MLAATR Dead Energy Episode It was a bright Spring day, the sun was out the flowers were in bloom, the birds, were chirping the Bees were buzzing, everything was coming back to life from the cold, harsh winter months and had covered the earth in large piles of snow, ice and cold, now the season of renewal had begun in full swing.

Not that Nora Wakeman hadn't seen this before. In fact she had seen it many times before hand and it was just another thing for her.

The White haired, coke bottle glasses scientist, was upon a hill overlooking Temerton, the town where she lived in with her "Daughter" of sorts.

Normally this hill would be used for bird watching or a romantic picnic.

But Nora Wakeman had other priorities, she was seven feet underground, and was wearing overalls, a white Shirt and a miner's helmet as opposed to her black stockings, orange labcoat and yellow heels.

She hummed a little tune to herself, as she dug into the earth, with her trusty atomic powered Jackhammer 5000.

'Hmm, hm, hm hm, It starts today and now we fight outstand,y.." She sang, despite the loud noise. 'And for now the power's of darkness, have been driven from the land, the battle's over but the war has jus-"

She suddenly felt herself shaking more so as her jackhammer, she screamed as she grabbed onto her hammer. "CIRKCEY!" She shouted, as the floor caved in, with a cry, Nora Wakeman fell into an underground cavern. She screamed, as she hit the floor, with a grunt, her jackhammer, breaking apart next to her. Dust rose up and covered everything

She got up, and while she shook the dirt and dust off herself, she sharply, cracked her back with a snap. "Oh that fall may have hurt, but I desperately needed that!" She said, rubbing her sore back. Pulling out a handheld device she looked it over. 'If my calculations are correct, and they usually are, the Mysterious source of energy that I picked up should be right, in front"

Nora Wakeman, looked up at a large set of glowing purple crystal, each one bigger than her own body, shining a bright purple glow.

"How did I Not see these when I fell in?" She wondered out loud, and placed her hand on a crystal. 'This is..INCREDIBLE!" She shouted. " A new energy source, yet unfound by man!"

She ran over and hugged the Crystal,m 'My dear, you are going to win me another nobel prize!"

CU: Jenny's jet boots as she is flying.

CU: Ground Level as Jenny's Feet land into view before slowly panning up her body.

Jenny Wakeman, as she liked to be called or XJ9 as her build name was and what her mother preferred to call her. Usually, she and her mother, didn't get along very well, but Jenny was now with a panicked look.

"MOM, I heard yous cream, are you alright, are monsters attacking, have mole people dragged you underground?" She asked in rapid fire succession and she drew out most of her arsenal. 'Well whatever it is I'm ready to-

mrs. Wakeman groaned. 'Calm down XJ9, I just had a little fall."

Jenny Looked up from the hole that her mom had made, to where she was, and retraced her weapons whilst placing a hand on her right hip. "Small, huh?" She said.

Mrs. Wakeman groaned. "IF I wanted Sarcasm I would have remade XJ6." She perked up. "Anyway, I was already going to call you, to have you help me with my newest find!" She said, gesturing to the large amount of purple crystals

"Ohhhhh." Jenny said, her teenaged mind taking over. 'Pretty…"

""Yes aren't they just?" Mrs. Wakeman giggled as they both looked at the Crystals. "Now then XJ-" She paused,seeing her teenaged daughter, was still staring at the crystals and their purple lights. "XJ9?" She asked, getting annoyed.

"Sooo...pretty." Was all she could say.

Nora Wakeman sighed, as she slapped her daughter's head, causing it to spin, multiple times around and around. "XJ9!" She demanded, as Jenny grabbed her head to stop it from spinning.

"Mom, why did you do that!?" She demanded.

"XJ9, I didn't bring you here to gawk at my discovery, I need your help in taking it back to my lab!" She said. 'Now hurry up, I may have violated a few zoning laws and if you heard my screaming then we could be in hot trouble if we are caught!" .

Jenny sighed as she walked over to the crystals, her hand retracted into her army, and a small drill came out, and the placed it up to the crystal, and began drilling into it. Small chunks came off it and onto her armor, much to her surprise, it was tough to cut, but she pressed on until at last It had been cut all the way through. Jenny, carefully picked up the Crystal that she had cut.

'Well here's one, do you want me to get the others?" She asked, pointing to them.

Nora Wakeman shook her head. "Not now dear, I only need one, and once that is used up, I can come back for more."

jenny wiped her brow. "Phew, what a Relief, that was hard to cut," She looked at her fingers. 'And i just got my fingers polished."

her mother sighed, and pinched her nose. "Teengaers, oy."

After refilling the hole and marking the spot, Jenny and her mother, were soon walking toward their home, the large Crystal under Jenny's arm.

'I cannot wait t get this down to my lab for testing." She giggled happily. "If it turns out to be a new power source, and it's compatible with your systems, I can make a synthetic version and then you wouldn't run up my electricity bill anymore!"

Jenny, rolled her eyes as she walked, feeling a little bit weak. She was confused as she really hadn't done much recently, she had gone to school, went to the mall, and then raced to save her mom, after hearing her scream. Her enemies had been quiet today so, why did she feel so worn out?

Mrs. Wakeman and Jenny, walked into their house, and down to the basement, where Mrs. Wakemans workshop was.

"Ohh I just can't wait to get started!" Nora said, skipping like a teeanger, which creeped Jenny Out.

They walked down to the lab, where Jenny, weakly put the Crystal on the table. her Mother, walked to the wall, and flipped a switch, activating all sorts of Machinery.

'Alrighty then!" She shouted happily. 'Let's get-"

She paused, looking over at her Daughter, who looked like she was about to pass out.

CU: Nora's feet as she tapped her left foot before panning up her body.

"XJ9, have you not been recharging like you say that you have?"

Jenny looked up at her. 'I am mom, something has just got me, really tired today!"

Mrs. Wakeman frowned, and walked over to her daughter, opening up the back of her head, rummaging around, she activated a screen, which showed Jenny's recharges each night, she looked at the newest one, which was last night and saw that indeed, jenny had charged the full amount.

"Hmmm, did you do anything that would drain a lot of your energy?""

Jenny shook her head in a slow no\ motion.

Mrs. Wakeman sighed. "Get some rest XJ9, I'm sure that a little power nap, will do you good."

Jenny gave out a weak Thank you, and crawled up the stairs, a long drawn out set of whirs could be heard as her motors moved tiredly up the stairs. She made it to the door,

CU: Jenny's Feet as she managed to stand up before exiting view.

She opened the door, where she than face planted onto the floor.

'uhhhh." She said weakly.

Climbing up, onto a chair, Jenny sat up, and then let her head fall against the table. She sighed as she began to power down, ready to welcome some deep, deep sleep….



JEnny shot up as she stared at the human in front of her, who was all too familiar in the Wakeman family home. JEnny's eyes drooped. "Oh, Hi Brad." She said with a yawn.

Brad's smile faded as he gave her a look. "Hey Brad, and a yawn?, HEY BRAD AND A YAWN!?" He shouted at her. "Am I BORING AND DULL to you now, is that it?" "Because I've seen you so often all I get is a tired Hey Brad?"

Jenny galred at him, and Brad saw that she was really looking worn out. 'Oh..hehe, sorry overreacting eh?"

"Yeah." Jenny said bitterly, with a growl. "A Little."

Brad gave out a light chuckle and looked down. "So what happened today huh,?, Zombie Invasion? Plant Attack? The Blender gained a mind of it's own? Vexus sought Revenge?, A Zombie Vexus Half Plant, Half Blender Invasion!?" He asked excitingly, hoping to hear about jenny's latest adventure.

"I dug out a Crystal for my Mom that was purple and glowing."

Brads face fell. 'Well….at least the crystal sounds nice." he said weakly.

Jenny chuckled. "Anyway, after digging it out, I began to feel weak, so mom told me to recharge, but I can't make it up to room…" She looked at brad, who stared back, and then jenny let her lips grow small, and she let her eyes bug out. "Cawwy Mwe." She said in a cute voice, and then batted her eyelids.

CU: Jenny's feet as she tapped her heels on the floor.

Brad gawked. "Must….resist...cuteness!" He said, trying to look away, but everytime he looked back, he saw that Jenny's eyes were getting wider and wider, until they covered her entire body. "PLLLLLLEEEEASEE!" She said in an almost high pitched squeal.

CU: Jenny's feet as her heels began to tap on the floor faster

Brad tried to remain firm..but lost and sighed. "Alright Jen."

"Yay." Jenny said weakly, and then collapsed to the side, snoring.

Brad paused, watching her and turned to make a break for it, when he felt jenny grab his foot. ' . . . the foot comes off….ZZZZZZ"

Brad sighed in defeat, with jenny, there was just no way to win, at all.

Later that night, all was quiet in Tremorton, the night was calm and peaceful for once, everyone was asleep even Mrs. Wakeman who had fallen asleep on top of her latest discovery, dreaming of finding out what it was and using it for the greater good of mankind.

Up in the sky, someone else had such dreams, except he was awake.

From the clouds, emerged a mighty warship, hovering over the earth, it was the size of the town almost, it looked demented and by just looking at it, you just KNEW that something evil had to be going on in there.

And in fact, something was. The Ship, lowered itself down, towards the area, where Mrs. Wakeman and jenny, discovered the Crystal, upon which a laser, came from the bottom and with a blast, shot a hole into the ground, creating a large hole, right down to the cavern.

From the Underbelly of the ship, a group of robotic figures, dropped down into the hole, all similar in shape, size and well everything. Blank Metal faces with red visor pierced the night.

They walked over to the rest of the glowing purple crystals and began ripping them from the ground, They did their work of removing them, and then walked back over towards the waiting Warship, where a green portal opened, they walked through it silently, and came out inside a large storage room, filled with cubes most glowing blue. In the middle, a large tower like machine, the fuel core for the ship.

They walked over, and gently set down their payloads, and snapped off salutes, as a tall figure strode over to them. It was tall, and silver, with some hints of purple multiple scars were across it's face and helmet, on it's arm, a large purple cannon, red optics pierced through the darkness with a growl, escaping from the figures lips.

'So, the scans were accurate, Dark Energon can be harvested on this world." The figure clenched his fist, around one of the shards, and broke it off, it began glowing purple in his hand. He laughed maniacally.

Placing the shard down, he looked at the drones. 'I want this Energon processed and placed in it's own separate section of the Storage Depot!" he snapped.

The Drones nodded, and with a cry of, 'ALL HAIL MEGATRON!" and set to work.

Megatron sneered as he watched this, looking to his left, a dark/dull blue mechanoid, thats slim, and had bulky arms, and it had a screen for a face.

"Soundwave, is that all the Dark Energon in this sector?" MEgatron asked.

A ping was heard, and Soundwave displayed on his visor, an image of Tremerton, and it pinged on their location, and then another, separate from them.

MEgatron's optics widened. "Are you saying, that there is more Dark Energon here?"

Soundwave just gave a nod, as was his silent nature, and then showed an image of the Wakeman house, and then pulled up a picture of Nora Wakeman.

MEgatron looked it over and growled. "A human scientist." He said with a chuckle, and then his face goward. "It seems that a human has come across my precious Dark Energon first, and claimed a sample...….."

He looked at Soundwave. "Retrieve it for me Soundwave, and make it quick, I do not like to wait!"

The blue mech nodded, and activated a Ground bridge from himself and walked through Megatron watched it close and then turned when he heard a voice, "Lord MEgatron, are you sure that it is wise, to be hunting Dark Energon that has been captured by Humans?"

Megatron, turned to face the newcomer . "As always Starscream, you fail to see the point!"

The silver and lanky mech, strode over towards Megatron. "I don't see, what point there is, if the Humans try to utilize Dark Energon, it will end in Chaos, making exterminating them, all the more easier, Dark Energon master, is hard to control….er, so I've seen."

Megatron galred down towards him, having known of Starscreams attempt to utilize the power of Dark Energon, he hadn't let it be made known to Starscream that he knew of his attempt to raise an undead army, but he was keeping a very close optic on him.

"What you may not Understand Starscream, is that while humans cannot harness Dark Energon, they could find a way to counteract and Destroy it, giving them and the AUtobots a tactical advantage…..which as you know we do not need at this moment."

Starscream thought this over and looked at MEgatron, with a glint in his otics, knowing that the Dark Energon shard, used to revive him, was still inside his chest, if the humans and/or the Autobots, found a way to destroy Dark Energon...

'Yes Lord MEgatron, that would be a shame for our cause." He finished with a smirk.

MEanwhile, at the Wakeman residence, Jenny was laying in her bed wide awake, she had been charging for a while now, and was at full power, and it was only 3:00 AM. She sighed as she turned over and over again.

She looked up at the ceiling, sighing, wishing that she had something to do, everything was quiet, including the night, it seemed that all was sleeping, all except her.

CU: Jenny's feet as they kicked the air

"Well great, maybe I should have let my energy drain, at least it wouldn't be as dull as this.."

Right then, she saw something from her window, a bright green light, Jenny raced over to her window and looked out. A LArge, swirling green portal had emerged from out of nowhere, and someone was coming from within.

The second that Soundwave set foot on the grass of the wakeman home, he knew that something was amiss, whilst everything was quiet, he knew all too well, that silence can be a person's greatest hiding spot.

He walked forward, towards the house, and allowed ac set of robotic tentacles to emerge from his back. Bending down, he was about to open the door when,

"Hey pal, don't you know it's not nice to be a peeping Tom?" Jenny asked, coming up behind him, her pigtails trailing exhaust.

Soundwave, whirled around to face her, his visor screen showed little to no emotion as always, but scanned her over didn't make a sound, and he raised his tentacles threateningly. Jenny let out a snicker.

CU: Ground level as Jenny's left foot stomps into view before sliding it to the left.

CU: Ground level as Jenny's right foot stomps into view before sliding it to the right.

CU: Jenny's legs as the camera pans up her body.

"I;'ve face down guys just as big and even bigger than you, so if you wanna fight, then let's dance."

Soundwave stared her down, not moving a servo, Jenny arched an eyebrow. "umm….this is usually the party where one of us attac-"

She was cut off, as Soundwave lashed out, striking her with his arm, and upper cutting/ slashing her, she flew back and used her jets in her feet to stabilize herself, but before she could recover, she felt Soundwave's tentacles grab her, they clenched her tightly, and then began to pull to the sides, threatening to rip her apart.

