's Castle! This course is slightly more complex with a few tight turns around the building, and plenty of jumps to get major air, but some are hidden, so keep your eyes peeled, racers! Coins are placed only in certain places and will not appear all the time. Use your weapons and boost wisely." Julian brings up a hologram of what the track will look like.

"This may take a few minutes to set up, so be patient, racers." Jorgen impatiently waits.

Backstage, the racers set up.

"Ow!" Skipper screams.

"Oh dear, it looks like you broke your leg when the cart crushed you." Kowalski examines.

"How will he race?" Private asks.

"Either he throws in the towel, or goes out there and drives without using the brakes." Kowalski explains.

"That's mad talk! Both sound crazy!" Skipper screams.

"Well, which one is it going to be, Skipper?" Kowalski asks. Skipper sighs.

"I will go out there and not use my breaks." He turns to Rico "You shouldn't have dropped the kart on me when I was making adjustments!"

Kitty, overhearing the conversation, smiles. "This is in the bag. If that kid is racing for Ruby and Skipper can't use his breaks, this will be easier than pie." Kitty becomes cocky.

"All racers to their positions!" Mr. Blik hollers.





( Track Music: /watch?v=EWCOCkF7nls )

CU: Kitty's boot as it hits the gas pedal

CU: Korra's foot as it hits the gas pedal

CU: Jenny's foot as it hits the gas pedal

CU: Zim's boot as it hits the gas pedal

CU: Danny's foot as it hits the gas pedal

As usual, Kitty flies out of start. Kitty slides around the corner with excellent handling. Korra appears behind her. Zim is behind Korra.

CU: Kitty's boot as it hits the gas pedal

CU: Korra's foot as it hits the gas pedal

CU: Zim's boot as it hits the gas pedal

They all zoom around the castle

"Now I'm getting the hang of this!" Korra flies around the corners at top speed.

CU: Korra's foot as she slams the gas pedal

She's almost caught up to Kitty, but Kitty gets her with goo she picked up. "Not again!" Korra screams.

"Maybe if I push slowly…" Skipper tries to hit the brakes, but ends up screaming in pain.

"Sorry about your injury!" Aang hollers to him as he passes him.

"I may be Brake Impaired, but I can still hurt you!" Skipper throws a jellyfish, but Aang puts up a shield.

"Nice try!" Aang replies.

"There it is." Kitty passes the garden

CU: Kitty's boot as she pushes the gas pedal

She realizes the lap ends at The garden.


"You're good, but I'm better!" Jenny says to Tak, who is trying to pass her.

"I won't be passed that easy, warrior in full armor!" Tak yells.

"I told you I'm not a warrior in full armor!" Jenny is annoyed that he calls her that.

CU: Jenny's foot as she slams the gas pedal

Peach watches from her castle.

Peach: Nick's trying to sue us huh? I'll show them.

"You're good with those bending powers, but you can't beat my ghost power!" Danny taunts Aang.

"I don't need your ghost powers as long as I have skill!" Aang replies back.

CU: Aang's foot as he hits the gas pedal


CU: Zim's boot as he slams the gas pedal

"Get out of Zim's way!" Zim screams at Korra, bumping her.

"Hey! This isn't bumper cars!" Korra pushes back.

Matrixmandible5432 (watching from the suite): That's my line!

Kitty begins to think. "That's right; just keep on fighting each other. I'll take first and I'll win for sure." She smirks.

CU: Kitty's boot as she slams the gas pedal real hard

"Come here, warrior!" Tak throws a jellyfish.

"I'm not a warrior in a full suit of armor!" Jenny puts up a shield, which deflects the jellyfish at a goomba.

Goomba: What the hell!?

"Sorry!" Jenny apologizes

"Looks like Kitty has this all in her paws. I knew the strong would survive!" Jorgen says, up in the announcing table.

"He just, aw, he got spun out!" Jorgen is looking at Korra, who just placed down Kitty Litter, and Zim ran over it.

Kitty: Time to finish this off.

CU: Kitty's boot as she slams the gas pedal real hard

Kitty crosses the finish line via portal and golden mushroom


Everyone in the entire stadium screams in excitement of what they just experienced.

"For the first time this year folks, someone used the portal!" Jorgen screams. Yes, even Jorgen was excited.

"Where you at? Where you at? Where you at?" Gir screams.

"Oh my goodness, WOMBO COMBO!" Dudley screams.

