Mabel notices Mikey's awake, and stare at him lovingly.

Mabel: Look who's awake!

Mikey sees Mabel sitting next to him on the bed, and stares at her lovingly as well.

Mabel: Come lean on my lap.

Mikey scoots over, putting his head on Mabel's lap. Mabel then proceeded to rub his head in a loving manner.

Mabel: Oh my sweet little Mikey-Wikey. I love you. I love you a lot Mikey-Wikey.

Mikey: I love you a lot too my Mabel-Wabel.

Mabel and Mikey then kissed on the lips for 5 seconds.

Mikey: Comfort me more babe. I need it.

With Mikey still leaning on her lap, Mabel continued to rub Mikey's head as she kissed Mikey's cheek.