Dylan looked at Sylvia's beauty for a while. He couldn't take it anymore.

Dylan: Sylvia...

Sylvia: Yeah Dylan?

Dylan: I...I think you're beautiful.

Sylvia: What?

Dylan: Yeah. To be honest, I had a massive crush on you since I first saw you. You're tough, awesome, hot, and probably the greatest creature I've ever met with the best body I've ever seen, especially your feet.

Sylvia blushed.

Sylvia: Really?

Dylan: Really. I just didn't know when the right time was to tell you all this. I was too nervous to tell you and...and...

Sylvia: Hey.

She put her hand on her shoulder. Dylan looked at her and blushed hard as she stared at him lovingly. Out of nowhere, and to Dylan's sudden shock, she kissed him on the lips. Dylan returned the kiss as the 2 shared their first warm kiss. Dylan couldn't believe it. The zbornak he always had a massive crush on was kissing him, something he always dreamed about. But this time it wasn't a dream. It was reality and that she was really kissing him.

They broke apart 10 seconds later and stared at each other lovingly.

Sylvia: You don't have to be nervous to tell me how you really feel. I already know how much you love me.

Tears began to stream down Dylan's face. She kissed him again as the 2 kissed repeatedly on the lips for 30 seconds. They then hugged tightly, with Sylvia wrapping her long neck around Dylan's and her feet onto his, causing him to blush harder.

Dylan: I love you Sylvia.

Sylvia (whispering): I love you too Dylan.

She kissed his cheek and neck.

Sylvia: Hop on. When we get back to the room, I'm gonna give you all the love you need tonight.

Dylan: Ok. I'm gonna need it all night.

She kissed him again for 5 seconds before hopping onto her sidesaddle, laid down and hands wrapped around her neck. They then left together back to the hotel room.