"I don't even know what that means, but I'm going with it!" Julian screams.

"Get your butt beat!" Dudley screams.

"YES!" Kitty screams.

"Wombo Combo!" Dudley continues to scream

"Wow, I can't believe it, folks." Jorgen says in astonishment. "For once, Kitty did something awesome."

"My head hurts! My head hurts!" Gir screams.

"Gir seems excited." Julian replies.

"We're all a little excited right now. Anything to say Kitty?" Dudley asks her, as a camera appears to show her talking.

"Oh yeah, I've got something to say. Where did that portal come from? Oh who cares! I STILL F*CKING WO-" The camera cuts her off as she continues to scream.

"Woah, Kitty's too excited." Dudley responds.

"They might have pulled off that amazing stunt, but is it enough?" Jorgen asks.

"Let's find out!" Julian brings up the monitor.

Race Results:

1st: Kitty- 12 Points

2nd: Korra- 11 Points

3rd: Zim- 10 Points

4th: Danny- 9 Points

5th: Aang- 8 Points

6th: Skipper- 7 Points

7th: Tak- 6 Points

8th: Jenny- 5 Points

The Final Results Are…

Winner! Kitty- 33 Points

Runner Up: Skipper- 32 Points

Third Place: Zim- 32 Points

Fourth Place: Danny Fenton- 30 Points

Fifth Place: Jenny Wakeman- 29 Points

Sixth Place: Korra- 29 Points

Seventh Place: Aang- 27 Points

Eighth Place: Tak- 21 Points

( Victory Music: /watch?v=zwDRC9Xn7Eo )

"And… Kitty Katswell made it by with the victory!" Dudley cheers.

Kitty: Thank you!

Voice: HOLD UP!

(Music suddenly comes to a halt)

Peach comes out of nowhere and takes the trophy.

"Hey!" Kitty says

Peach: This is my trophy and my victory!

Voice: No it's not!

Everyone looks and BeastBoyRules52 XD is seen in the crowd before teleporting to Peach's location.

BB52XD: Call yourself a champion? Well in my world it's not! I challenge you for her trophy!

"Ok then! You're on!" Peach exclaimed.

BB52XD: Very well! And it's on my stage, which has all Mario Kart Items, 3 part track, and has a Marvel-style look! Ladies and gentlemen, introducing MCU Mania!

The track shows up via hologram.

BB52XD: Disney can sue us later. Now then, (takes off his shirt) Let's Ride!





( Swiper Race Music: /watch?v=59JFn4pyedM )

Peach drives off, but BB52XD is just taking his time.

"That's right, keep on driving…" BB52XD has an evil grin. When he picks up a item, he gets a red shell. He throws it at Peach.

"Ow!" Peach screams to the hit.

"That's what I do!" BB52XD drives off.

"Oh no you didn't!" Peach drives and picks up a item, and is about to use it, but Boo takes the present.

"Hey!" Peach yells.

"Don't f*ck with me!" BB52XD throws the green shell at Peach, gaining more distance between them.


"How about this?" BB52XD lays A banana peel, which Peach runs over and spin out.

"Dammit!" Peach screams.

"You like that? Well here's more!" BB52XD dumps more banana peels, which also Peach runs over.

Peach: You Basterd!

BB52XD: What A Day! What A Lovely F*cking Day!


BB52XD wins clean after hitting Peach with more items. Stan Lee cameos as the race flag waver.


Winner: BB52XD

Loser: Peach

"Believe this belongs to you." BB52XD hands over the trophy to Kitty, who embraces BB after.

"You are the sweetest guy I've ever met." Kitty smiles. Jenny and Bessie (who was watching in the back) join in too.

Jenny: It'd be best if we'd like to know you better.

BB52XD: Oh sure. You wanna have my phone number, just in case any of you wanna go out later tonight?

Kitty: Yes!

Korra: Ladies!

Kitty, Jenny, and Bessie back away from BB as Korra approaches him.

Korra: Wow. I didn't even know you were that skilled at this.

BB52XD: Eh. I train per day. Pretty easy process.

Korra then takes another copy of BB52XD's phone number.

Korra: Just in case we wanna go out tonight.

BB52XD: Indeed.

Korra then kisses him on the lips briefly, before walking away. Kitty, Jenny, and Bessie did the same thing to BB.

Dudley: BB tell me.. Where is Peach?

