Luke stared at Applejack as they waited. He then looked at her boots for a while. He couldn't take it. The time to confess was now.

Luke: Hey Applejack.

Applejack turned to face Luke.

Applejack: Yeah Luke?

Luke: You know, ever since we first met...

Applejack: I know.

Luke: What?

Applejack took out Luke's Note from her pocket, which fell from his pocket earlier in the theater lobby.

Luke: My note! How'd it-

Applejack: I read it.

Luke stopped and, completley shocked, stared at Applejack, who stared at him lovingly.

Applejack: I understand.

She continued to stare at a shocked Luke lovingly before taking a step forward, putting her hands on his shoulders and her booted feet onto his, causing Luke to blush harder. She continued to stare at him lovingly for 5 seconds before locking lips onto Luke's. Luke, at first super shocked by this, returns the kiss back as the 2 share a warm passionate kiss.

They broke apart 15 seconds later and stared at each other lovingly.

Applejack: I'll be your girlfriend Luke. If you're looking for someone who would love you the most, that someone is me. Sweetheart.

Luke blushed harder at the last word. She then touched foreheads.

Luke: I love you Applejack.

Applejack: I love you too Luke. Now kiss me you fool.

They kissed again for another 15 seconds before hugging each other tightly.