I saw the film with my friends at midnight at the Regal Waterford Lakes 20 before opening day. I managed to buy the tickets on Monday cause i knew the theater was going to be packed and sold out by opening day. I predicted right, as the theater was filled with anxious and excited fans like me and my friends.

To my surprise, fans were cheering right before the trailers started, and they even cheered when a promo for Season 2 of Teen Titans aired, as part of The Twenty First Look Program, which would go on to become First Look. The regal policy trailer also got cheered as well.

Here were the trailers that played before the movie:

Day After Tomorrow (which got cheers at the end when the text reading "From the Director of Independence Day" came on screen)

Shrek 2 (also got cheers and laughter from the audience)

Hidalgo (also got cheers mainly because Aragorn is in it)

I Robot (one guy yelled 'when's it gonna be available? I wanna buy it!' which got the audience laughing)

The Chronicles Of Riddick (got cheers as well. At one point in the trailer, after someone in the trailer said "Kill Riddick", a guy from the audience got up and yelled "NO! Kill whoever said Kill Riddick and put him in the fires of Mount Doom!" which got the rest of the audience laughing and cheering)

Spider-Man 2 (This one got the best ovation from the audience)

The Butterfly Effect (At the end of the trailer, the same guy yelled 'I hope he punks someone in this!' and everyone laughed. But overall, the audience laughed the entire trailer, as they knew it was gonna be bad. And it was.)

Harry Potter 3 (Also got the best ovation, with some people even singing along to the 'something wicked this way comes' song)

Thankfully no Mask 2 trailer, as it played with the Looney Tunes movie while we were waiting in line. Oh BTW, the Mask 2 AKA Son Of The Mask trailer got booed, just like Son Of The Mask itself.

Everybody cheered when the New Line Cinema logo started and cheered all the way until the Smeagol-Deagol scene came up.