BB52XD: Eh. Simple Process

Peach, who is still in the MCU Mania Stage, is getting arrested by SHIELD.

"It's been a while folks, but we are back!" Dudley says

"We've done quite a bit during these weeks we've been gone, and we apologize for not having the next cup right away, but we were all at Kitty's Celebration Party. It was off the hook!" Everyone can see King Julian still wearing a party hat.

"I got to admit, she did throw a good party." Jorgen even agrees.

"Anyways, let's get started!" King Julian exclaims.

"Alright, time to spin the wheel! So, who will be in?" Jorgen begins to spin and here are the results:

1st racer: Danny

2nd racer: Bessie

3rd racer: Robot & Monster

4th racer: SpongeBob

5th racer: Timmy

6th racer: Jimmy

7th racer: Sheen

8th racer: Ren & Stimpy

9th racer: Zim

10th racer: Otis

11th racer: Skipper

"Looks like we have all of our racers! Tell them the first race, Julian!" Dudley hands the microphone to Julian once again.

"San Francisco, from the Mighty B world!" The track appears on monitor. "Similar to Peach's Castle, each racer must drive around buildings and avoid pedestrians on the street. The start and finish line is on the famous Golden Gate Bridge!" King Julian explains the track.

Wario is seen watching.

Wario: Showtime.

Wario then exits.

"Alright, it's time to race!" Jorgen screams in his booming voice.





( Track Music: /watch?v=lxxO7p3HvhI )

CU: Danny's foot as he slams the gas pedal

CU: Bessie's foot as she slams the gas pedal

CU: Timmy's Foot as he slams the gas pedal

CU: Zim's boot as he slams the gas pedal

Jimmy flies out of the start line with a mighty boost. "Gotta Blast!" Jimmy cheers.

"Not so fast!" Danny throws a jellyfish which slows him down.

Wario suddenly enters and lands right behind Bessie.

Wario: Hey nerd!

Fortunately, she has something up her sleeve. "I'm no nerd you are!" She waves the Wand and he gets goo.

CU: Bessie's foot as she slams the gas pedal

She drops it behind him, but Wario dodges and she drives into a building.


He drives past people in an office. He flies out of a window and lands in front of Bessie.

"Whoa!" Bessie says shocked.

Wario: You want a war? YOU GOT IT!

Bessie: Bring it!

CU: Bessie's foot as he slams the gas pedal really hard

"I can do that." Skipper does the same, but he lands in a construction site and flies off of a plank of wood, making him fly much farther.

"Showoff!" Sheen exclaims as he sees him flying through the air.

"No, no, the right, the RIGHT!" Robot is trying to control Monster's driving, since he's not too good at it. "Not in the park!" Monster drives through a park and past a family. The car spills over a bowl the family was serving.

"I was working hard on that Potato Salad!" You think that the father said that, but Robot turns around to see the child say that.

"Okay, this just got weird." Robot retorts.


"You're going down, Sheen!" Jimmy and Sheen are clashing carts.

"Not this time, Jimmy!" Sheen throws Kitty Litter in front of him, but Jimmy activates a shield and the Kitty Litter does nothing.

"Shoot!" Sheen says.

"Like this?" Jimmy picks up a present, opens it, and throws a jellyfish at Sheen.

"Ha ha, very funny, Jimmy!" Sheen says full of sarcasm.

"Here I come!" Otis is driving on the sidewalk, and people are diving out of the way.

"Did that cow just talk?" A woman asks.

"Moo." Otis replies, hiding his identity.

"Take this!" Zim drops a trash can behind Timmy.

"Ah, garbage!"

CU: Timmy's foot as he slams the brakes.

Timmy can't see, and he crashes.

"Move it or lose it!" Skipper is swerving through traffic, untouched.

"Come back here!" Sheen tries to copy, but he gets hit by a car, slowing him down. "Skipper is drivingme crazy! Get it?" Sheen, disregarding he got hit, still makes a pun.

"This is how you do it, human!"

CU: Zim's boot as he slams the gas pedal

Zim puts up a shield, smashing though all of the traffic.

"Oh come on!" Skipper turns around to see Zim catching up.

Wario then speeds past Skipper

Skipper: HEY! You don't belong in this!

Wario: Well I do now! To start a damn war!


"I won't let you win this time, Sponge!" Ren is throwing all of his items at SpongeBob.

