Ethan, while laying in bed, saw Blythe's beauty all around as she was about to leave.

Ethan: Blythe.

Blythe stopped and looked at Ethan.

Blythe: Hmm?

Ethan: Can I tell you something?

Blythe: Anything.

Ethan: you.

Blythe (shocked): What?

Ethan: It's true Blythe. I have always had a huge massive crush on you since I first saw you. You're the most attractive and beautiful girl I have ever met in my whole life. Your hands, your boots, your hair, your legs, your arms, and the different clothes you wear, just everything about you is attractive. I just wanted to let you know that before you go. You are and always will be the girl of my dreams Blythe.

He sighed as he looked out the window. Blythe blushed as she looked at the floor, and then came to realization to how he really felt about her. She then stared at him lovingly, wiggling her fingers on her left hand, tapping her right booted foot repeatedly, and her butt trembled rapidly.

She then clenched both of her fists, scuffed her booted feet on the floor, tightened her butt, buckled her belt, and readied her lips before slowly walking toward Ethan, who was still staring out the window. Ethan noticed as Blythe kneeled down at his level and stared at him lovingly. Ethan blushed hard.

Blythe: You forgot something.

Ethan: What did I forge-

Before he could finish, Blythe pulled him in for a kiss on the lips. A super shocked Ethan clutched the bed sheets as the kiss continued. They broke apart 5 seconds later and Blythe stared at a shocked Ethan, rubbing his cheek.

Blythe: My lips.

Ethan's expression turned from shock to overcomes joy. The girl of his dreams loves him back.

Ethan: Blythe...

She kissed him again, and Ethan returned the kiss as the 2 shared another kiss, with Blythe putting her arms around his neck while Ethan put his around her waist.

They broke apart 15 seconds later and shared a tight hug.

Ethan: I love you Blythe.

Blythe: I love you too Ethan.

Blythe kissed his cheek as they continued to hug. A minute later, they kissed again as they kissed repeatedly on the lips. Ethan turned off his lamp as they kissed, and they kissed, caressed, and hugged in bed until they fell asleep.