Mabel then put her hands on Mikey's sides

Mabel: Tell me what you love about me. The more stuff you say, the closer I'll get.

Mikey: Well let's see uh.....your hair. (She gets closer, staring at him lovingly) Uh...your sweaters. (She gets closer, tightening her grip onto Mikey's sides) Your socks and shoes of course. (She puts her feet onto his and gets closer, touching her forehead onto his) You know what? I love your whole body from head to toe.

Mabel (lovingly, tracing her finger onto Mikey's chest): Really? Even my lips?

Mikey: Oh yeah. Those are the best part.

Mabel, blushing hard from what Mikey said to her, plants a big kiss onto Mikey's lips. Mikey returned the kiss as the 2 kissed passionately for 15 seconds. They then broke apart and hugged.

Mabel: Oh Mikey-Wikey. I love you. I love you forever.

Mikey: I love you forever too Mabel.

Mabel: Need more kisses?

Mikey: I'm gonna be needing them all night long.

Mabel and Mikey then kissed on the lips as the 2 kissed repeatedly.