"Calm down, Ren!" SpongeBob is trying his best to dodge them all.

"I agree with SpongeBob, be happy! Have fun!" Stimpy tries to calm him down, but he's not working.

CU: Zim's boot as he slams the gas pedal

"Move out of my way, boy!" Zim hits Sheen off course into a Pizzeria. All of the people see him drive through. A man is finished with a pizza, but when Sheen drives through, the Pizza lands on his face.

"Mama Mia!" Sheen screams

"What happened?" Gir asked.

"Looks like Sheen is off course and can't return. Sheen is going to have to be disqualified." Jorgen points to Sheen.

"I'm okay…" Sheen falls over with stars flying around his head.

"Looks like I got this." Skipper is about finish, when Ren and Stimpy try something crazy.

"I'm taking the wheel!" Ren jumps off a ramp and lands on the rim of the Golden Gate Bridge. He leans the kart sideways, and starts grinding like a skateboard.

"Look at Ren go! That stunt looks crazy!" Julian and the rest of the announcers watch Ren grind on the Golden Gate Bridge, and finish milliseconds before Skipper.

"WOAH!" Dudley yells.

"That stunt paid off!" Jorgen says shocked.

"Are you kidding me? Cheese and crackers!" Skipper cries in anger.

Wario then speeds in front of Skipper

Wario: Now that's how it's done. How come I didn't use any items in this? Weird.


Race Results:

1st: Ren and Stimpy- 12 points

2nd: Skipper- 11 points

3rd: SpongeBob- 10 points

4th: Bessie- 9 points

5th: Zim- 8 points

6th: Jimmy- 7 points

7th: Danny- 5 points

8th: Otis- 4 points

9th: Robot & Monster- 3 points

10th: Timmy- 2 points

11th: Sheen- 1 point, Disqualified for Out of Bounds

Cup results (so far)

1st: Ren and Stimpy- 12 points

2nd: Skipper- 11 points

3rd: SpongeBob- 10 points

4th: Bessie- 9 points

5th: Zim- 8 points

6th: Jimmy- 7 points

7th: Danny- 5 points

8th: Otis- 4 points

9th: Robot & Monster- 3 points

10th: Timmy- 2 points

11th: Sheen- 1 point

"Welcome back, Racing fans! We are just about to prepare for the next race! So far, what do all of the other announcers have to say for these exciting races and its racers?" Dudley asks the other announcers at the table.

"Well, it's getting a little heated out there." Jorgen says.

"So you think the races are getting intense?" Dudley asks.

"No, I mean it's hot outside. It's 98 degrees out here!" Jorgen grabs a fan and waves it in front of his face.

"What do you think so far, Julian?" Dudley asks Julian.

"I think that some racers unfortunately are doing better than others. Poor Sheen, he got disqualified because of Zim up to no good. And Kai Lan got decimated in the competition last cup. Max and Ruby did better than Kai Lan. The poor girl." Julian explains.

"How about you, Gir?" Dudley asks Gir.

"Sparks were flying last race!" Gir says.

"They sure were, Gir. Especially at the ending. Ren might be crazy, but taking that gamble paid off in the end." Dudley excitingly announces. "I think this is going to be a great year for racing. And we're only on the second cup! It's time for Julian to explain our next track!" Dudley points to Julian, who begins.

"Our next track is The Juju Temple from Tak and the Power of Juju! Tell them about the track, Olmec!" Julian points to a boulder… "Nevermind… anyways, this track is going to turn up the heat a little. This track has your average gems, presents, and now new Jujus! Yes, you must be careful driving through here, because a Juju can appear and mess up your racing! There are many Juju's and many different spells they can cast on you, so you'll know what they do to you when it happens to you, so be careful!" Julian explains the track.

"Alright, racers, to your positions!" Dudley cheers.





( Track Music: /watch?v=I-wRkHjFo9o )

Timmy surprises everyone when he flies out of the starting line.

"I'm gonna win this time, losers!" Timmy brags.

"No you don't, kid!" Sheen comes from behind, and Sheen takes a shortcut, leaving him in the lead. Suddenly…

"I am the Flip Juju! Have a taste of this!" The Juju zaps Sheen's kart, leaving his steering wheel inverted, and crashing into walls.

"Right is left and left is right!" Sheen tries, but he can't stop crashing into walls. Timmy takes the opportunity to take the lead.