"Well now, you seem pretty straight forward." She said with a smirk, "Well good news for you is that, I'm a straight forward kind of girl." Her arms turned into lasers and she blasted through Soundwave's tentacles, and landed on the ground as Soundwave stumbled in pain, and she fired another laser, this time striking his chest plate, he recoiled in pain, and drew out another tentacle and lashed it out towards her, but Jenny, ducked to the side, and returned fire, this time, Soundwave dodged and jumped forward, catching Jenny off guard, as he rammed into her, sending her flying through the air.

Jenny crashed into a tree nearby, and spit out some wood, and then she felt Soundwave grab her by the legs and fling her out, tearing apart the tree in the process, but jenny quickly converted her left leg into a cannon and blasted him in the face.

As she did, an electronic screech filled the night air, as Soundwave shrunk back his tentacles, and covered his face. Jenny gasped and put her hands to her mouth. She saw Soundwave turn back toward her, his visor shattered on one side, Energon poured from it, Soundwave let out a static Hiss, and attacked once again, striking Jenny multiple times in a flurry of arms and tentacles.

Jenny was thrown into the ground by the assault, She struggled to get up, as Soundwave stomped onto her back, Jenny looked up at him. "Look I'm sorry if I hurt you, but you were trespassing...or do you not know what that means?"

Soundwave stared at her, Energon still pouring from his facial wound. Jenny sighed. "Alright then. Her arm turned into a drill and she bored it into his left leg. A Howl of static was heard, as Jenny punched him in the chest, knocking him to the ground.

CU: Ground Level as Jenny's feet land into view. Camera then slowly pans up her body.

S"core one for the robot girl!" She exclaimed, and then Soundwave reached out and grabbed her, as he stood up and his chest, detached from his body and transformed into laserbeak, who hovered in front of jenny, and fired his guns at her. Jenny yelped as Soundwave let go at the same time Laserbeak blasted her.

She flew back and stabilized herself, as Laserbeak flew right into her, scratching up her arm. "HEY!" Jenny shouted Irritably, as laserbeak flew around and returned fire rapidly, striking Jenny in numerous places, until a shot forced her to fail back to earth.

As Soundwave approached the Wakeman home, LAserbeak swooped in for the kill on jkenny, but as he did, Jenny suddenly grabbed the mincion and held him high. "not so fast little guy." LAserbeak suddenly removed himself from her hands and fired on her once more, but this time Jenny was well prepared and returned fire with a huge cannon from her left arm, LAserbeak flew around several shots, but one lucky shot, nailed him, he fell to earth as Jenny caught him. 'Now let's see just what happens when I pull you in both directions-

Soundwave stopped and grabbed his chest and whirled around to face jenny. HE stumbled forward, rapidly. Jenny gasped and held the minicon out in front of her. 'Not so fast big guy, one wrong move and this little guy gets it!

Soundwave stopped, glaring at her once again, he looked at Laserbeak, and then got down on one knee and reached out his hand. Jenny paused as she stared at the outstretched arm, calmly she placed Laserbeak inside and Soundwave held him close,. He looked over at Jenny who blinked.

'umm…" She said, raising an arm, before Soundwave smashed her into the ground. He got up and checked himself over. At this rate he would use up most of his energy, and lights were beginning to appear all along the street, Soundwave gave a final look at jenny, and opened a Ground BRidge portal and leapt in.

Jenny got up with a gorain, "Well at least I'm no longer bored." Then she looked around with shock to see that she and Soundwave had ripped apart most of the yard and some of the street, what was worse, Soundwave was gone leaving no evidence that he had been there at all.

"Cripes." Was all that Jenny could say as she saw people leaving their houses. "This is just great."

From her own house she heard a cry of, "XJ9, WHAT ARE YOU DOING...MY BEGIONIA NOOOO!"

Inside the Nemesis, Soundwave lay on a medical berth, his body connected to various wires and machinery as a dark Red Decepticon looked him over.

"My, my Soundwave, I've NEVER seen you this damaged in my entire life cycle, and to think it was all caused by this little robot." Knock Out said, looking over at a computer that Soundwave was hooked into, showing a still shot of his fight with jenny.

In front of it, were Megatron and Starscream, another Decepticon, Breakdown was behind them. "I can't believe a pint sized tin can did that to Soundwave." Breakdown said in disbelief.

'yes well, we can't all be winners." Starscream said, sarcasm dripping from his voice. 'I told you master this was a waste of energy."

"your suggestion is noted, and ignored!" MEgatron said, snapping at him, he took another look at Jenny. "it appears that the Autobots are not the only meddlesome Mechanics in my way of conquest!"

The Desert was calm and quiet, the only sound was the whistling wind, which echoed throughout the area as always, the Rocky effaces echoed with the moaning wind, and all was silent


Granted, silence never does last long. Inside a mountain, known only to a select few as Autobot Outpost Omega One, an alarm rang out through the night. Doors opened as large mechanical figures ran from their rooms, running into the main hall.

Arcee, Bumblebee, Bulkhead and Optimus prime, weapons armed and ready, charged out. Ready for the battle to begin…..or lack thereof.

Their MEdic, a Red and White MEch called Ratchet stared at them, his servo's on his hips, he rolled his optics. 'Ratchet, where are the cons?" Arcee asked, looking around as the alarm blared in the background.

Ratchet blinked. 'Not in this base I'll tell you that right now."

The other Autobots, Optimus included, dropped their weapons and retracted them into their arms, optics narrowed, Bumblebee bleeped a set of angry beeps toward the medic.

Optimus, placed a large hand on the scout's shoulder. "No BUmblebee, there is no need for such language." He said, calmly. "Though Ratchet may have been rude in his awakening, us I'm sure he had a good reason."

"he'd better.' Arcee muttered, crossing her arms. Bulkhead slammed his fist togher. "If not, I'll show him what we did to Magnus when he used that beguile in our audio receptors!"

Ratchet sighed. "I always have a good reason for interrupting everything that you are doing,"

"Including sleep." Arcee mumbled, half dozing off.

Ratchet continued, ignoring her. 'Little over ten minutes ago, I detected a reading of Dark Energon in a town called Tremerton."

The words Dark Energon, made everyone wide awake, the Autobots had encountered and fought against the fabled Blood of Unicron before, dangerous to Cybertronians and Humans alike, the idea of it appearing in a human living area, was terrifying.

Ratchet had worse news. 'And shortly after that I picked up a separate reading, from inside a human dwelling, after that the larger reading vanished, but the one inside the dwelling remained...and then I picked up, a Decepticon energy signature, outside the dwelling, it stayed for a good seven cycles, and then disappeared.

Optimus clenched his fist. "The Decepticons must already be there, if the other energy signature has vanished, then the Decepticons warship must be close by."

Arcee gulped, and looked down. "But Dark Energon, in the possession of a human?" She remembered what had, happened to her partner Cliffjumper, and what happened to Ratchet's machine. "If that stuff leaks out into the town.."

Optimus nodded. 'Than Megatron will have his army."

"Well then." Bulkhead. "What are we waiting for, let's head out and destroy that Dark Energon."

'YEP UP UP!" Ratchet swiad, walking in front of Bulkhead, whilst waving his servo's. 'Bulkhead, do you not realise where it's located, inside a human dwelling area, any attempt to just barge in and take it would be disastrous!"

"Sothen what do we do then?" Arcee Asked."If we don't act,the cons will!"

Optimus Paused,and then looked them all over. "We keep our cover, operating as Robots in disguise…" He looked over at his medic, and then glanced at the other Autobots. "We must act quickly, in order to ensure the safety of this planet!"

Optimus walked over towards Ratchet. "Notify Agent Fowler of this development, and then ready the Groundbridge!"

Several Hours Later, outside the Wakeman home, a dark Red Sports car with Yellow rims, was followed by a large blue armored van. They pulled up to the street, and sat there. Watching the house, damage to the lawn, and several parts of the Sidewalk were evident.

'So, this is where Soundwave got his aft handed to him." Breakdown said with a chuckle. "HArd to beleive that could actually happen."

The Sports car let out a growl. 'Quiet Breakdown, while it does tingle to know that I am seeing a spot that shall go down in Decepticon History, as the day the great Soundwave was shamed by a human built Automation, we have our orders to remain HIDDEN and monitor her activities!"

Breakdown scoffed and rolled back. "I don't see how me talking is going to attract attention?"

Knock Out sighed. 'Talking cars Breakdown are not COMMON amongst humans believe it or not!, so by you talking you risk exposing us!"

"Um Knock out!"


Knock Out, looked to see Brad, leaving his house and walking right toward them, Both Knockout and Breakdown, remained still and silent, as he walked past, not paying them any notice as he walked up to the Wakemans door.

'Who's that?" Breakdown whispered.

'SHH!" Knockout said. "Just wait and see!"

Brad, walked up and Knocked on the door, as Jenny opened it, a sour look on her face. 'Hey jen, ready for-" Brad began, but was cut off by jenny, who grabbed him and began to drag him away. 'Woah, what's the rush?" He asked.

'Mom, she's hopping mad at me for what happened last night!" Jenny said, referring to her fight with Soundwave. Brad tapped his chin. 'Oh right, where you went crazy and tore up the lawn, sidewalk and a few trees. "

CU: Jenny's feet as she whirled around before stomping her left foot


Brad was blown back by the shout's force and he stood up straight, and smoothed out his hair. "Look Jen, I normally would support you, but a Giant Robot that came from a portal?, and people say I play too many video games!"

"IT WAS REAL!" Jenny shouted. "I even ripped parts of it off, where do you think that blue liquid came from?"

"I thought that was a blend of Anti freeze, so is your Mom upset about the lawn being trashed?"

Jenny's face grew sour. 'That, and her little crystal hasn't yielded many results, all it does is glow purple and look pretty, and I'm not allowed near it, since she thinks it may be what made me 'Crazy" she said with Air quotes.

'She spent an hour, going over my memory banks to see if I had put my dream chip back in and dreamt up a fight with a giant robot, but what's really weird is that she can't find a thing from last night."

Brad, stroked his chin. 'Maybe you were, sleepwalking?"

"I'm not a human brad, i DON'T sleepwalk, besides if anything my mother said that the only way for that to happen is if some released them, or there was a high power jammer in the area."

They began walking to school, as they were walking, the didn't notice the blue armored truck and the car following them.

"Doesn't soundwave have a jammer that blocks out transmissions and other human made objects/" Breakdown inquired over his comlink.

'yes, he does apparently, this robot is jammer proof for the most part….truly the work of a master builder, and the way her polish catches off the morning sun, and that figure..oh….."

Breakdown groaned, and then laughed. 'hey, I thought Lord MEgatron, said stay on Mission/"

Knockout paused, and then with a dry chuckle said, 'Doesn't mean I can't enjoy myself now can i?"

"Not when it's something like that!"

"Ugh"' Knock Out said to himself with a growl.

Jenny and Brad, didn't take notice, as they continued on with their conversation, unaware of the Two Cybertronians trailing behind them.

As they reached the school, Breakdown, revved his engine, and drove away, knowing that his alt mode wouldn't fit there at all, as Knock Out, headed into the Parking lot of the school.

As he did however, a sudden large white limo pulled out in front of him, and blew right past him, almost striking his side. "HEY!" He shouted indignantly, as he swerved to avoid it, and parked next to it.

HE then watched as two Female humans exited the Limo, both of them dressed very flamboyantly, "Alright everyone, we are here, the day may officially begin!" The taller of the two said, as hundreds of High School students clustered around them eager to get the attention of the Crust Cousins and their Infinite popularity.

Brit, turned to Tiff and smiled. "Ah I love the fresh smell of Popularity in the early morning hours, it feels so…...popular!"

Tiff smiled as well. "Dang you know it girl, we have them eating out of the palm of our hands, as usual!"

THey both giggled as they headed toward the school, and saw Jenny, her frowning increased as they came near. "Oh My Jenny, you look TERRIBLE!" Brit said with a gasp. "Why you poor thing, you must have been up extra early, tell me how does your lawn look?"

CU: Jenny's feet as the camera pans up her body.

The Crusts; had heard about Jenny's little escapade through the grapevine of some other Teenagers living on her street, and by now the whole school knew about it.

"I think that the superHero life is getting too much to you jen,!" Tiff began. 'Yes, quite right, you need to chill sometime, I'm sure you can get cool with a freezer, and who knows it could take you to prom!" Brit finished.

Both Crust cousin's laughed and yukked it up, until they realized that Jenny hadn't reacted, just had the same look on her face. Both of them stared at her, as she just kept looking ahead, tiredly.

"So Jenny, we also heard that your mother had a fall or something, it was easy to tell, after all she does have a LOUD scream," Tiff began,

"yes quite, is she okay, we wouldn't want her to get hurt, because then who would rebuild you, if you couldn't be rebuilt, then we wouldn't have anyone to mock!" Brit finished.

Both Crust's got evil smirks on their faces, knowing that if Jenny was ignoring her, they could do whatever they wanted.

"hey Jen, any truth to the rumor that you've been banned from the mall due to constant damages?"

"Oh my look, rust spots, how horrid!"

'And look at those saggy eyes, man never knew that robots could get those!"

Jenny didn't make a move, and this was starting creep them out.

CU: Jenny's feet as they stood still

At that point, Brad stepped in. "Alright crusts, You've had your fun, now get moving!"

Brit, placed her hands on her hips. "And why should we, after all she's not doing anything to retaliate, and who are you to stop us?"

CU: Jenny's feet as she stomped her right foot hard.

Before BRad, could reply, jenny smashed her fist through the school, wall and pulled it out, quickly, clearly the anger had really built up, and she was not happy!

THe other students backed up scared, they knew that Jenny had a lot of strength and that if she were take a lot of anger out on the crusts then it wouldn't be pretty. The Crust Cousins were shocked, but they quickly regained their composure,and raced inside, the rest of the students following them quickly.

Jenny and BRad were soon alone, as far as they knew as Knock Out was still watching as BRad laughed nervously. 'So jen umm...should we...get to class?"

Jenny, turned and gave him a glare that Knock Out guessed would have sent THe Fallen himself running. Brad, gulped and held a Trash Can in front of her. In less than a second, in a flash of white and blazing blue lights, the Trash Can, was nothing but a pile of flaming, black metal.

