As Mikey continued laying on his belly, a foot stomped down in front of his face. He realized that the foot looked familiar, as it was in a sock and black slipper. Mikey blushed as the foot began to tap repeatedly on the floor for 5 seconds. It then rolled around before it touched Mikey's nose and proceeded to rub it back and forth before stomping lightly on the floor 2 times.

Mikey moves forward and put his head on the foot, which proceeded to play with Mikey's head as he sniffed the foot's sock. The foot then lifted his head up to the leg. Mikey sniffed the leg and it proceeded to get closer to him, bending back and forth in the process.

Mikey then tilted up more and saw the hand. It wiggled its fingers before clenching it 5 times. It then touched Mikey's face and proceeded to play with Mikey's face before lifting his head up to the sweater.

Mikey leaned forward and kissed the heart 5 times. He lifted up further and knew who's body parts it came from: Mabel Pines, his girlfriend. She stared at him lovingly.

Mabel: You kissed my heart?

Mikey: Yeah.

Mabel then cracked her knuckles and stomped her feet twice before tackling Mikey onto the bed. She then kissed him on the lips several times before staring at him lovingly.

Mabel: Extra kisses for you tonight! Lots and lots and LOTS of Extra kisses!

Mikey: I Love you Mabel.

Mabel: I love you too my sweet little Mikey-Wikey!

They kissed again as they proceeded to kiss repeatedly on the lips.