Mikey was looking at his table when suddenly the door opened. He knew he didn't want to turn around, as it was his girlfriend Mabel Pines. She walked toward him until she was inches behind his back. She stared him down lovingly and in all spaghetti western style. She narrowed her eyes, wiggled her right hand's fingers, and stomped her right foot lightly three times.

Mikey felt it. Seconds later, she narrowed her eyes further, wiggled her left hand's fingers, and stomped her left foot lightly 3 times. Mikey felt that too, and as he began to slowly turn around, her body movements increased. Her eyes narrowed even more, her nose sniffed, her braced teeth grinded together, her hands's fingers wiggled, her feet tapped repeatedly on the floor, her hips swayed fastly, her shoulders rolled, and her face and legs began to sweat and tremble.

Once Mikey was about to look at her, her body movements rapidly increased. Her eyes narrowed further, her nose twitched and sniffed, her smile grew wider, her ear twitched, her wiggling-fingered hands clenched into tight trembling fists, her feet stomped on the floor before her left foot takes a step back, her right leg bent, her hair twitched, her chest positioned, her neck readied, her hips readied, her shoulders rolled again, and her butt tightened. Once Mikey was about to turn around completely, she tightened her fists, narrowed her feet and legs, sweat was rolling down her cheek, and her butt tightened and trembled.

He turned around completely and saw Mabel, who immediately widened her eyes, unclenched her fists, and her feet sprung off the floor and she tackled Mikey, pinning him to the bed and giving him the biggest kiss she ever gave him, tightly embracing him by putting her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Mikey returned the kiss as the 2 kissed passionately in bed.

They broke apart 15 seconds later and stared at each other lovingly while still laid in bed.

Mabel: Ello Mikey-Wikey!

Mikey: H-Hi Mabel-Wabel!

She then gave him 10 kisses on the lips.

Mabel: 10 Little Kisses and one *kisses him on the lips again* BIG kiss to my little Mikey-Wikey!

She gave him another big kiss on the lips.

Mikey: Mabel, I felt your body movements when you first came in.

Mabel: I know! My entire body really loves you!

Mikey blushed hard as Mabel scratched his cheeks.

Mikey: I love you Mabel.

Mabel: I love you too Mikey-Wikey!

She kissed him again as they kissed repeatedly on the lips while laid in bed for an hour before their date.