'Geez jenny.." Brad said in shock. "I uh...think you just set a new record!"

Jenny sniffed and stormed inside

CU: Jenny's feet as she stomped her way into the school

Brad watched her go, and then walked in, deciding to walk BEHIND her but to REALLY keep on her good side!

After a few more minutes the students trickled into the school, and the Parking lot was empty of everything except for the cars and the White Limo.

Knockout, pulled over to it, and drove up to the front was an automatian, primitive, but it was still getting the Crusts where they needed to go. Knockout snarled. 'Of COurse, no HUMAN would want to put up with them...or robot either….."

A smirk was on his face, as he Quickly Transformed into his robot mode. A saw, quickly extended from his right arm. "Hmmm how about I show those girls a little bit of Decepticon….hostility, after all, you scratch my paint…"

His buzzsaw, whirred and he sped it across the top of the stretch limo, creating a large gash across the top as he began his work.

Meanwhile, across town, Mrs. Wakeman was outside, grumbling as she tried to replant the lawn, after Jenny had ripped it up last night.

'Teenagers, I should have made her an adult!" She shouted to no one in particular. 'I cannot believe though that she would make up stories like a child,seeing giant robots that just vanish absurd!"

As she continued her work, she never noticed the large Red and Blue Simi Truck that roared past, nor did she take notice of the Blue Motorcycle the green SUV or the Yellow Urbnia 500.

She DID however, notice the screeching of brakes. She looked up to thee that the strange convoy had stopped as a blue armored van, sat in front of the simi, it seemed as if they had just had a close encounter.

In reality, it was that, but it wasn't close.

Breakdown had been heading back towards the Wakeman residence to do some more recon on her, and had JUST missed smashing directly into Optimus Prime's bumper. Breakdown gaped as he scanned and saw that he was outnumbered four to one, normally not a problem, but with Optimus Prime it always was for the cons.

"Breakdown/" Bulkhead said. "What are you-"

He was cut off, when Breakdown pulled out and roared away. "HEY!" Bulkhead shouted and drove off after him. ';BULKHEAD NO!" Optimus shouted over the radio.

"Sorry Prime,. but if Breakdown's here then so are the other cons, and if he gets to them He'll tattle!"

Before any of them could reply, Bulkhead turned off huis com, and raced after Breakdown. They tore into Downtown Tremerton, blasting through lights and over street corners. Breakdown looked back at BUlkhead, and his laser cannon, extended from his roof. "Time for a pit stop bulky." He said and fired off a few shots,

Bulkhead yelped and swerved to avoid them, a few barely missing him , but one struck him and another next to him, he roared forward and smashed his bumper into Breakdown's and Breakdown fired off another shot at Bulkhead, but missed as Bulkhead surged against him, and began to turn, causing his back wheel;s to shift, and sparks flew out.

Both of them went smashing into several parked cars, as they entered Tremerton Park, Breakdown began pushing back at Bulkhead, trying to throw him off, but Bulkhead was persistent, he knew though that he would have to engage him in robot mode, and he saw a large forest, just near the park.

"odd place for a forest but…" He said, and pulled back and then smashed into Breakdown, and roared towards the tree line.

Breakdown, scowled and turned, roaring after him, "What;'s the matter bulky?" He taunted as he chased him. "Getting tired of pushing me, maybe you should cut down on the lugnuts!"

'keep talking...' Bulkhead said and Breakdown pursued him, and then when they were deep enough in, Bulkhead transformed quickly and his right arm turned into a Wrecking ball, and he turned and smashed it, into Breakdown.

Breakdown, cried out in pain, and transformed as well, as Bulkhead raced up to punch him in the face. Breakdown stumbled due to shock, but recovered and turned his arms into twin hammer, and charged, smashing one into Bulkhead, and the other, into his wrecking ball.

Both stepped back and Bulkhead, flew and tackled Breakdown, They went rolling for a second, snapping a few trees as they did, Breakdown got up, right as a tree smashed into the back of his head, He turned and saw from his optic Bulkhead swinging another tree at him, like a battering ram, and he smashed it, this time into his face.

Wood splintered and broke apart, as with a very Bulkhead ran into Breakdown, knocking him back, and he began pummeling him. After a few blows, Breakdown blocked him with the hammer and upper cut him. Energon flew from Bulkhead;'s mouth as he fell backwards and converted both arms into guns, and began firing at his foe.

Breakdown charged, but Bulkhead dodged and kicked out Breakdown's legs shooting him in the back as he fell, and sending him crashing into the ground.

Breakdown got up, and swung a hammer into Bulkheads back, and turned and then proceeded to do it again to the other side. He followed this up, by blasting Bulkhead in the back, with a powerful shot, sending him crashing through the trees.

BUlkhead groaned, as he got up, only to be smashed to the ground by Breakdown. He stood over him, a grin on his face.

"Any last words bulky?"

Bulkhead looked up at him, and wiped the Energon from his mouth and spit. "Just one Breakdown…"

Bulkhead suddenly shot forward with his fist, plunging it THOUGH Breakdown's chest armor, not enough to kill him, but it damaged quite a bit. Breakdown stared at BUlkhead as he saw Energon pour out him, and Bulkhead pulled down, tearing out wires.

Bulkhead,stumbled to his feet and then uppercut Breakdown, and then blasted him in the face, bits of it, and his Optic patch went flying as he flew into some trees and slumped backwards, moaning slightly from the pain, and then going into Stasis Lock, in order to allow his body to repair internal wounds. His systems screamed for survival, and so he shut down.

Bulkhead stood over him and smiled as he heard someone pull up. "hey Guys…" He said, turning. "Sorry about disobeying your orders Prime…."

He never got to finish, before he got blasted, it tore into his body and sent him sprawling to the ground, where he lay, in Stasis Lock just like Breakdown.

Megatron, walked over and gave the body a hard kick. 'You don't have to worry about Prime's anger Autobot, for you should fear ME even more!"

Jenny, sat in class, her head resting on her arms, as she listened to her history teacher drone on and on about things that, frankly she already knew about. Like Most Teenager, Jenny was easily bored with certain classes.

And by Certain we mean most!

She sighed as she recorded everything that he was saying into her brain, she was still in a foul mood with the Crusts and her Mom, not only that, but as far as she knew that visor screened robot, was still out there, probably plotting it's revenge

She looked over to see Brad, leaning back as well, taking in some dull drums. He was leaning back, and balancing a pencil on the tip of his nose.

Jenny blinked as she suddenly heard a strange beeping noise, she looked down

CU: Jenny's Chest as her bellybutton flashed.

She looked up at her teacher. "Ummm...I gotta take this." She said and zipped out the door before he could say a word.

Once out in the hallway, a screen extended from her bolt, to show her mother 'What is it Mom, come to yell at me some more about your lawn?" She asked.

"XJ9, this is much more important than that right now, though you have made me spend most of my day replanting," jenny rolled her eyes. ",anyway, as I was planting I saw something peculiar-"

'Mom, I am NOT leaving school to run to the store again!" jenny snapped angrily.

"WHAT, XJ9, you need to listen, I saw four cars almost crash into another vehicle a blue colored Armor car."

'So?" Jenny asked, raising an eyebrow. 'A Lot of Auto accidents happen Mom, unless the vehicles were full of bandits it shouldn't be a concern."

"That's just it they were ordinary cars, but then a Green SUV, left the other three and chased after the armored car."

Jenny's eyes went wide. "okay, that is strange, I will give you that one mom."

"XJ9, this is serious, I fear that something strange be going on and we may be right in the middle of it!"

jenny rolled her eyes. 'So I take it that you think this might be giant robot invasion bad…."

"XJ9, I would be willing to believe your silly little story except for the lack of concrete proof, no memory banks have NO memory and all of the damage to the lawn, as made by your weapons!"

jenny sighed. "Well look, your part of Skyway patrol, was there another race of robots that could be on earth?"

'XJ9, WE DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS, GET MOVING NOW!"" Mr.s Wakeman roared and turned off the screen, much to jenny's annoyance. SHe sighed

CU: Jenny's feet as she stomped them both on the floor, making them turn into jet boots as she flied away.

She was about to blast off and search, when she saw something down in the parking lot, she looked down to see, Knock Out, continuing his work on the Crust Cousin's limo, the hood popped open and was humming to himself, as he connected two wires happily, a smirk on his face.

He wasn't paying attention to anything else, so when he felt someone tapping his shoulder it barely registered to him.

Until the person pounded on his shoulder, he whirled around. 'WATCH THE PAINT JOB BREAKdown….."

Knock Out's words died in his mouth

CU: Jenny's feet as the camera slowly pans up her body with a smirk on her face.

Knock Out was pretty disturbed by a little bit. "umm, can I help you?" He asked, nervously, ready to deploy any of his weapons.

"Oh what, oh, I was just thinking of ways to gloat to everyone that I was right."

Knock Out's face lowered slightly. 'Right then…..well…."

"Oh yeah, and I don't think that your going anywhere," She said, as her right arm formed a gaint cage, that slammed down over him.

"Now you just sit there while I think of a way to gloat." She said as she pulled out a notepad and began writing in it. It took a minute for Knock Out to Grabs the Situation, and he blinked and simply lifted the cage off of himself.

He smirked as she saw that she was still writing, and hadn't even noticed. He chuckled as he pulled out a small device. 'I was saving this for when those two got back, but you seem to fit the bill for it now."

He promptly ran and pressed the button as jenny was still writing.

"let's see, there's the Uh huh oh yeah you know it I was right, dance," jenny said, not hearing a word knock Out had said. "and then there's the-"


Jenny blinked away the ash and wiped off the car parts, Courtesy of Knock Out's work on the Crust Cousin's Limo. She whirled around and saw him out of the cage and staring at her. She noticed that his face was a mix of surprise and Shock.

jenny's eyes narrowed and a growl escaped her lips, while Knock Out gulped. "now, ms….um XJ-9 Is it…?"

Jenny's right arm, then transformed into a large blaster and the other arm, became a large buzzsaw and she raced towards knock Out, who promptly screamed and transformed trying to drive away as fast as he could.

Jenny followed after him blasting all the way, "Get back here you!" She shouted as she chased him, shots were fired into the street as Knock Out swerved to avoid each one, screaming the entire time.

"How is he avoiding these shots so well?" jenny mused to herself, as she chased knock out down,

Knock Out, roared down the streets of Tremerton, his engine running at full speed trying to out run Jenny, his tires squealed as he took a corner sharply, swerveing to try and lose the crazy mad robot girl behind him. an idea formed in her head, she swung her arm and detached the Buzzsaw and it went flying, through the air, Knock Out saw the flying projectile in his rear-view mirror and hit the gas as it flew after him, the Buzzsaw, flew over his head and landed right in front of him, Knock Out's brakes screeched as he saw the blade rapidly approaching, right then however a saving grace appeared as a ground bridge Portal opened.

"Knock Out let out a taunting laugh as he hit the gas and drove in. "Catch you later Robot girl!" he called mockingly

"Oh no you don't!" Jenny shouted

CU: Jenny's feet as back rockets come out of the back of her boots before flying away.

She shot off into the Ground bridge, she flew into the open portal, and flew out, her eyes went wide with shock as a tall lanky silver robot stood in front of her, with a scream, she collided with it, sending both crashing to the ground.

Jenny lay atop the Robot and she moaned, clutching her head as she peered around in awe. Around her were giant robots all of them looking at her, and all of them pointing weapons directly at her head. "oops." Was all she could say, as she Knock Out, standing with the Vehicons smirking.

Before Jenny could do or say anything, she was grabbed from behind and hoisted up the face/visor of Soundwave, who had been repaired

Meanwhile back with the Autobots, Optimus ,Bee, and Arcee, pulled up to the area where Bulkheads battle had taken place. Optimus Transformed followed by the other Two Autobots as they walked into the forest, tire marks, blast craters and trees that were bent and broken lay everywhere.

"Yep, this is Bulkhead's handy work all right." Arcee said as she picked up a piece of Breakdown's hammer that was laying on a tree limb. "looks like it was quite a fight."

Bumblebee let out a few clicks, some whirrs and a few inquiring beeps, while making a few fighting poses and throwing a few fists. he then walked over to a tree that was covered in energon and made a few firing like shots, and then he picked up some pieces of blue cybertronian alloy. Obviously parts of Breakdown's armor.

Optimus gave a slight smirk seeing his young scouts enthusiasm but then sighed. "As that may be apparent bumblebee, we have no idea where Bulkhead is, or Breakdown, we must find them lest we risk our exposure."

But where do we look?" Arcee asked simply. "Bulk could be anywhere right now."

Optimus looked at the battle site, noting that he could spot where the combatants were fighting, cleary Bulkhead hadn't left under his own power. He paused momentarily, right as he heard what sounded like sirens in the distance.

Bumblebee let out a few surprised clicks and whirrs, as he saw a large group of Police Vehicles and SWAT vans driving toward them.

"Autobots roll out."Optimus said quickly and the three Autobots quickly Transformed and raced out of the forest as policemen swarmed in. They found exactly what the Autobots found, a damaged forest and nothing more.

As the Autobots drove out the other side of the forest Arcee gave out a single comment. "Looks like we have ANOTHER problem to add to our roster." She bemoaned, and Optimus could only silently agree.

over Four Million years or more as a Warlord, Megatron had seen many things from his battles on Cybertron, to being squashed by Metroplex, to seeing alien races try to tear him open for experimentation.

The sight of XJ-9, sitting before him in shackles was surprising, considering that the femme was still struggling against the irons that bound her. Megatron looked at Knock Out who stood there smugly, yet in his optics, Megatron showed fear he knew that he had done something wrong that had made her chase him, and he knew that when Megatron found out he would be slagged ten times over.

As Megatron bent down Jenny glared up at him. "So, you're the big boss around here?," She asked cynically, looking him over. "I've fought and destroyed bigger guys than you." She said with a smirk, hoping that it would phase Megatron but the Decepticon leader responded with a remark of his own.

"And I have driven several races to extinction, destroy entire planets and I have taken down an Autobot that turned into a spaceship by my races standards." He said as he galred down and he saw Jenny's smirk flee her face.

