Harry and Star sat next to each other on the hotel bed. Tears begin to stream down Harry's face as he looked at Star's beauty. Star noticed this.

Star: Aww Harry-Boy. What's wrong?

Harry (voice breaking up): *sniff* I'm glad you're back.

Star: Aww come here Harry.

Star gave a softly sobbing Harry a big hug. After a while, she kissed his lips 3 times and stared at him lovingly.

Star: Harry-Boy, its ok. I missed you too.

Harry (voice breaking up): My family died years ago. And even though I'm with the Lone Wolves, I was scared. There was no one to comfort me at my side, and i kept having nightmares every night. Even when hanging out with my friends, I still had the same nightmares.

Star: Aww you poor little boy.

Star gave Harry another big hug. She leaned to his ear.

Star (whispering): I'll take care of you Harry-Boy. If you're scared and need someone by my side, it'd be me.

Harry: Thanks Star.

Star kissed his cheek in response. After a while they stopped hugging and wrapped their arms around each other.

Harry: You know Seeing you now Star, you're so beautiful.

Star: Really? What is it that makes me beautiful?

Harry: Well, Your hairs gotten longer. Your dress is perfect. But the main parts that make you so attractive? Your legs. Your boots. And your face. Your sweet attractive face.

Star: Oh Harry-Boy.

Star stared at him lovingly and Harry did the same.

Harry: Star, can I be your boyfriend?

Star: Of course Harry-Boy.

Star then kissed Harry's lips as the 2 shared a warm passionate kiss. They broke apart 10 seconds later and touched foreheads.

Harry: I love you Star.

Star: I love you too Harry-Boy.

They kissed again as they kissed repeatedly on the lips.

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