Larry and Mina walked together, heading toward her car and holding hands.

Mina: That was fun wasn't it Larry?

Larry: I know. Bet Harry and Star are gonna have the best moments of their lives.

Mina: I know.

They stopped walking and stared at each other lovingly, with Mina crossing her arms and tapping her foot, causing Larry blush.

Mina: Well I know something: We're gonna have the best moments of our lives today and going forward.

Larry: S...seriously?

Mina: Yep.

Tears began to stream down his face. Mina then became worried.

Mina: What's wrong?

Larry dropped down to his knees and sobbed again.

Mina: Aww!

Mina kneeled down and gave him a big consoling hug and kissed his cheek.

Mina: Poor Larry-Boy. You really did miss me a lot didn't you.

Larry (voice breaking up): I did. I don't wanna be alone Mina. I don't want to be scared. I just wanna be with you forever.

Mina: Hey.

She stopped hugging him and stared at him lovingly.

Mina: You want to know the first thing I was gonna do when I was gonna see you again?

Larry (voice breaking up): What is it?

Mina: Move in with you.

Larry was shocked and blushed hard.

Larry (voice breaking up): Really?!

Mina: Yes. I just moved out of New Orleans to find you, and when I did, I planned on living with you for the rest of your life. And when we get back to where you live, I will kiss you, hug you, hold you, caress you, sleep with you, and more importantly: take care of you forever.

Larry's tears intensified.

Larry (voice breaking up): Oh Mina. That's what I wanted too.

Mina: Aww come here.

She gave him another big hug as she continued to console him.

Larry (voice breaking up): I love you Mina.

Mina (whispering): I love you too Larry-Boy. I will always love you forever.

She then kissed his lips 5 times before they shared a 10 second kiss. When the kissed finished, they got up.

Mina: Where do you live?

Larry (voice breaking up): The lone wolf mansion.

Mina: Lets go there then sweetie.

They kissed again before they headed to Mina's car.

Larry (voice breaking up): I love your shoes.

Mina: Thanks Larry.

She kissed his cheek again as they headed to her car.