Dave was sitting there, looking at the ring box, when Fionna approached him.

Fionna: Sweetie?

Dave's attention suddenly was focused on her, standing near the door.

Fionna: You doing well?

Dave: Yeah. Doing fine.

Fionna suddenly notices the ring box.

Fionna: What's that you're holding?

Dave was then shocked. He looked at the ring box and began to blush.

Fionna: Wait I know it. Is it a ring box?

Dave, blushing hard, got up and looked at Fionna.

Dave: Honey, I've been waiting a long time for this moment to come. Now I think that time is now. Fionna...

Dave kneeled down and opened the ring box, revealing a silver ring. Fionna gasped in joy.

Dave: Will you marry me?

Fionna smiled and blushed hard, tears rolling down her face.

Fionna: Yes Davey-Boy!

And with that, Dave took out the ring and put it through Fionna's finger. They then kissed repeatedly on the lips as the 2 embraced and caressed with love and joy.