Acts Of Violence Dynasty Album Info

Release Date: May 29 2015

1. Level Zero 2. Matter Of Crime (EDM by Zedd) 3. Black Skies 4. Save Me 5. Paralyze 6. Yellow Brick Road 7. Acts Of Violence 8. December (ft. Rihanna) 9. St. Thunder (ft. Kanye West) 10. Gangsters In China 11. Caroline (ft. Ed Sheeran) 12. Lost In Time 13. Cliffhanger 14. Requiem 15. Equilibrium Paradox 16. Thy Shall Not Fall


1. Cliffhanger (Released: December 23 2014) 2. December (ft. Rihanna) (Released: March 6 2015) 3. St. Thunder (ft. Kanye West) (Released: May 1 2015)

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