"If you think that alone will make me fear you then are are more foolish than Starscream."

He turned back to where the seeker stood and smirked, Starscream growled slightly. Jenny quickly then assumed that the person before her had a thing against this one troop member. She had encountered some people like this and it sometimes worked to her advantage but other times-.

Those thoughts raced her head as she heard Megatron say, "Knock Out, breakdown was injured in a fight with one of the Autobots, go and attend to him." he said with disgust in his voice.

Knock Out nodded and then turned and walked from the bridge, and Megatron turned his head towards Starscream. "Go with him." He said.

Starscream gaped at him. "MAster, if you want me to leave," Starscream said as he made his way out of the bridge, ",you just could have said so." NAad with those words, Starscream walked out of the bridge as the door closed behind him.

Megatron then turned his full attention to Jenny. "So, XJ-9 I presume?" He asked. as he hoisted jenny up to his face.

"Don't presume, I am me." Jenny spat into his face with anger.

"Such spirit, an admirable trait in many a warrior." The Decepticon leader chuckled as he said that. "Ms. XJ-9, I do not wish to start a fight, more so I have come to collect."

"Yeah well tell Vexus to forget it I don't care who she hired!" Jenny snapped back at him angrily. Megatron looked at her again. "Vexus, the Queen of the Cluster?" He asked suddenly. "Ex-Queen." Jenny snapped back.

Megatron paused. "So you are a formidable one then managing to take down the Cluster Queen, but I am not in her employ even if I did meet her she would be nothing, but scrap metal under my foot!"

Megatron stamped his foot into the ground for emphasis, as he looked Jenny over. "I am told that your mother and yourself found an interesting pair of crystals just 24 Hours or so ago."

Jenny gaped, wondering how he knew. "" She stammered.

"Well I understand that your mother, being a scientist is most likely examining those crystals as we speak to try and find their true nature." He smirked knowingly. ", and I have the answer to her questions."

Jenny blinked. "You, have the answers?" She said surprised.

Megatron smirked, he knew that he had an advantage now. "Because I have encountered a few people who have done just the same thing that you are doing to me now."

Megatron's smirk faded and her grew on an angry scowl. "Then I would advise you to hear me well XJ9, your mother is tapering with forces beyond her control."

"Been there, done that, just go on to a villainous rant about your plans and then I'll bust out of here and kick you sliver tailpipe." She said, what she didn't expect, was Megatron to laugh. "What is this?, a cartoon, you under estimate me XJ9, I never reveal the full extent of my plans especially to an enemy."

Jenny raised an eyebrow. "Really?" She asked. "because for me, your kind of breaking villain tradition here."

Megatron's scowl returned and he glared at her. The Tension built up as Jenny stared back with a smirk, but then Megatron grabbed the robot by the neck and held her up high. "make no mistake Miss Wakeman, what you are doing here I have killed Autobots over less, so it would be in your best interest to wise up and listen."

"Yeah yeah, you've done this and that, and you'll do-" Jenny began, right as a fusion cannon was aimed at her head. Before she could say anything Megatron threw her into the air, and fired a single blast, that enveloped jenny, she hit the ground again, restraints intact but now badly damaged.

"okay….that hurt." She moaned.

Megatron smirked evilly. "You could have just done this easy way Miss Wakeman, but you have instead chosen the hard way, He turned and opened the door, where Soundwave was waiting, fully repaired as he walked over to him.

"Take this pile of scrap to where the Autobot Bulkhead resides Soundwave, and then scramble the troops, and tell them to retrieve the Dark Energon at any cost!"

Back down below, The Remaining Autobots were tracking Bulkheads signal on the outskirts of Tremerton.

Bumblebee let out a few concerned beeps and a whine as he drove next to Arcee, and Optimus slowed his pace. Bulkheads Signal was right above them, which concerned the Prime greatly. "i know Bumblebee, If the Decepticon Warship is over Tremerton, then I fear for the lives of all the humans in the city."

"So, what do we do?" arcee asked concernedly. "if we expose ourselves our cover is blown, especially if Megatron decides to go all out on the town." As they drove Optimus stopped talking and then spoke again. "Retrieving the Dark Energon shard can come later, right now we must stop the Decepticons, and fortunately it appears that we have the element of Surprise."

Right as Prime said this the sound of engines racing could be heard as Arcee adjusted her mirrors, to see that much to her shock a group of car vehicons was right behind them, ready to fire while overhead a squadron of Jet Vehicon fighters also soared over them.

"You were saying?" Arcee asked cynically.

"Autobots, prepare for battle!" Optimus warned as the Vehicon jets came back around and began firing upon them. As a jet swooped down, Optimus transformed, before his parts had even settled he drew his blade, and leapt into the air, and slashed down on the Vehicon fighter, the Vehicon fired several shots that hit Optimus only for it to be sliced in half, the Vehicon flew through the air and hit the ground exploding, before it even hit the Ground, Optimus had rammed his blade into another Jet vehicon and then blasted it apart, on the ground the car vehicons, began firing on Arcee and Bumblebee as Arcee swiftly Transformed and drew out her arms blade, and dug them into the pavement and ran toward the Decepticons, she jumped into the air, as one of them Transformed and she slashed it across the face, and then kicked it's chest and sent it sprawling, but not dead as it sat up and continued firing as the other Car vehicon Transformed, but then Arcee tackled it and threw him into the other Vehicons, crushing one and damaging another As BUmblebee had transformed and was providing cover fire for Arcee.

Several vehicons went down due to the combined efforts of the two, while Optimus engaged the ones in the air as shots strafed the ground around the Autobots, Optimus, turned around and returned fire once again, blasting a couple of vehicons to scrap. Their remains fell from the sky, crashing into the ground below, as Arcee and Bumblebee kept fighting the ones on the ground, when a vehicon flew overhead and blasted bee in the back, the yellow scout suddenly jumped high and grabbed onto the jet and climbed atop him, and began pounding it, and turning it's body, toward the vehicons on the ground and then jumped off as the unlucky jet, smashed into his comrade, destroying a few though the vehicons kept pouring on more and more fire, as per orders. They poured on the weapons fire and charged toward Bumblebee, one of them sliding and managing to kick out Bumblebee's legs from under him, with a loud beep, Bumblebee fell the the ground but then spun around and blasted the vehicon, who got ina few lucky shots, before Bee managed to bring him down.

"Do you think they were expecting us!?" Arcee called out as she slashed another one across the head.

"It's a possibility." Optimus called back, as he fired upon two more drones, which blew up and sent a cascade of metal across the battlefield. He turned his attention then toward the advancing ground troopers and began joining in firing upon them as well as the other two Autobots.

The Vehicons who, without air support were soon falling hard and fast.

"We need to get into the warship, if it is indeed above us, before Megatron attacks the city." Optimus said.

"And how do we do that?" Arcee said, as she dodged another shot, and returned fire, blasting the vehicon to scrap metal. "It's not like we can just fly up there."

"Oh don't worry Autobots, we're flying down to you!" A voice called out and the Autobots turned around, as they saw a large squadron of jets, with Starscream leading them.

The Autobots stared up in horror and Arcee summed their situation up with one word.


Inside the Brig of the Nemesis, Soundwave, carried Jenny's prone form towards a cell, and threw her in there, and then activated the laser grid that would keep her in there. She hit the ground with a thud, and then looked up at Soundwave.

"As soon as I get out of here, you're going to to be the first one to go, followed by your little red friend!" She snapped at him, for all the good it would do, as Soundwave just stared at her, turned and then walked out out of the brig as the door closed.

Jenny, then found herself, alone in her cell, she grunted as she tried to move the restraints on her body, trying to stand on her feet, she rose up to them slowly.

CU: Jenny's feet as she tried to get up, but dropped down.

"Come on Jen, you need to get out of here and get to mom!" She told herself, her circuits fizzled and her joints whined.

CU: Jenny's feet as she got up again and slowly took steps. They then trembled before she collapsed again.

She tried to activate her rocket boosters but they couldn't get her off the ground. She sighed once more. "Well this is just great." She said aloud.

"Yeah i know, if I was free I could do some major damage." A voice from behind her said suddenly. Jenny whipped her head around, turning her head so it was now facing the opposite direction to see Bulkhead restrained to the wall behind her, whom was gawking at her with wide optics.

"Woah, I don't even think Ratchet could figure out a way for us to do that!" He said.

Jenny raised an eyebrow. "Your one of them….are you a traitor or something?"

Bulkhead chuckled. "no, I'm an Autobot, though part of the same race as them, there is a big difference in Autobot and Decepticon though."

Jenny stared at him. "Wait so are you guys like at war with each other?"

Bulkhead smirked. "How'd you guess?"

Jenny dryly chuckled. "Call it a hunch by the fact that I heard someone say that the Autobots are pounding our forces down there, or something like that." She said, mocking a vehicon trooper.

Bulkhead let out a happy tell. "Alright!, the others!" he paused as he looked at her. "Oh sorry I should introduce myself first, the names Bulkhead, a member of Team Prime and a Wrecker, one of the toughest battle groups on Cybertron."

Jenny looked up at him. "Cybertron?, hmmm I think I saw something in Vexus's palace about that place, they said the robots there were huge!, and yeah I kind of agree with her."

Bulkhead smirked. "Some are even bigger like Metroplex or Omega Supreme, but they are not important, what matters now is escaping."

Jenny shook her head. "Oh no, I won't even think about helping you, until I get an explanation why you are here, in full." She said angrily.

Bulkhead let out an exasperated sigh. "Well it all started like this,"

Noreen Wakeman was a scientist by heart and a fighter by second nature, so the fact that her daughter was currently missing, and loud explosions were reported being heard just north of Temerton, she knew that something was terribly wrong. Se, grabbed several of her old Skyway patrol weapons and began loading them. If this had something to do with the crystal that she had just managed to turn into a liquid then by all means she needed to be there. She had managed to load the fuel into her weaponry, as a laser laster, now fueled by this mysterious new resource, she grabbed her weaponry, and headed toward the car, grumbling.

"I swear if this is just her trying to find proof of those, Giant robots,, oh she is so grounded!" She said angrily to herself, she had been trying to figure out just what was going on but for some reason all signals in that area were blocked.

CU: Nora's Foot as it hit the gas pedal

She threw it into drive and with a screech of tires the car roared off, not knowing that she was going to be facing something beyond her comprehension.


That was the sound of another airborne Vehicon exploding in mid air, as it was felled by another blast by Arcee. Bits and pieces were falling as the Two autobots took on the jets that transformed and attacked head on and those that were strafing them from above., the sky was filled with troopers that were firing upon the three Autobots, shots blasted the round and burnt the Autobots armor.

However, Optimus paid no mind to the Decepticons in the air, as he was more focused on Starscream had had attacked him, trying to prove that he was no coward.

Starscream, slashed across Prime's chest as Optimus stumbled back, and then he charged with his blade and decked Starscream in the face, and tried to slash his across the chest but Starscream blocked it with his arm, and then swiped across the primes faceplate leaving deep scratch marks.

Starscream tumbled back, and then fired a missile at Prime, who dodged it, and fired his blasters in his arms at the Decepticon SIC, several blasts hit Starscream who growled and returned fire and ran toward prime as well.

"You've become soft Prime!" Starscream called out. "What happened to the bot that could take on a whole battalion, and kill them all?"

Optimus grunted. "I try not to kill anymore Starscream the more we destroy each other our race grows nearer and nearer to extinction!"

starscream snorted and charged forward, and tried to use his claws to gut Optimus, but the prime, simply blocked him with his blades and then kicked him off.

optimus then Transformed into vehicle mode and crashed into Starscream legs, and tried to push him to the ground, Starscream, dug his claws deep into the side of the Primes engines but Optimus continued to push, until Starscream, took an arm out of Primes side and fired a missile point blank, into Optimus's windshield, The prime swiftly transformed and decked Starscream to the ground, but the Seeker was faster and then transformed into jet mode and took to the sky quickly and then pulled back around firing shot after shot toward Optimus,

The prime ducked down behind a nearby tree, which exploded as one of Starscreams shots hit it, and the Prime returned fire, missing Starscream but striking several Vehicons who were also flying overhead.

Starscream let out a taunting laugh and dove in fast, gunning his engine at full speed,directly toward Optimus.

This was a mistake as Optimus leapt out of the way but then turned back and grabbed onto Starscream, and with a roar, smashed the seeker into the pavement, and went skidding past Arcee and Bee.

Starscream transformed and both went tumbling across the pavement as several troopers swooped in to blast Optimus, the prime drew his gun as he and Starscream slid and blasted them to scrap metal, as then turned his attention back to Starscream who leapt into the air, and tried to impale him, but Optimus rolled to the side and blasted Starscream, the very minute that he hit the ground. The seeker flew back into a couple of other Vehicons that were standing and trying to get a decent shot on top Optimus, and all three went tumbling to the ground.

Arcee, then turned around towards Optimus, and called out. "Optimus, we are being overwhelmed!" She cried as she was suddenly blasted in the back by a shot, the vehicon didn't have time to get in another one as Bumblebee blasted apart his head, and then helped Arcee to her feet as Optimus blasted several vehicons that were behind them.

"If we fall back now it will lead the Decepticons right to the city, exposing us and resulting in innocent lives being lost, stand your ground Autobots!" He commanded as he charged forward, impaling a vehicon on his blade and then using it as a sheild as he fired upon another one, destroying it as well.

Several troopers that swarmed towards Optimus were then cut down by Arcee and Bumblebee, energon splattered and bits and pieces were raining down, as the Autobots fought back,a s Vehicon came up behind Arcee,s he drew her arms blade and sliced it up, cutting it in half lengthways, and then rammed her blade into another one, that Bee destroyed with a fe blasts from his guns, however Starscream flew past them and fired another missile at Optimus, the Prime turned and Bee took aim and destroyed the missile before it could hit his leader.

"Great shot Bumblebee!" Optimus called out and he heard his cout let out several beeps and some crisps.

"BAH!" Starscream roared as he dived toward the two scouts, both Arcee and Bee focused their fire upon the seeker, striking him in several areas. Starscream howled in anger and transformed only for Arcee to punch him in the abdomen, as he stumbled back Bumblebee leapt onto his back and began pounding dents into him, However Starscream quickly threw him off only for Arcee, to slice into his knee with her blade.

