Dot gave Mitch a big hug.

Dot: Oh thank you Mitch.

Mitch couldn't help but blush.

Mitch: Heh…It was nothing.

He then began thinking... the hugs and kisses on the cheek she gave to him proved that she loves him. It was time to confess.

Mitch: Um…Dot.

Dot: Yes Mitch?

Mitch: Can I tell you something?

Dot: What is it?

Mitch: I…I like you.

Dot blushed.

Dot: Really?

Mitch: Yeah. I mean, I had a massive crush on you ever since we first met. You’re beautiful Dot. From you’re attractive feet to your beautiful face. I just didn’t know when to tell you and all.

Dot blushed harder and played with her feet.

Dot: Aww Mitch. I wanted to share the same feelings with you too, cause you’re like my #1 crush. For real.

Mitch: I knew you’d say that. Oh! And I wrote this letter from me to you.

Dot: Really?

Mitch: Yeah. I’ll read it for you.

Dear Dot,

I know we've only knew each other for a couple months now, but I need to get something off my chest.  It's about you, and the way I feel about you...  I'm in love with you, ever since I met you...  I just hope that you feel the same way about me.

Love Mitch

Dot smiled as Mitch finished the letter.

Dot: Mitch, that’s so beautiful.

Mitch: Thanks, and Dot Warner…

Dot: Yes?

Mitch took a step closer to her and held her hands.

Mitch: The feelings you have for me are the exact same I have for you.

Dot smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek.

Dot: Kiss me you fool!

And with that, Dot and Mitch shared their first warm passionate kiss on the lips as Dot put her hands on Mitch’s shoulders and her feet onto his, while Mitch put his around her waist.

They broke apart 10 seconds later and hugged tightly.

Mitch: I love you Dot Warner.

Dot: I love you too Mitch Dawson.

They kiss again for another 10 seconds before staring at each other lovingly. Mitch yawned.

Dot: Aww you tired?

Mitch: Yeah. It’s been a long day for me. You wanna sleep with me tonight?

Dot: Of course Mitch.

Dot gave him another big smooch on the lips before they headed back inside into the mansion, holding hands. Once they entered Mitch’s room, they sat on his bed and stared at each other lovingly before kissing on the lips once again. They proceeded to kiss repeatedly on the lips as they laid on the bed kissing, caressing, and hugging. Mitch couldn’t believe it. The girl of his dreams was giving him the love he always dreamt about. Only this time it wasn’t a dream. It was reality and Dot was really kissing him.

After a couple minutes, they broke apart and stared at each other lovingly while still laying in bed, with Dot’s arm wrapped around Mitch’s neck.

Mitch: Wow. That was breathtaking.

Dot: I know. That was a taste of the love I’m going to give you for the rest of my life.

She kissed his lips 10 times.

Mitch: Dot…is it ok if I call you Dottie occasionally?

Dot: Since you’re my boyfriend? Yes. And I’ll call you Mitchie occasionally.

Mitch: Oh Dot.

They hugged in bed again. Mitch looked at her feet for a while. Dot noticed this.

Mitch: Oh sorry! I uh…

Dot: Go ahead.

Mitch stopped talking and looked at Dot, who was staring at him lovingly.

Mitch: What?

Dot: They’re all yours.

Mitch blushed.

Mitch: Seriously?

Dot: You can feel my feet all you want.

Mitch looked back and forth between her face and her feet. Her feet clenched, which signaled him to come here. Mitch looked back at Dot, who nodded. Mitch smiled in joy and he moved over to her feet. He played with them and Dot’s feet played with him back. He sniffed, kissed, and felt her feet as her feet continued to play with him.

After a while, Dot’s feet lifted Mitch’s head and brought him to her face.

Mitch: I love you Dot.

Dot: I love you too Mitch. Now kiss me some more.


And they did. They kept kissing, caressing, and hugging as the 2 lovers embraced in bed.

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