As Mitch entered, he saw his girlfriend Dot Warner in the distance. She turned around and noticed him.

Dot: *gasp* MITCHIE!

She began running toward him and Mitch proceeded to spread his arms out while walking toward her. Dot tackle-hugged him to the floor as the two shared a really big hug.

Dot: Oh Mitchie Mitchie Mitchie!

She then kissed him multiple times on his face, cheeks, and lips before staring at him lovingly.

Mitch: Hi Dot.

Dot: Hi Sweetie!

She kissed him multiple times on the lips once again before they stared at each other lovingly.

Dot: Ready to go?

Mitch: Yeah.

Dot gave him another big smooch on the lips for 5 seconds before she got up. Mitch got up and looked at her feet. He got closer and smelled them. They proceeded to play with Mitch's face before Mitch got up completley.

Dot: *giggles* Let's go babe.

They kissed again before heading to their date destination, holding hands.