Mitch laid there looking at his door. Suddenly, it opened, and saw 2 furry like feet standing in front of the entrance. Mitch knew what they belonged to: his girlfriend Dot Warner.

Dot then walked toward Mitch until her feet were right in front of his face. Mitch blushed as he looked at her feet, which began to wiggle and roll around. They then tapped on the floor repeatedly. Mitch proceeded to get closer to her feet until he planted his head on them. He sniffed, felt, cuddled, kissed, and played with Dot's paw feet for about 3 minutes as Dot's feet played with him back.

He then slowly got to her legs, but got back to her feet and continued to play with them. A minute later, he slowly got to her legs which trembled and bent. He then got to the bottom of her pink dress, but looked back down at her feet, which wiggled. He went back down to her feet again and continued to play with them. 3 minutes later, he went back to her legs and then her pink dress. Once he got to her waist, Dot gave him a big squeeze hug, planting her arms around his neck, putting her feet on his legs, and kissing him on the head three times.

Dot: Hiya Mitchie.

Mitch: Hi Dot.

Dot: You just love playing with my paw feet don't you?

Mitch: They're the best.

Dot: Oh Mitchie. You haven't got to the best part yet! Get up further. Something's waiting for you...

Mitch blushed hard and he got up further to her chest until he got to her face. Once they were face to face, Dot planted a big kiss on his lips and tackled him to the bed. Mitch returned the kiss as they kissed repeatedly on the lips for 15 seconds while laying in bed.

They broke apart and touched foreheads, her feet on Mitch's legs.

Dot: I want some attention sweetie.

Mitch: Well, the movie starts in 5 hours.

Dot: I know. But I want to make those 5 hours the best you ever had.

Mitch smiled. He knew something was coming.

Dot gave him several kisses on both of his cheeks before giving him a big smooch on the lips. Mitch returned the kiss as they kissed, caressed, and hugged repeatedly for 4 hours while laying in bed. Mitch played with Dot's feet during those 4 hours.