Mabel carried Mikey into his room. They then sat on his bed together, holding hands and staring at each other lovingly.

Mikey: That was fun.

Mabel: It was wasn't it? Now that we're alone together, we can have our little attention time.

She kissed his cheek. Mikey blushed.

Mikey: I really loved your dancing.

Mabel: Really?

Mikey: Come to think of it, with those socks and shoes on, you're the best dancer ever.

Mabel: Aww thanks Mikey! You like my footwear?

Mikey: A lot.

She put her left leg onto Mikey's legs, causing him to blush harder.

Mabel: Guess what? They love you too!

He leaned over and sniffed the sock-and-shoed foot. Mabel giggled as her foot began to play with Mikey. He then yawned.

Mabel: You tired?

Mikey: Yeah. We stayed up all night for that party. It's time I need my sleep.

Mabel planted her hand and foot on his shoulder and knee, causing him to blush hard again as she stared at him lovingly.

Mikey: Y....You wanna sleep with me?

Mabel kept staring at him lovingly, until she planted a big kiss on his lips. A shocked Mikey returned the kiss as they kissed for 10 seconds. When they broke apart, they stared at each other lovingly.

Mabel: Turn off the light. I'm gonna give you all the love you need.

Mikey smiled, blushed, and turned off the lamp light. She then kissed him on the lips again as the 2 laid down in Mikey's bed. They caressed, hugged, and kissed repeatedly on the lips for 5 minutes while laying in bed.

They broke apart 5 minutes later and touched foreheads.

Mikey: Wow.

Mabel: You liked it didn't ya?

Mikey: I loved it.

Mabel: That was a little teaser of all the love I'm gonna give to you. 2013 and going forward will be the years of Mikey X Mabel.

Mikey blushed hard.

Mikey: I'm proud to be your true love Mabel.

She hugged Mikey.

Mikey: Aww my sweet sweet little Mikey-Wikey.

A couple seconds later, she stared at him lovingly and Mikey did the same.

Mabel: Can I call you that from now on? Mikey-Wikey? That sounds like a fun one.

Mikey: You can. I love it a lot. And I'll call you Mabel-Wabel from now on.

Mabel: Aww you so cute Mikey-Wikey!

She then kissed him again as they kissed for 10 seconds before breaking apart and hugging tightly.

Mikey: I love you Mabel-Wabel.

Mabel: I love you too Mikey-Wikey.

They kissed again as they continued to kiss repeatedly on the lips while laying in bed.