The Seeker stumbled and then fired a missile toward them Both Arcee and Bumblebee dove to the side as the missile exploded shooting debris into the air. Bits of asphalt rained down as Bumblebee drove from the blast,and then crashed into Starscream who grunted.

"You Autobots are so desperate for fighting moves that you are stealing from each other." he commented remembering that Prime had done the same thing to him. He picked up Bumblebee and hurled him through the air and towards Optimus but the Little Scout Transformed and sailed over his leader and attacked the remaining vehicons that Optimus was facing.

Optimus then turned his fire power onto Starscream once more, blasting at him, the seeker took several blows and then with a grunt, fired two missiles at Optimus, one sailing past, the other striking Prime in the chest and left arm, sending him sprawling to the ground.

Optimus was injured he could feel his body screaming in pain as he got up, but he was a prime and a fighter so he ran towards Starscream and drew his blades on both arms and tried to slice off the Seekers arms in order to incapacitate him, but Starscream grabbed both blades with his claws.

Optimus pushed against Starscream, causing sparks to grind, around them the remaining Vehicons were fighting a desperate last stand against the Autobots their numbers dwindling against the battle torn warriors.

Starscream pushed back against Prime and the Prime grunted and pulled back, shifted his arm into a fist and punched Starscream in the jaw, Energon flew from Starscreams mouth. Optimus then fired into Starscreams chest, severely damaging the seeker, and sending him to the ground. Optimus then turned and blasted the final vehicons to the scrap heap, and ending the battle at last.

Arcee sighed with relief as she looked at Bee. "i Don't know about you Bee, but I'm ready for a recharge." She said leaning against him. Bumblebee let out a relaxed sigh as well, and Optimus looked on, and walked towards Starscream and picked him up.

"Starscream I am not one to kill my foes, but I will take prisoners." he said as he got into the seekers face. "However I will let you go, if you tell us what you know about Megatron's plans here."

Starscream stared at Optimus, and then spat energon into his faceplate. "Like I even know at this point Prime." He said defiantly. Optimus's optics narrowed when Starscream said those words.

"You Have Bulkhead prisoner don't you?" Optimus asked suddenly, he knew he was right when he saw a smirk crossing Starscreams lips, which told Optimus all he needed to know. However, before he could act, he heard the sound of an engine humming.

All the AUtobots looked up, as The Nemesis appeared in the sky, laser cannons appeared from the ship and aimed right at them.

Starscream laughed it up at this, and then Optimus whirled around to glare at the seeker, Starscream pulled back his arm, and prepared to gouge out Prime's spark, but then, Both Optimus and Starscream were blasted by a series of Dark Energon lasers. Both of them cried out in pain as Optimus looked up and towards Bumblebee and Arcee.

"Find cover!" he shouted as he was hit once more and he drew his gun and looked to see Noreen Wakeman holding several weapons, and Optimus's optics widened in shock.

"I don't know where you all came from, or what you are doing here, but I will only ask you this once, where is my daughter!?"

She fired another shot, and this one hit Optimus's in his damaged chest, he stumbled back as the Dark Energon burned him.

"Hmmmm," Mrs. Wakeman said as she saw Optimus in pain. "So it appears that this new weapon hurts them, fascinat-" She looked around at the former battlefield, she had only seen Optimus grappling Starscream and was now taking notice of the destroyed Vehicon troopers that were littering the roadside, and now the giant alien spaceship that was hovering above her.

"Ohhh, I am going to be in for a long day." She deadpanned sadly.

Up ion the Nemesis Megatron's optics were wide with shock was well as he turned to face Soundwave.. "I do not believe this, a human has weaponized Dark Energon!"

He turned to face his communications officer and growled. "This cannot be allowed to stand, if the humans weaponize Dark Energon, then they might find a way to counteract it as well."

Megatron looked down at his chest plate, where the Dark Energons shard that was powering his spark was, it glowed brightly and he looked at Soundwave. "I shall be dealing with this matter personally."

He strode from the bridge and toward the Flight deck as Soundwave watched and turned back towards the monitor, watching Mrs. Wakeman advance towards Optimus Prime and Starscream.

"So this Dark Energon is like the blood of your guys version of the Devil?" Jenny asked with a grossed out look on her face.

"Yeah something like that." Bulkhead said. "no one however is really sure of where the big guy went too after Primus and the Thirteen banished him off Cybertron, could be anywhere, i just hope he's long dead by now."

Jenny nodded having listened to Bulkheads tale all the way through. "So, what you are saying is that the crystals that me and my Mom harvested could destroy earth?"

Bulkhead nodded. "Yeah big time, Megatron used it to raise an undead army, but it also turned one of Ratchets inventions into a monster as well, so imagine what kind of damaged it could do to other machines."

Jenny gulped suddenly. "Weird, I touched that stuff and all I felt was my systems powering down, unless that stuff only affects inert machinery in the way of bringing it back to life."

"It could but you would probably be better off asking Ratchet if ever given the chance." Bulkhead said, "But right now, you and I need a way to break out of here."

Jenny nodded again and she looked at Bulkheads restraints. "Well, I can't really move, but I think I may have a free weapon somewhere that I Can use to free you, in return you free me."

Bulkhead nodded, then paused. "And you didn't use these before because?" he aske and Jenny sighed. "My internal repairs needed to kick in, and I was listening to you."

She then activated her Pigtail lasers and blasted them towards Bulkhead's leg restraints and after a minute had destroyed them and then, he did the same to his arms.

The larger Autobot flexed and then moaned in pain as jenny saw his damages. "Woah!" She said aloud.

"It's fine." Bulkhead said suddenly, as he walked over and broke Jenny's restraints. "I've had worse injuries and you yourself are not looking that great either." he observed with a chuckle.

Jenny smirked as well. "I've had worse big guy, now then we need a way to disable the laser grid."

She heard BUlkhead chuckle and she looked up at the smirking Autobot. "just watch this,HEY GUARD!" He shouted aloud. Jenny jumped and glared up at him. "What are you doing?"

"GUARD!" Bulkhead shouted again and then a Vehicon appeared and when he saw that Bulkhead was out of his restraints, it hit the cell door open button and walked into the cell and then Bulkhead punched it to the ground and he and jenny ran out, and then Bulkhead threw him back into the cell and activated the laser grid, trapping the vehicon.

Jenny smirked and giggled as the Vehicon began shooting and tires to shooting the laser grid, and then trying to attack Bulkhead, and was zapped back by the grid and fell onto the floor in stasis. "like I said when telling you my story, Vehicons are dumb." Bulkhead said with a laugh." Jenny giggled "Alright big guy, enough fun, ready to bust out of here?" She asked, drawing out a spike club and and a laser. Bulkhead chuckled as well, and brought forth his wrecking balls. "You know it!" He said happily.

With those words the Two charged from the birg yelling aloud as they prepared to attack the Decepticons that were unfortunate enough to cross their paths.

Downbelow Arcee and Bee, remained hidden by some rocks nearby where the road was their optics trained on Mrs. Wakeman, Optimus and Starscream.

CU: Nora's feet as she walked her way toward the autobots.

Mrs Wakeman charged up her gun and aimed it at Optimus Prime's face. The prime stared back at her, and tried to rise his hand only to see Mrs. Wakemans finger got toward the trigger. "Please, wait!" He begged.

"I don't want to kill anyone here, but I Want to know where my daughter is and I have a suspicion that you have the answer." Mrs. Wakeman said with a growl. "So talk!" She demanded angrily.

"He doesn't have the answer!" Megatron's voice boomed as he flew down and transformed, a chunk of Dark Energon in his left servo.

Mrs. Wakeman paused then turned her gun onto Megatron and aimed for his head. "Then I suggest telling me what you have done with XJ9 otherwise I shall-"

"Attack me with the same substance that powers my spark?" MEgatron asked as he held up the shard of Dark Energon and Optimus saw his optics turn purple and his chest glow.

Bumblebee let out a low beep and shrunk back slightly at the sight of the Dark Energon and Megatron, Arcee quickly gripped his servo, knowing all too well that Bee had some emotional trauma left over, from when he was forced to resurrect Megatron, so the mere sight of Dark Energon made him squeamish. She drew one of her guns and aimed for the Decepticon lord, ready to fire in case the need arose.

Megatron, saw the glint of recognition in Mrs Wakemans eyes. "i will tell you this right now, you have no idea what forces you are meddling with, so I suggest backing down and handing me your weaponry." Megatron said.

Behind Mrs. Wakeman, Optimus managed to stand up once more and he drew forth his blaster and aimed it toward Megatron. "I do not know where you got your new supply of Dark Energon Megatron, But I will ensure that it is destroyed."

Megatron chuckled."Do it prime, blast me and Soundwave shall execute the Autobot we have in custody along with Mrs. Wakemans precious XJ9"

Mrs. Wakeman gaped for a second and then her scowl returned. "So you DO have my daughter then."

A laugh arose from Megatron. "Yes we do, so Optimus, Mrs. Wakeman,what will it be?" he said tauntingly. Mrs. Wakeman paused listening it seemed like this Optimus person was this Megatron's enemy, and they must have came from the same race, but didn't he say something about a spark, what was this Megatron going on about?" She wondered.

Optimus stared Megatron down, he knew that if this XJ9 was Mrs. Wakemans daughter then he couldn't endanger her life as well as risk Bulkheads, a sigh escaped his frame and he put down his arm.

mrs. Wakeman sighed and dropped her gun as well. and removed her weapons back and tossed it forward letting the weapons filled with Dark Energon fall out in full view of the Transformers present. However, before MEgatron could savor any sort of victory, he heard his radio go off. "Lord Megatron, the prisoners have escaped, they are roaming the ship and GAH!" Came to cry of an unfortunate Vehicon who cust cut off with a battle cry from jenny.

Everyone stood in shock for a moment before Arcee said, "Alright then all I needed to hear." She said, and then fired upon Megatron.

Optimus was stunned and let out a cry of, "NO!"

Unfortunately it was too late, the blasts struck MEgatron and sent the Dark Energon and sent it to the ground. Arcee gasped and Bee let out a loud wailing Beep as the Dark Energon shard hit the ground and sent out a large shockwave across the battlefield. Everything went silent and Optimus heard Arcee run up to him with Bumblebee. "Optimus I'm sorry I was trying to destroy the shard not-"

"it's ALright Arcee but we may have a bigger matter to deal with now."

"Bigger?" Mrs Wakeman asked. "What do you mean by Bigger?

From behind MEgatron unnoticed by everyone the body of a Vehicon suddenly twitched a little bit, then it's visor turned a purplish tint, as it began to move once more, it let out a hiss, a low one which only Megatron heard, a sound which was accompanied by some more sounds of hissing from other bodies, as Megatron's eyes began flaming purple.

A pair of Vehicons walked down the hallway, doing nothing, when they weren't in battle they just strolled around the ship doing "patrols", which they all knew was an excuse to keep the busy, as Soundwave had the ship monitored all the time.

THough today he must have been off as Jenny suddenly appeared with her arm as a Buzzsaw, and with a few quick cuts both Vehicons fell to pieces. The Robot Girl laughed happily as she flew ahead, Bulkhead charging down the hallways after her. "So I take it that you can scan the area around you to understand it quickly?" Bulkhead asked, an optic raised inquisitively.

"Ummm, No." Jenny said. "for the most part, I just smash stuff around n the hopes that I can find whatever that I am looking for."

"Are you sure that you are not related to anybody in The Wreckers, cause right now you are reminding me of…...well everyone on the team."

Jenny giggled and slightly, right as several shots were fired toward them, and they both looked, to see that a group of Vehicons were trying to attack them all, firing their weapons in unison. Bulkhead transformed and then tore down the hallway toward the unfortunate Vehicons, transforming mid Drive he sailed forward, slamming his massive frame into one Vehicon and knocking it flat on it's back, and then blasting another one's head to scrap metal, and then slamming the one next to him into the wall several times crushing it's spark chamber. The Vehicon that he had plowed into the being with had it's head crushed by the Autobots foot not several seconds later.

"We need to get out of here, quickly before someone like Soundwave shows up." Bulkhead said to jenny as she flew over to him.

Jenny looked at him. "Well it would help if we knew the layout of the ship." Bulkhead chuckled. "yeah that would work except the only way to figure that out would have to be top defeat Soundwave and use his cameras to find a way out, and defeating Soundwave, is something that not a whole lot of Autobots have lived to do, and some of the ones that do defeat him die from their injuries shortly afterward.

Jenny cringed. "he sounds like a monster." She said slightly appealed.

"Well you should know, that faceless con that you described, that was him." Bulkhead said.

Jenny's eyes went wide and she blinked. "umm he wouldn't happen to have a pet bird thing would he?" She asked nervously.

"Laserbeak?, yeah he takes care of that thing like it's his son...why?"

Bulkhead suddenly noticed Jenny go silent, and he turned around to see her staring at him. "I'm dead." She whispered barely.

Bulkhead's optics went wide with worry, and amazement that she did something to laserbeak, and lived. Right then, they both heard what sounded like a humming coming from within a nearby wall. Both of them paused and listened as they heard the sound of Knock Out humming, and talking to someone, along with the sounds of Breakdown's voice.

Jenny looked at Bulkhead and a smirk formed on her lips, as did Bulkheads.

Tremerton High.

Screams and cries filled the air, as the rust cousins had left the school at 3:00 only to find out that someone had blown their limo apart, destroying it beyond repair. The two cousins held each other crying over their expensive things that they had been keeping in there, among them being a diamond crusted MP3 player case.

Spoiled Brats.

Meanwhile Brad and Sheldon, were walking their way from the parking lot and mourning Crust Cousins.

"So, how was that test in science?" Brad asked, I know that I found it hard." Sheldon chuckled. "I know, I swear if I didn't have an extensive knowledge of scientific factoids pushed into my brain from an early age I probably would have flunked that test!" He said. "And it kind of helps that jenny was willing to help us study."

Brad paused. "Speaking of which, have you seen her at all today?"

"No not since she ran from class for an emergency, it must be running long."

"What kind of emergency runs the entire school day?" Brad asked, immediately regretting it.