"Sorry, Sheen, but this time I'm winning!" Jimmy passes Sheen, attempting to pass Timmy as well.

"Don't get in my way, Jimmy! You've done so in the past!" Timmy hollers.

"Cindy is mine!" Jimmy and Timmy clash carts… as usual.

Out of nowhere Zim hits both of them with one jellyfish.



"Take that, puny humans!" Zim takes first and is far ahead. The track had to do something…

"I am the Restart Juju, the greatest one here!" The Juju cries out.

"Choose your next action wisely, Juju. It might be your last!" Zim screams.

"I don't like the tone of your voice. That makes me angry!" The Juju zaps Zim, and takes him back to the starting line.

"No! I will have my revenge, Juju!" Zim cries out in anger. "Kahn!"


"Why did I let you drive, again?" Robot asks as once again, Monster is driving and not doing a good job. "Don't worry, I got this!" Monster drives off a cliff and Waffle puts them back on. Robot glares at Monster. "I thought it was a shortcut."

"Hurry up! Look out for that Trash Can! Keep your eyes on the road! Don't forget to drift for boost! You missed that whole line of gems, what are you trying to do, give us Runner Up again?!" Ren is screaming commands in insults at Stimpy.

"Please calm down, Ren." Stimpy tries to calm him down as usual.

"We're in 11th place! How can I calm down in a situation like this?!" Ren screams.

"Here I come!" Danny is driving towards Kai Lan.

"No, stay away!" Kai Lan picks up an item, and you can't believe what it is… "Flower Power!" Kai Lan finally gets her Special Ability. She tosses her kart aside, and flies like a rocket, flower petals behind her. The flower petals land on every racer's wind shield, blinding them for a short amount of time. She whistles, and the cart comes back, landing her in 5th.


"Coming through!" SpongeBob takes 3rd, when suddenly…

"I am the Gravity Juju!"

"Hi! What are you going to do to me?" SpongeBob asks.

"This:" Gravity Juju zaps SpongeBob's cart, making his cart 20 times heavier.

"My… cart… can't… move!" SpongeBob is stuck on the track momentarily, as he tries to drive, but goes nowhere.

"I'm coming for you, Neutron! I will have my revenge!" Otis is coming up fast to Jimmy.

"It's not my fault you thought I was lame!" Jimmy picks up a present, and Jimmy has a very large grin on his face. "Eat land mines, Otis!" Jimmy activates his special: Land Mines!

"LAND MINES?!" Otis screams as he lands on the mines Jimmy placed on the track. Otis flies through the air as the mines explode. He flies so far he launches off course.

"I didn't know cows can fly, because you just flew!" Waffle explains to Otis as he pulls him to the track again.

"Oh ha, ha, laugh it up cat." Otis says unhappy.

"I might lose this one. Oh well." Bessie is not doing so well in this track. Until…

"I am the Rocket Juju!" The Juju says.

"Why go after me? I'm already in last." Bessie explains.

"I'm not here to make your driving worse…" The Juju zaps Bessie's kart, and it transforms into a rocket! She flies past every single racer with unbelievable speed! She flies past Otis, Jimmy, and Timmy, right to the finish line!"


"Whoa! Did you see that? Bessie flew!" Dudley says in shock.

"Inconceivable!" Jorgen screams.

"Unthinkable!" Julian screams.

"Unimaginable!" Dudley screams.

"Whatever they said!" Gir screams along, not completely understanding why they are screaming.

"Looks like some Jujus can help after all!" Dudley exclaims.

Race Results:

1st: Bessie- 12 points

2nd: Timmy- 11 points

3rd: Jimmy- 10 points

4th: Otis- 9 points

5th: Kai Lan- 8 points

6th: Danny- 7 points

7th: Robot & Monster- 6 points

8th: Skipper- 5 points

9th: SpongeBob- 4 points

10th: Sheen- 3 points

11th: Ren & Stimpy- 2 points

12th: Zim- 1 point

Cup Results (so far):

1st: Bessie- 21 points

2nd: Jimmy- 17 points

3rd: Skipper- 16 points

4th: Ren & Stimpy- 14 points

5th: SpongeBob- 14 points

6th: Kai Lan- 14 points

7th: Otis: 13 points

8th: Timmy- 13 points

9th: Danny- 12 points

10th: Zim- 9

11th: Robot & Monster- 6 points

12th: Sheen- 4 points