As Harry entered his hotel room and put his bags on the bed, he looked around for the early christmas present that Rob promised was in his hotel room. Suddenly he felt 2 kisses on both of his cheeks by a girl behind him. He blushed before the girl leaned to his ear.

Star: Oh Harry-Boy!

Harry was suddenly shocked. He knew that voice and that girl from his childhood.

Harry: Star?

He slowly turned around and his shock increased. He looked at her to find her beautiful and more attractive than ever, from head to boot. Star stared at him lovingly as Harry slowly walked closer to her, blushing hard while still in shock with joy.

Harry: Star...

Star leaned toward Harry and put her hand on his cheek.

Star: It's me Harry. I missed you a lot.

The two stared lovingly at each other, before leaning in and locking lips. The 2 share their first warm passionate kiss as tears began to stream down Harry's face. Star proceeded to scratch Harry's back and put her rhino booted feet on Harry's as the kiss continued.

They broke apart 15 seconds later and hugged tightly as Star kissed Harry's cheek while hugging him.

Harry (voice breaking up): I love you Star.

Star: I love you too Harry-Boy.

She kissed his cheek again as they continued to hug tightly.