"Well lots of things," Sheldon began as he began counting on his fingers. "A Forest Fire that is several acres wide and each time you put out an acre t spreads, an earthquake, citywide fire, tornado, meteor shower, alien robots, zombies-"

"You know I am going to turn her into a can opener if she's been fighting zombies without us." Brad said, cutting off sheldon who paused. "Oh please Brad the mere idea of zombies existing is second to none as there is no way to reanimate the dead and even if we could in this day and age I am pretty sure that we would be able to contain the first zombie before an outbreak started!"

"Oh yeah, what makes you so sure/" Brad asked. "I bet that you couldn't take on a zombie if you were holding a disintegrator ray!"

"And I bet that you wouldn't take one out with a nuke!" Sheldon shouted back angrily. Brad scoffed. "Oh please Sheldon, where would we even a get a nuke!?"

"Well i could home rigg one from a microwave and a few fireworks." The geek/scientist said, right as they heard a loud explosion coming from the north side of town. Both teenagers turned their heads towards a wooded area of road, and Sheldon pulled out a pair of Binoculars. "WOAH!" he screamed.

"What? What?" Brad asked, as Sheldon handed him the binoculars, and he looked into them. "Woah baby!" He shouted.

"i know right?" Sheldon asked. "No I mean I didn't know that you liked using your binoculars for this kind of stuff!"Brad said, as Sheldon smacked him on the back of the head, and then pointed him to what he was really seeing. "Oh."

Both teens could see the Nemesis hovering over the road, raining fire down upon the roadway. "I think that we should got here, my jenny may need me!" Sheldon said standing in a heroic pose. "Quick to the used car place!"

"Um we are not renting a car!" Brad said. "I don't have that kind of money!"

"Oh yeah, well then what do you suggest that we use?" Sheldon asked, seeing Brad grin, "Mrs Wakeman has some jetpacks that are laying in her basement." Sheldon blinked. "You mean that we are going to rob her basement which may I remind you has a massive security system, tos teal some jetpacks which are probably down there for the reason for being unsafe or something and you expect us to fly them into a battle?" Sheldon asked his voice getting angier. "Yeah got a problem?" brad asked.

"No that actually sounds fun."

"Great I'll grab Tuck and meet me at Mrs Wakemans house." Brad said, walking away, leaving sheldon standing there, and then he called out, "Wait, why are we splitting up, your house is right next to Jenny's?!" He said as he raced after Brad.

At the sight of the Battle thing we're not going well in the Autobots favor, as they were now dodging blasts from the nemesis, and were also trying to destroy a horde of undead Vehicons that were approaching them, all growling and hissing.

Arcee, sliced a terrorcons head off before leaping back as a blast from the Nemesis hit her, right where she was standing also blasting the Vehicon as well, which stumbled back but still kept on walking toward her, though at a much slower pace. A collective hiss arose from them all, Mrs Wakeman, who was sitting on Optimus prime s shoulder gulped. "next time you all visit town, I think I may just stay at home with the flu." She said simply as Optimus was attacked by two Terrorcons that he tore apart with his blades and blasters. The prime chuckled inwardly but continued to fight as a terrorcon began trying to tear into his left arm.

Prime three the terrorcon off his arm, and then blasted it and then he felt something hit his back, he whirled around to find Bumblebee staring up at him, and then they both looked to see that Bee had been backing away from a small cluster or Terrorcons.

Both of them turned and began firing toward them the Terrorcons took many hits, as chunks of armor flew off them but they still kept coming, as the Autobots began pouring more weapons fire onto them, Mrs Wakeman watched from prime's shoulder.

"So does stuff like this happen a lot with you?" She asked nervously, as she saw a terrorcon finally get brought down by Optimus Prime

"Yes, more than we sih for people to know." Optimus said with a hint of sadness in his voice as he grabbed a Terrorcon and punched a hole though it's chest.

Bumblebee shrieked as two halves of a Terrorcon, which was the remains of the one that Optimus sliced in half grabbed into his arms, he swung them around, slamming them into the pavement and against each other, and then began striking the other Terrorcons near him with them. He did this until he was hit in the back by a blast from the nemesis, bits of yellow plating and armor flew as Bumblebee went sailing and he crashed face first on the ground. The scout gave out a whirr as he looked up to see a pair of terrorcons standing over him, both hissing. He let out a beep of fear. He then grabbed the leg of one and managed to pull it to the ground where he punched it in the face, shattering it's faceplate, but then Arcee appeared and sliced the second one in half pulled the one that bee and pulled it back up and blasted into it's back and out it's front killing it.

Bee gave a happy beep of relief as Arcee helped him to his feet all the while whilst keeping cover fire against the terrorcons.

"OPTIMUS!" Arcee called out over the sound of hissing and shrieking metal."We are being over run!"

Optimus turned to face his scouts, he could see the damages that were on them, and that they were being overwhelmed his own injuries screamed in pain at him as he tired to fight, the Terrorcons were unrelenting, perhaps some of the Vehicons anger against them still burned. The prime looked up at the nemesis, and then back at mrs. Wakeman who looked at him.

"She can make it out, I know she can." She said simply. The prime nodded and turned back to the Autobots

"Ratchet we need a groundbridge now!" He said into his comlink as the Autobots made a mad run away from the Terrorcon hordes that were fast approaching . They all transformed albeit with some pain as the groundbridge portal appeared and the three Autobots raced through it and it then it closed as the Terrorcons swarmed it.

From where he stood Megatron watched with the injured Starscream next to him. A look of utter glee adorned Megatron's face as he saw the Autobots retreating into their groundbridge portal and he chuckled darkly. "At last Starscream my undead army has bested the Autobots."

"yes after I and the then living Vehicons softened them up, besides they were always your army, even before they died!" he pointed out, only for Megatron to grab him. "Silence!" he roared in fury.

"Get back to the ship and re capture the prisoners Starscream, meanwhile I am going to test the full power of Dark Energon on the nearby human city." He said darkly as he turned toward the Terrorcons.

"My Army, march toward the city and tear it apart!" He commanded. The Terrorcons let out screeches and hisses galore, and they began slowly making their way toward Tremerton, Megatron and Starscream Watched as they stalked their way past. Both of them watching and Starscream let out a dry chuckle.

"Perhaps having them walk is a bad idea master." he said jokingly and then his master grabbed him and yelled, "Just get back to the ship, NOW!" he then threw Starscream into the air and the seeker transformed and raced towards the nemesis at mach 5 speed.

Knock Out's lab

"Alright Breakdown, I now have most of your damage stabilized, you'll feel a bit sore though for a little while so i would actually suggest taking it easy for a little bit." Knock Out said as he retracted one of his arm blades. ",and If I do say so myself, your finish is very lush now that you've let me work on it."

Breakdown's optics widened and he let out a chuckle of his own. "Yeah thanks Knock out,. maybe when me and Bulkie fight next time, when he looks at my chest plate and sees his reflection it'll distract him long enough for me to pound him." he said, smashing his left fist against his right hand palm with a laugh, and he began to get up from Breakdown's medical berth.

Right as he did however the sound of someone pounding on the lab door could he heard and Knock Out groaned. "Oh great, probably Starscream whining about his damages again." He said as he opened the door, just as a giant blue fist with spikes on it collided with the doctor, sending him sailing backwards into the Nemesis wall

CU: Jenny's feet as she stomped into the room, before panning up her body.

She extended one of her laser blasters from her left arm the other arm spawning a chainsaw blade. "Hey there shiney, wanna dance/" she said in a mocking tone as knock Out galred at her. "You've scratched my paint job, and left dents in my finish and, and holes HOLES IN MY ARMOR, *I WILL END YOU FOR THIS!"

The doctor got up and brought to bear his own saw blade and charged at Jenny, who also charged with a yell both of their blades collided with a shear of metal and spark,s and jenny pulled back and made a sweep at knock Out, who dodged and shifted his other arm into a gun and tried to blast jenny, who manoeuvred around his blasts and got in a shot that left a burn mark on the side of his head.

Knock Out cried in pain and raced toward jenny again but this time slid under her and raced his saw blade up her back. jenny squealed in pain and turned around before using her pigtail jets to blast Knock Out with exhaust fumes but the Doc managed to send his left fist flying into her face and sent the robot girl slamming into the back, jenny heard several circuits short out as she saw that her left pigtail had been smashed and her right one bent at an angle so she was forced to use the jets on her back which she extended and raced toward Knock Out, plowing into the Decepticon medic.

Knock out grabbed Jenny's back wings and with a roar of frustration, tore them off and jenny saw the wall coming and closed her eyes and with a wham she made impact.

Dazed jenny stood up wobbly and fired another set of blasts toward Knock Out and began running, out of the room and into the hall

CU: Jenny's feet as they transformed into wheel feet

she raced away as Knock Out ran out into the hall as well.

"Oh no, you get back here!' he shouted and transformed racing after her. Breakdown, stumbled out and saw his partner drive away, he shrugged and turned his head at the words of, "hey Breakdown!"

The Decepticon turned his head, right as Bulkhead slammed a Wrecking ball into it. Breakdown stumbled back and grinned as he looked up. "Well, well Bulkhead, nice to see you again, I think you owe me a rematch." he said as his shoulder gun appeared and he extended both hammers.

"Bring it on Breakdown, I'm always game!" Bulkhead challenged and the two raced toward each other as their weapons made impact.

Starscream, flew into the hangar bay of the Nemesis at top speed and then transformed, landing with a grunt due in part to his injuries, he could feel the energon that was leaking due to his confrontation with the Autobots, and Megatron's iron grip didn't help matters either. He growled as he stumbled to his feet.

"Accursed terrorcons, always making Megatron feel so high and mighty about himself because he has an army that can respond to his thoughts alone!" He said, stumbling into the ship's corridors. "ugh I don't even see how he can managed to control those monsters!" he stumbled through the corridors, passing some Vehicons who snickered and/or chuckled at the sight of Starscream dinged up as he was, the seeker growled once more, as he headed toward Knock Out's for Starscream his bad mood was about to get even worse, when he walked into the same hallway as Bulkhead and Breakdown's battle. He heard a cry and he looked up, just in time to see the Breakdown was about to crash into him.

Starscream didn't even have any time to move as Breakdown's body impacted with him, and both were sent crashing into the wall right behind them, Starscream almost literally squashed under the bigger Decepticons frame. Moaning, Starscream pushed Breakdown, and the Decepticon got up but mostly because Bulkhead was driving toward him in vehicle mode.

The Wrecker let out a cry of his own and Transformed and leapt up and nailed Breakdown with a kick to the head, The Decepticons tumbled back as Bulkhead reared himself to punch but Breakdown grabbed his fists and kept him locked in place as the two stared each other down for a few tense moments, and then Bulkhead drew back and tried to punch Breakdown's face but Breakdown blocked it with his fist, only for Bulkhead to kick Breakdown's feet out from under him, blasting him the back Breakdown tumbled, but then kicked outward getting Bulkhead in the jaw and the Autobot fell back as well with a loud thud, as Breakdown got to his feet again only for him to the blasted several times as Bulkhead got up, and then ran into him, and ran him into the nearest wall, shattering parts of his back including the wheel that was there, and Bulkhead began pounding him before finally picking him up and hurling him down the corridor right towards Jenny who was still being chased by Knock Out, the teenage Robot flew out of the way but Knock Out wasn't so lucky, as Breakdown slammed into him, crushing his hood and roof, and then skidding with him along the ground before slamming into a wall, leaving Knock Out was a scratched and dented wreck of metal.

Bulkhead wiped his hands Against his own. "And that's how to do it Wrecker style." he said gleefully, as Starscream rose up behind him, only for jenny to grab and punch him in the face and stretched her arms to tie him up and throw him into Knock Out and Breakdown. Bulkhead's optics went wide as he looked at Jenny who smirked.

CU: Ground Level as Jenny's feet land into view.

"Teenage Superhero robot style." She said with a giggle. Bulkhead rolled his optics and muttered, "Just like Miko."

"Come on, we should probably get off this tub before MEgatron gets back and/or Any of those Cons get a second wind." Bulkhead said as he Transformed to Vehicle mode, and jenny climbed in thankful to rest after the fights and damages that had occurred.

"So when we get out, what do we do next?" jenny asked as Bulkhead drove through the Halls of the Nemesis.

"Find Optimus and the others, get a patch job from Ratchet and then kick Megatron's aft all the way back to Cybertron." The Wrecker said with a hearty filled laugh as they drove, with Bulkhead making sure to stay out of the line of fire from the Vehicons or avoid any at all in fact. However as they did and approached the hangar bay, they both heard what sounded like screaming. "What's that?" Bulkhead asked sharply, and jenny blinked. "Wait that sounds like-"


"Tucker Shut up!" Brad shouted as he held his little brother to keep him from falling to the ground though at this point the option was gone over several times by both Brad AND Sheldon, since they had taken off, Tuck hadn't stopped screaming and if the Warship, which had stopped firing like a maniac, was bound to heard spotted them by now, which was really making Brad a bit ticked off at the whole thing, especially because Sheldon was refusing to help make him shut up saying, "Wasn't' my idea to bring him along.", whenever Brad demanded.

"Tuck, look there is very little chance that there is anything that could kill us, the ship looks so old I mean come on look at it!" he said pointing down towards the Nemesis, which sat, some damaged marks and bits evident all over, so it looked like the ship was in terrible condition...ot it would be, Megatron left the damage that way half the time either due to resources or to make the ship's sight more fearsome, either way it had effectively made Tuck nearly soil himself the minute he saw it and he began screaming even louder.

Sheldon facepalmed and then screamed, "I wouldn't be surprised if we got shot down at this very second!"

Suddenly Sheldon slapped his hands over his mouth when he realized what he had just said and found both Brad and Tuck glaring at him angrily.

"Great now We are going to get shot down." Tuck said with a sigh, as he he looked up at Brad. "Well it was nice knowing ya bro, hey if I live can i have the-?" "No" Brad said cutting him off, much to Tucks anger.

Sheldon called out, "Guys, I think we have a problem!"

However, before he could say anymore, several shots rang out, and all three of them yelled as they tried to dodge the shots, while trying to figure out where they were coming from., on the deck of the Nemesis a group of Vehicons stood, looking up toward them.

"Come on, you can't hit a couple of insects, especially ones that big!" One of them shouted to another, who was doing the firing. "Don't rush me, I want to hit them and not anger them so they don't try and eat us like on Khyber 5!"

