Matthew looked at Bessie.

Matthew: Bessie?

Bessie: Yeah Matthew?

Matthew: I wanted to tell you something a long time since we first met.

Bessie: Really? What might that be?

Matthew blushed. He knew the time was now.

Matthew: I-I Like you.

Bessie blushed.

Bessie: What?

Matthew: I like you. You're the most attractive person I've ever met in my entire life.

Bessie: Really?

Matthew: Yeah. The outfit, the glasses, the shoes. Pretty much everything about you is beautiful. I just didn't know the right time to tell you this and...and...

Bessie then held Matthew's hand as he blushed hard.

Bessie: Hey. You really do think I'm cute?

Matthew: Yeah. You are the cutest girl ever. That's why I wanted to confess. Because I love you Bessie Higgenbottom.

Bessie, blushing hard, grabbed Matthew's sides and planted her feet onto Matthew's.

Bessie: Aww you sweet little honeybee!

And with that, Bessie kissed Matthew's lips as the 2 kissed. As the kiss continued, Bessie wrapped her hands around Matthew's neck while Matthew put his around her waist.

They broke apart 15 seconds later and touched foreheads.

Matthew: I love you Bessie.

Bessie: I love you too Matthew.

They kissed again for 10 seconds before hugging tightly.