As Hal and Pepper Ann waited, Hal stared at Pepper Ann’s beauty, mainly her footwear. Pepper noticed this.

Pepper Ann: Hal?

Hal: Oh Sorry. My bad. Just…I love your shoes.

Pepper Ann: Aww. Thanks Hal.

As they continued to wait, he looked at her hand. He then tried to reach for it, but she realized and held his hand. He blushed.

Hal: Pepper?

She stared at him lovingly.

Pepper Ann: What is it Hal? You want to confess something to me.

Hal: Y…You’re the best nerd I have ever met.

They stared at each other lovingly, then leaned closer until their lips connected. They embraced and shared their first warm kiss on the lips. They broke apart 15 seconds later and touched foreheads.

Hal: I love you Pepper.

Pepper Ann: I love you too Hal.

They then kissed again.