The Three boys kept on screaming as they flew around trying to dodge the blasts coming toward them.

"I knew I had a good reason to yell!" Tuck cried out and then began screaming once again, yelling at the top of his lungs with pure horror. Brad winced as he listened to his little brother screaming, and thus didn't pay any attention the the shots being fired. "Tuck be quiet!"

However, this was all that was needed as a shot that was fired toward them hit and sent the two falling toward the ground, resulting in both screaming.

"Hey I hit one!" The Vehicon shouted as they saw Brad and Tuck begin to fall, they didn't notice Soundwave walking up behind them and he tapped one on the shoulder, the Vehicon turned and found himself face to visor with Soundwave.

"S. ." he stammered and the other Vehicons tensed up turned and saluted the communications officer. Soundwave however pointed toward the falling Brad and Tuck and then suddenly pinged up an image of the boys. They Vehicons started. "Humans?," he paused realizing what he had done. "I mean yes Humans I saw them flying and I ordered 223 here to shoot them down so they couldn't get on board the ship." he said lying through his faceplate, however Soundwave nodded and turned around, now going off to find the prisoners seeing as how Knock Out and Breakdown were probably still chasing them around the ship. He was wrong however as Bulkhead burst from the hangar bay doors and roared toward the Decepticons, smashing into one and Transforming as jenny flew from him, seeing her friends in danger. "Brad, TUCK!" She cried out and tried to race toward them, only to be grabbed from behind by a tentacle, she turned her head to find Soundwave with his tentacles out, looking ready to fight.

Jenny grunted and shot at the tentacle but it held on as another grabbed her left arm and then one grabbed her right arm. She struggled to break free but Soundwave had an iron grip and was refusing to let go, she could hear Brad and Tuck screaming in horror as they fell, as they got closer and closer to the ground.

"Let me GO!" She demanded angrily but the Decepticon still held on tighter and tighter wrapping his tentacles around Jenny, ready to either Crush her, pull her apart or both.

She struggled viscously against him like a amd and caged animal. and then managed however to get a laser out and blasted one of the tentacles holding her, but it did literally nothing to stop Soundwave who kept an iron grip on jenny, ready to rip her apart, but Jenny continued to fight against him as she heard Brad and Tuck's screams as they were about to hit the ground, when Sheldon grabbed a hold of their backs and pulled up managing to throw them into the air, with a grunt as the two went flying and slammed right into Soundwave's visor.

The Decepticon stumbled a bit and Jenny felt the slack on her weaken and she grinned as she pulled out her arm right before Soundwave could wrap it around her again and then shot a laser at Soundwave, at full power it left a burnt in his shoulder and then Jenny grabbed the tentacle around her other arm and shot forward, it pulsed with electricity, trying to shock jenny but instead Jenny rammed it into Soundwave's chest, the sound of circuits frying and sizzling was heard as Soundwave was shocked by his own tentacle.

Jenny then brought forth a giant Golf Club and swung it, and with a crash sent Soundwave flying across the deck of the nemesis. The communications officer hit the ship's hangar bay with an almighty crash and then fell to his knees still and unconscious.

CU: Ground Level as Jenny's Feet land into view.

CU: Jenny's Legs as the camera pans up her body.

Jenny chuckled and then she turned to see that Brad and Tuck were on the deck, Brad still screaming while Tuck just stood there as his brother hugged him.

"Hey jen, do you think you can stop Sir yells a Lot here before he breaks the Sound Barrier?" Tuck asked, pointing a thumb at Brad. Sheldon landed next to Jenny perfectly with a smirk on his face, as Jenny walked over and grabbed Brad's shoulder, and looked him over before saying, "Brad, you can stop screaming now."

The Teen stopped screaming and looked around. "Oh, we're alive!" he said happily, and hugged Jenny's leg. "Oh thank you jen for-"

"Actually Sheldon did it." Tuck pointed out, but this didn't deter Brad as he grabbed Sheldon's legs instead. "Oh thank you Sheldon I take back everything I've ever said about you!"

Sheldon blinked. "Everything?"


"All the bad stuff?"


"Even the nice things?"

"Yes!...wait I mean no!"

Jenny, Sheldon and Tuck all began laughing, but then were stopped as they saw swirling Green portal appear, right as Bulkhead ran over to them.

"That's our ride!" He shouted as the sounds of Weapons Fire came from behind him. "We need to move now!"

Sheldon, Brad and Tuck stared up at the newcomer and then looked at jenny. "Who's the fat guy?" Tuck whispered to jenny.

"No time we need to move!" Jenny said, grabbing her friends and running toward the Ground bridge along with Bulkhead, who looked back to see that Breakdown, and Starscream were racing from the hangar bay and Soundwave was now getting up as well, He Transformed swiftly and with a roar of his engine the five disappeared into the Groundbridge.

The Autobots Base.


"Stop saying that please, you've said it for every piece of Cybertronian equipment you have laid your eyes on!" Ratchet snapped at Mrs Wakeman who had been literally observing everything non stop since they had driven into the base, Arcee and Bumblebee stood off to the side their wounds had been fixed rather easily but optimus was currently on the med table with Ratchet digging into him to replace several parts and just to fix him up entirely.

"i can't help it, this technology is so advanced and yet I've never seen it before and I fought against Aliens!" Mrs. Wakeman said giddy as a little girl.

Arcee chuckled. "Would you believe that Ratchet is like that whenever he makes something?" She asked Bee and both began laughing in response as the medic huffed.

Before any more could be said an alarm went off, and Ratchet raced over to the computers and hit several keys shutting off the alarm, before turning around.

"Arcee start the Groundbridge!" He said, and direct it to these coordinates!" he said showing them to her. Arcee blinked. "But we just left from there, that's the sight of where we fought the decepticons not just 20 cycles ago!"

"I know that but we just got a signal from Bulkhead he needs to get out of there now!"

Bumblebee let out a loud beep, and activated the bridge before anybody could stop him, as he did Jenny suddenly stumbled through with her friends followed by Bulkhead who Transformed and stood up. He looked around at the others and then down at jenny and her friends, and then back at his own. "You will not believe the day that we just had."

"Try us." Arcee said with a smirk, as she gestured over towards Optimus, who looked up at Bulkhead, a smile on his face. "I knew Bulkhead, that you would find a way out of the Decepticon captivity."

Bulkhead's spark glowed with pride when he heard Optimus say that and he let out a chuckle and grinned but he looked at jenny. "i couldn't have done it without her though."

Jenny blushed and giggled as her mother ran up to her, "XJ9, Do you have any idea how much I was worried about you and your safety, I mean it's one thing to get captured by the cluster on accident but purposely chasing down giant robots-"

" ," Optimus said catching their attention, "while Jenny may not have been acting irrationally had it not been for her Bulkhead may not be here right now, I will not say that you shouldn't reprimand her but now is not the time, MEgatron's Terrorcon army is marching toward Termorton as we speak, if they are not stopped from destroying your town then there will be nothing to stop MEgatron from his goal of Universally domination via an army of terrorcons."

Everyone paused taking in the gravity of primes words, except for Brad, Sheldon and Tuck.

"Wait what's a Terrorcon/" Sheldon asked.

"A Robot Zombie." jenny said with fear on her face.

"oh okay then, well that's no-, wait you mean giant robot zombies, that we are going to have to take on so that way they won't destroy the world THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!, we won't die, right?"

Arcee facepalmed and pinched the bridge of her nose, Bee stared at Tuck like he was crazy, Bulkhead doing the same, Ratchet muttered something under his breath and Optimus just sighed.

Termorton's outskirts.

Megatron stood atop a hill looking down upon the city, everyone was moving about as usual, granted today there had been no super villain attacks so it wasn't that normal but the people of Termerton were happy for a reprieve from all the chaos and destruction that usually came upon their town.

A smirk arose on Megatron's face as he gestured to the city, "Tear it apart!" he called out, as the undead Vehicons made their way past him and began to descend upon the city.

As of right now, it was an abnormal day in Termerton, not a whole lot of Chaos and mayhem and gone on and what had it had been minimal almost to the point of nonexistence. People walked about and talked and chatted like it was normal.

"So what did you think about that car chase earlier today?" A man asked a Hot Dog Vender. "eh, probably just some kids that were horsing around in those big vehicles of theirs being young punks," The Hot Dog vendor said referring to the earlier chase with Bulkhead and Breakdown.

"Yeah teenagers what are you going to do?" The man asked and handed the vendor a dollar bill, and the Vendor handed him a hot Dog in return, and then he felt a tall shadow standing over him. "What will it be buddy?" The vendor asked.


Both men paused and looked, to see a Terrorcon Vehicon standing over them, it's face was slightly crushed in at one side and it had several blast marks all over it's body.

Both Man and Vendor ran away screaming as the Terrocon grabbed the hot dog cart and hurled it towards a truck which swerved and crashed, rolling over. As the Driver stumbled out, he ran and screamed as more Terrorcons appeared in the street, crushing cars and smashing up things. They all let out demonic roars as they did their work.

At a gas Station a group of Terrorcons came out of nowhere and began ripping the place to the ground, as people ran away screaming the Terrocons began crushing the place. One of them put its foot down on a gasp pump causing the place to explode in a giant fireball. As it did the Terrorcons emerged from on fire as they roared and stepped into the road, they stood in the way of oncoming traffic and grabbed cars and hurled them through the air and rammed into the semi trucks, the people in the cars got out of their vehicles and ran away screaming as the flaming terrorcons did their work. A the high school Vice principal Cisinski, and the remaining staff hid as the Terrorcons ripped apart the school, all across Tremerton, the Vehicons did their dirty work destroying everything that they could get their servo's on. The Crust cousins screamed as they hid in their house's basement as the Terrorcons broke down the walls

From a top Tremorton's tallest building stood Megatron laughing evilly at the sight of the destruction. "Destroy this town my army, and then we shall expand our numbers and earth shall by the army of Megatron!"

Back at The Autobots base, Ratchet was still running repairs on Optimus, while Mrs. Wakeman worked on Jenny, and Brad Tuck and Sheldon, all had shackles on their hands and wrists due to them all almost getting themselves killed by messing with Ratchets blow torch. "I don't see why I'm locked up!" Brad said angrily. "It's all Tuck's fault anyhow!"

"Precautions." Jenny said as her mother worked on her ",and ratchet wanted to make sure that you didn't get into any trouble of your own."

The three boys grumbled to themselves as they sat. Ratchet mumbled quietly to himself and then looked up. "Alright Optimus, your good to fight again, though I suggest that you keep out of the extreme brawls for a few days."

Optimus let out a dry laugh and looked at Ratchet. "Unfortunately old friend, I will have to ignore that advice for the moment, for MEgatron's army is still marching it's way towards Tremorton."

"March nothing!" A new voice said and the autobots and humans turned to see Agent Fowler stepping out of the Elevator, the portly man made his way to the railing. "We just got a dozen calls in of robo zombies destroying the town!" He said as he walked over to where Optimus was on the med bay, he blinked at the sight of primes condition. "Though I think you may have already engaged the enemy."

Optimus let a nod. "Indeed Agent Fowler, and we are all too aware of the situation at hand," The prime looked over toward Jenny and Mrs. Wakeman. "We need to get back to Termorton before it is destroyed by the Decepticons undead behemoths."

"Well duh." Tucker said but Brad shut him up, this however got Agent Fowler attention and he stared at the four humans and the robot. "So I take it that these are the guys that you picked up there?" He asked cynically, as he looked them over.

CU: Jenny's chest as the camera pans down to her feet before panning back up to her face.

"And is one of them a robot?" Jenny sighed. 'yeah I'm a robot, look at me the robot the evil evil robot that wants to destroy stuff, oh she's a robot let's judge her based on her looks and never get to know her." She said waving her hands around and almost throwing her mother off as she moved angrily.

Agent Fowler looked over toward Bulkhead. "I take it she's dealt with that sort of things before." he said to the larger autobot who just gave the agent a very simple nod. Fowler let out a sigh. "Look I have nothing against you being a robot Ms…."


"Wakeman...wait you mean Wakeman as in the robot created by Noreen Wakeman" Fowler said as he saw Mrs. Wakeman put down her tools and she looked toward the Agent.

"Yes that would be and she is my daughter XJ9!" She exclaimed happily and proudly to the agent and Jenny glared at her mother and rolled her eyes. Agent Fowler chuckled as he thought about the times that him mother embarrassed him and he looked down at Mrs Wakeman and Jenny. "So I take it that you both have already been briefed on the situation?" He asked concernedly and Mrs Wakeman sighed. "Unfortunately yes. I was the one who recovered and tried to test a sample of that Dark Energon, I didn't know what it was…." She found everyone looking at her and then she shouted, "HOW THE HECK WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW, It's not like I have a local Autobot!...besides half the time when I present a find to someone they usually try to steal it."

"Mrs Wakeman, no one is going to blame you for what you did, you did not know and I am certain if any of us were in the same position, we would do the same thing." Optimus said solemnly as he looked toward the others and Bumblebee beeped in agreement.

"That's not what's important right now Mrs. Wakeman, what is important is that Megatron and his Zombiecon army are currently laying waste to Tremorton, we need the bots on the front lines ASAP otherwise we won't only have the feds on our tails but if Megatron's army tears apart Tremorton and all it's tech,"

"What stops them from building more Terrorcons?" Ratchet said with a slight sense of disbelief. The base fell Silent as the AUtobots looked at each other and the humans. Mrs Wakeman looked ttowardptimus. "XJ9's repairs are complete, so I can start work on your big green friend over there." She said, pointing toward Bulkhead. Optimus gave her a curt nod and then looked toward Arcee and Bumblebee. "Bumblebee, you and Arcee should head to Tremorton, try to take out some of the terrorcons and keep them from leaving city limits."

Arcee grinned as she and Bee looked at each other. "How about it Bee?, ready for a zombie con take down?"

The rapid chirps and clicks that poured from the Autobot told her and the others all that they needed to know. Optimus then looked toward Jenny. "We are going to need every asset available to us for this fight Ms XJ9, will you be willing to join in the fight?" Jenny paused as she stared up at Optimus, she had already fought her way through a group of Vehicons, Knock Out and Soundwave another cybertronian battle in such a short amount of time. She looked toward her mother who looked back at her, her eyes were staring at her creation and she let out a simple nod. Jenny then faced back to Optimus.

