Mabel put on her light bulb sweater, pulled her sock up on her right shoed foot before tapping it repeatedly on the floor, straightened her purple dress, and shook her hair. She then put on her hairband on and stared directly at Mikey's door.

Mabel (whispering to herself): All right Mabel. Here we go.

She closed her eyes and breathed as she felt her heartbeat. She clenched both of her fists, shuffled her feet on the floor, tightened her butt before scratching it, flexed her legs, rolled her shoulders, and then knocked on Mikey's door with both fists. Mikey heard this while playing his XBOX and slowly went to the door. Mabel opened her eyes, placed her fists on her hips, and tapped her right foot repeatedly on the floor.

Mikey opened the door and saw Mabel staring lovingly at him, causing him to blush hard. She then got closer to him and came into his room, closing the door behind with her foot. She then gestured for him to come to her by softly stomping her foot 3 times. He came over to her and Mabel gave him a big kiss on the lips. Mikey returned the kiss as the 2 shared a long and warm kiss on the lips.

They broke apart 10 seconds later and stared at each other lovingly.

Mabel: Ello Mikey-Wikey!

Mikey: Ello Mabel-Wabel. What are you're doing here so early? Movie doesn't start in 10 hours.

Mabel: I know. But I wanna start the date early. Really early. *kisses his lips briefly while tickling his chest*

Mikey: What are we gonna start with then?

Mabel: Oh you know what we're starting with.

She then picked up Mikey and dropped him onto the bed. She then jumped onto the bed and kissed Mikey 5 times.

Mabel: 10 hours of Extra kisses, hugs, feeling my body, foot rubbing, and lots and lots and LOTS of love!

Mikey (smiling and blushing hard): I love you Mabel.

Mabel: I love you too Mikey-Wikey! Now Come here and kiss me you fool!

And they did. Mabel and Mikey kissed, caressed, hugged, felt each other, and embraced with love for 10 hours before their movie date.