Mikey was in the hospital bed, both of his legs broken and in casts. Suddenly his phone got a text. He picked it up and it was from his girlfriend Mabel.

Mabel (text): I heard Poor Mikey-Wikey got a really bad boo-boo today!

Mabel (text): Are you ok?

Mikey (text): :,(

Mabel (text): Aww! I'm on my way right now to take care of you.

Mikey (text): I need you badly.

Mabel (text): Aww. I know sweetie. I'll be there in 3 minutes.

Mikey (text): I love you.

Mabel (text): I love you too. *kisses him*

3 minutes later, Mabel came in and saw Mikey in the hospital bed. When Mikey saw her, he began to sob.

Mabel: Aww!

Mabel rushed over to him and gave a sobbing Mikey a big hug.

Mabel: My poor Mikey-Wikey!

She kissed him on both cheeks 5 times before kissing his lips 5 times.

Mabel: I've never seen you hurt like this!

Mikey (voice breaking up): Healing factor didn't work. This is gonna traumatize me forever.

Mabel: Aww!

She kissed his lips again before hugging him again.

Mabel (whispering): Shhh. I'm right here Mikey-Wikey. You're gonna be ok.

Mikey (voice breaking up): I love you Mabel.

Mabel (whispering): I love you too.

She kissed his lips again before continuing to hug and console a sobbing Mikey.