Mitch looked at the ring for a while. He then saw Dot strutting toward him, with her pawed feet grabbing his attention. He couldn't take it anymore. It was time to propose to her.

Dot: Hiya Mitchie.

Mitch: Hey Dot.

She kisses him briefly on the lips three times.

Mitch: Dot?

Dot: Yes sweetie?

Mitch: What would happen if I propose to you?

Dot: Propose to me?

Mitch: Yeah.

Dot: Oh Mitchie. If you proposed to me, I would be so happy. I would give you nonstop kisses, love, and you can play with my feet forever. *kisses his cheeks and lips*

Mitch: That's what I want.

Dot blushed.

Dot: Really?

Mitch: Dot...

Mitch kneeled down and showed the ring to her, causing her to gasp in joy.

Dot: Will you marry me Dottie?

Tears began to stream down her face as she smiled in joy.

Dot: Yes Mitchie!

She then tackled him to the grass floor and gave him several kisses on the lips as the newly engaged couple kissed, caressed, hugged, and embraced with love for the rest of the night. Mitch played with Dot's feet during that time as well.