The girl then kissed Dave on the cheek, much to his love. She then leaned toward his ear

Girl: Hi Davey-Boy. Did you miss me?

Dave's expression then turned from lovingly to complete shock, as he knew the girl from his childhood

Dave: Fionna?!

Fionna nodded slowly and spread her arms in for a hug. Tears swelling up in his eyes, Dave hugged Fionna tightly. Fionna returned the hug as the two embraced

Fionna: Oh Davey-Boy.

Dave (voice breaking down): I thought I was never gonna see you again. I thought I was gonna be alone forever.

Fionna (whispering to his ear): Shhh. It's ok sweetheart. I'm here now. I'm here for you. You don't have to be afraid anymore.

Fionna rubbed Dave's back as Dave continued softly crying. Fionna then stood back, her hands on Dave's shoulders

Fionna: Would this make you feel better?

Fionna then kissed Davey on the lips. Dave then returned it as they kissed passionately. They broke apart 10 seconds later, touching foreheads.

Dave (voice breaking down): I love you Fionna.

Fionna: Oh Davey-Boy. I love you too.

They then kissed on the lips again and again.