John just laid there. He kept thinking about Elmyra and wanting to confess his feelings to her.

John: I....I love Elmyra.

John thought about saying that for a moment, but he wanted to confess it louder before she left the mansion.

John (Louder): I love Elmyra.

After a while, he got up and looked out the window. He couldn't take it anymore.

John: I LOVE YOU ELMYRA DUFF! (Beat) I just wanted to let you know that. I've had a really really REALLY massive crush on you since the day I laid my eyes on you. You're sweet, you're cute, you're attractive, and your legs are so beautiful. But the most beautiful thing about you is you overall, and wherever you go I'll go with you. I love you Elmyra. I will always love you forever!

After a while, he went back to laying on his bed, until several knocks are heard. That immediately grabbed his attention and he slowly went to his door as the knocks continued. He opened the door and there was Elmyra Duff, staring at him lovingly as John blushed hard.

Elmyra: Say that one more time.

John: I.....I love you Elmyra.

After a while of staring at him lovingly, she entered his room and closed the door with her green high heeled foot. She then proceeded to get closer to him, and after a while of staring at him lovingly, she planted a big kiss on his lips. A super shocked John returned the kiss as they kissed while laying in bed, with Elmyra's arms wrapped around his neck and her legs wrapped around his.

They broke apart 15 seconds later and stared at each other lovingly. Elmyra rubbed his cheek, hair, and the bottom of his chin, before kissing his lips for 3 seconds.

Elmyra: I love you too Johnny.

They kissed again for 10 seconds before hugging tightly.

Elmyra (whispering): Tomorrow I'm gonna give you as much love, hugs, and kisses as you need. *kisses his cheek 5 times*

After that, Elmyra kissed him again for 3 seconds before proceeded to head to his door.

John: Wait.

She stopped and looked at John lovingly.

John: I want it tonight.

Elmyra stared at him lovingly, tapping her finger on her hip and tapping her high-heeled foot.

Elmyra: You want me to spend the night tonight?

John nodded. Elmyra then strutted toward him until he was right in front of him, staring at him lovingly and blinked her eyes twice, causing him to blush harder. She put her hands on his cheeks and kissed him again 5 times.

Elmyra: Turn off the light you fool.

He did so, and they kissed, caressed, and hugged for the whole night until they fell asleep.