"What's another giant robot battle after all the other one's I've had today?" She said jokingly. Optimus smirked and looked at the other Autobots, even when on a medical table, Optimus Prime still had the respect of his team. "Myself and Bulkhead will join you once our repairs are completed, until then stay strong my Autobots, and XJ9, may Primus be with you all."

Bulkhead raised an arm as Bee walked past and grabbed his shoulder, the young scout turned to face him. "Hey Bee make sure to leave a few cons for me will ya?"

The little Autobot beeped in response and Bulkhead let out a chuckle as jenny flew up to Arcee's shoulder.

"Hey when this is done want to go get our paintwork done, and maybe grab a few cans of oil?" She asked looking up at her. Arcee smirked "Sure, but first, let's give those cons a good kicking."

CU: Ground level as Jenny's feet land into view

Ratchet opened the ground Bridge and Arcee and Bumblebee transformed.

CU: Jenny's feet as they stomped on the floor, activating rockers in the process. The camera pans up her body

With the roar of two engines and some jets the Three raced into the portal, and into the battle that lay ahead.

Trermorton was in ruins, most of it anyways. The city/town had taken a huge beating from the Terrorcon onslaught, bits and pieces were scattered everywhere of buildings cars and other machinery and such. And that was just the downtown area. THe Terrorcons moved throughout the buildings looking for more things to destroy under orders of Megatron. No humans had yet to be found but that rarely mattered anyway, once the Decepticons were through with the town The Nemesis had hovered into place to fire an onslaught that would reduce to place to a carter to show the world the might of the Decepticon army.

Atop Tremorton's highest building still stood Megatron, watching as the Terrorcons tore into Mezmeris searching for the human survivors or just things to destroy. it seemed as if it were the Terrorcons best motivator, destruction.

As Megatron watched he heard the sound of descending jets as Starscream and Soundwave flew over and landed next to him, transforming as they did so.

"Well done Lord Megatron, it seems as though the Dark Energon has finally paid off as a gambit." The seeker said cynically. he turned and looked down and watched as the Terrorcons ripped into the town. "Hmm maybe all our Troops would do better powerd by Dark Energon hm Master?" Starscream, looking up only to find Megatron staring at him. Starscream slunk back remembering his own experience with trying to merge with Dark Energon and wondered if he may have said the wrong thing.

"Starscream you are very short sighted, while the Vehicons are troopers what about Soundwave, or yourself or Breakdown, if merged successfully with Dark Energon like I have then they could have command over the troops empowered by ti, and where would that lead Starscream?, total anarchy amongst our troops!" The warlord shouted into his face. "So I would suggest holding your tongue on matters that you are not very familiar with, do I make myself clear/" he asked the seeker who stared back at MEgatron, Starscream himself felt like he was a minicon but he sighed and replied with, "Yes my liege."

Megatron sneered in his direction and then he looked back out toward the city, laying in ruins at his army's feet all at his command, he couldn't help it as a grin formed on his face.

"Just look at it." He said turning to both Soundwave and Starscream. "This is just the beginning,once we are done here we shall begin to usher in the new era for this planet!" Megatron said gesturing outward. "No longer will have to deal with the Autobots and the humans of this backwater planet."

"No, after today, the era of the Decepticons shall begin!" He shouted out and laughed evilly.

Across town, a pair of Terrorcon troopers were making their way through an alleyway, empty yet it had remained untouched by them, and their master commanded them via the link to their undead sparks to sweep the city, so they did as they were commanded. As they lurcdhed thier way through the alleyway they heard a noise and turned to see a Groundbridge portal apper. Both of them lunged toward it as Bumblebee and Arcee, roared out in vehicle mode and began blasting the Terrorcons in the knees the undead Vehicons roared out and smashed into the ground as their knees gave way and then Arcee Transformed and landed on one smashing it's body into the ground and then shot into it's chest killing it and then sliced the other Terrorcon in half. The Cut in half Terrorcon lunged once again until a well aimed shot from Bumblebee through the spark destroyed it.

Then Jenny flew through the portal

CU: Ground Level as Jenny's feet land into view

"Nice work guys." She said happily. As she walked over to them, and looked up. "So, got any plans for how we are going to take all these guys down?" She asked cynically as she sat on the Dead Terrorcons back. Bumblebee and Arcee looked at each other and exchanged glances and then looked back at Jenny.

"Well, Optimus told us to try and flank the cons, so naturally we should take out the ones in the outer limits of Tremorton and-"

Suddenly Jenny looked up. "Probably not a good idea." She said as she pointed and the two looked as The Nemesis hovered overhead as they all looked up and saw it. "I'm usually one for the whole charge in all rambo and hope for the best, but I'm pretty sure that the Cons will probably take notice when Terrorcons go missing."

Bumblebee suddenly gave out a few fearful sound beeps and Arcee cringed in fear. "Right and Megatron is still connected by the Dark Energon is his spark, so odds are, he already knows."

Jenny blinked and stared at them and then sighed. "Sometimes we really should think before we charge in." She blasted up toward them and rose to their head levels. "Look, in order to beat this we should probably take out the Nemesis first, and then go rambo on the zombie cons."

Arcee, chuckled dryly. "As much as I like you Jenny, many bots have tried to take down the Nemesis before, and needless to say many sparks have been extinguished in the attempts."

Jenny gawked and then narrowed her eyes. "Well that gives me hope in our cause, go us." She said, raising a fist into the air weakly.

Bumblebee let out a few rushed and kind of angry sounding beeps toward the robot, and jenny's eyes popped open.

"WOAH, let's not get that violent!" Jenny said. "And what I meant was we take the ship down from the inside like take it over and that sort of thing, I mean how many times has anyone tried to take over the ship?"

Jenny looked back and forth from the Two Autobots who shrugged. "Most bots just try to take it down like crash it take down."

Jenny gave out a small and yet simple smirk. :exactly, I'll deal with disabling the ship, once that's done, then we can really get this party started!" jenny said

CU: Jenny's feet as she stomped both of them, turning into rocket boots before flying away

She jetted toward the Decepticon warship.

Bumblebee looked at Arcee and gave out a couple of beeps toward his companion, who shrugged. "What other choice do we have Bee?" She said and then transformed into her motorcycle form. "Come on let's get into hiding while Jenny tries to take down the Nemesis." She said and Bee transformed as well. They pulled out of the alleyway and into the street, just in time to see a group of ten terrorcons standing there facing them.

"Scrap." Arcee said as the Terrorcons let loose angry howls and charged toward them, Bumblebee was the first to Transfrom as he jumped into the air and then kicked a Terrorcon square in the chest, knocking it back and he fired upon the others as he did striking several of them leaving burn Bee landed on the ground he looked back as Two Terrorcons rushed him screeching, as Arcee Transformed and drew out her arm baldes and slashed at the one closest to Bee, leaving a deep scar in it's back, as it turned around two more grabbed her but their arms were blown off by several shots From Bee and Arcee sliced up on the opne to her left, cleaving it's upper torso in two, and then slashed the one to her giht in half as well, she then kicked upward and nailed the Terrorconthat she had slashed on the back Orginal and slammed it into the ground.

Bumblebee then found himself grappling with the Terrorcon that had managed to get close to him as he pushed back on it, it roared at him as the one he originally tackled grabbed onto his back and began tearing into it, Bee turned around and decked it as the other Terrorcon continued it's companions work, Only for Bee to grab it's head and tear it off, but this didn't stop the undead Vehicon as it grabbed into Bee's left arm and dug it's fingers into it, Bee let out a bleep of pain but it was short lived as Arcee dove in and slashed the Terrorcons hand and sliced it from it's body. The Terrorcon stumbled as Bee grabbed it and sent a few shots though it's chest and then threw it toward three other Terrorcons making their way toward the duo. Arcee then turned and shot the Terrorcon that Bee had originally tackled multiple times though it's body taking off large chunks as it continued to move toward them hissing and growling until it finally collapsed into a pile of smoking parts. .

"Nice work Bee," Arcee stated with a smirk as she looked at the larger Autobot. "And I hope that you're not tired because we've got a lot of fighting to do!" She said and pointed and Bee looked up, to see that more terrorcons were joining the survivors of their assault. ",because our job isn't done yet." She said, as they found themselves surrounded by Terrorcons, the two looked toward each other and aimed their weapons toward the oncoming hordes who stood around them no one made a move, until that is, Bumblebee let out a very loud beep that shook everyone including the terrorcons as he charged forward and began blasting then as he charged in and leapt into the air and smashed down on one Terrorcon and then pounded the one next to him.

Arcee blinked and then shrugged as she also began to attack the Terrorcons with great ferocity just like Bee.

Meanwhile, Jenny had blasted her way up to the Hull of the Nemesis and was on the outside trying to find a way in, the ship was massive and as of right then, all it's doors were being guarded by Vehicon troopers, so Jenny knew that the worst entrance she could make would the the casual one, even if Soundwave was down below on earth she knew from what Bulkhead had told her if he was altered it wouldn't take long for him to show up.

So Jenny was forced to crawl her way along the ship, trying to look for a decent point of entry. Eventually jenny let out a sigh and she morphed her hand into a drill. She then very quickly drilled a small hole into the ships side, and then used her hands to rip a hole into the rest of the way.

CU: Ground Level as Jenny's feet land into view before walking away.

Keeping an eye out for any Vehicons, or worse Knockout and/or Breakdown who no doubt wanted her dead due to her previous encounters with them. "Alright so If I remember from when I was dragged there, the ships bridge should be about-" She said to herself, when she heard a voice.

"Can you believe that that robot THING, trashed my paint job Breakdown? that THING made by humans it might as well be a human doing it!"

"Heh and I thought you liked that robot girl."

"That was before I found out that she is a monster!"

Jenny, blinked, she could hear Knock Out and Breakdown's voices, coming from the door nearest to her, apparently she was walking by Knock out's lab, and Jenny found herself cringing.

CU: Jenny's feet as she stopped walking

"Wait, he LIKED ME!?...ew." She said flinching. The teenaged robot looked up as she heard Breakdown move and speak.

"The frag was that?"

Jenny let out a gasp

CU: Jenny's feet as she blasted away

She planted herself there as Breakdown walked out into the hallway, he looked around and tried to figure out the source of the noise that he heard but, hearing seeing nothing he walked back into the med bay.

"So did you find your mystery noise?" Knock Out asked cynically as the door shut.

"Nope, nothing there guess I was just hearing things."

"Given the damage that you have taken it wouldn't surprise me that you DO have a few screws loose."

CU: Ground level as Jenny's feet land into view before slowly panning up her body

She paused as she listened in, and then drew forth a welding torch from her arm. She then began sealing up the door up with her welding torch, getting the outer bits first and then moving her way towards the inside of the door, she soon heard Breakdown say,

"i'm going to head down to the town, see if Lord Megatron has anything for me to destroy."

Jenny gulped and then made Both her arms and legs and pigtails wielders and wielded the entire door shut in under 5 seconds.

CU: Jenny's feet as the stood back.

Breakdown walked into the door.

"Um Knock Out, the doors stuck."

"What, it can't be"


"Hmmm you're right, it is stuck!"

"So now what do we do, if we damage the door Lord Megatron will have our sparks on a platter!"

"Yes and It will be obvious when I go racing now!"

Jenny rolled her eyes as she raced through the ship, and she soon found her way to the bridge, she flew through the doors, and found a small group of Vehicons on the bridge .

"Crap." Jenny said and drew forth a few of her weapons as the Vehicons turned around and she blasted them all to scrap metal, sending a few flying to the floor below.

jenny blew on her lasers as she raced to the bridge Controls but then blinked and raced back to the doors and wielded them shut just as she had done to the door of knock Out's lab, to keep other Decepticons out.

Jenny then soared back to the Controls and landed on the Holographic Keyboard.

CU: Ground Level as Jenny's feet land into view

"Woah, look at all the tech!" She exclaimed

CU: Jenny's left hip as she placed her fist onto it.

CU: Jenny's right hip as she placed her fist onto it.

CU: Jenny's right foot as it slides to the right.

CU: Jenny's left foot as it slides to the left.

CU: Jenny's legs as the camera pans up her body

"looks like it's time for the little helpers!" She exclaimed, and then brought out four pairs of extra arms.

Then, Jenny's fingers shot out in all different Directions as she moved around her arms/fingers and began connecting them to parts of the ship's controls and then her main two hands went to the main keyboard and she hit several keys as she felt the energy and power flow through her body.

"Oh yeah, this I like!" She exclaimed, as started up the ships engines with a roar the ship lurched and everybody fell to the floor or hit the wall as Jenny began moving the Nemesis through the sky.

"Outer surveillance systems online, better find Arcee and Bumblebee and let them know that-" Jenny began saying then her eyes went wide as she saw them surrounded by a horde of Terrorcons. "WHAT!?, oh no no robot zombie hurts my friends!" Jenny shouted as she flew overhead and activated the ship guns.

Down below Bumblebee and Arcee were beginning to wear themselves down multiple scars and dents lined their frames and Arcee had a slight limp as she and Bumblebee were being herded into a wall by the Terrorcons.

Arcee sent several shots into the bodies of a few of the Terrorcons and one fell back but the others kept coming, "Well, this is the end I usually envisioned for myself, I told Optimus in the arctic that all this time of battling and we don't die in battle," She looked at Bumblebee with a dry smirk and when she spoke she was a bit choked up, ",we die from the cold…...I was wrong then, let's hope I'm wrong now." Bumblebee gave her a soft look and he clasped her hand and then let go as the two began pouring energy into the Terrorcons, right as the Nemesis came over head and out came it's weapons that….began firing on the Terrorcons.

The Terrorcons barely had any time to react to what was happening before shots from the warship rained down gunfire upon them blowing them to pieces or straight up vaporizing them as the fiery rain poured down until every last Terrorcon was destroyed.

Arcee stood there in shock along with Bumblebee and then a grin drew on the fem's face. "Atta girl." She said, as Jenny's voice came over their coms.

"Hey guys guess who's taken over the Decepticon warship?"

Bumblebee activated his com link and let out a series of rapid beeps clicks and chirps. Jenny giggled in response as Bee's excited chatter filled through her screen.

"So now what?, the cons will probably try to get in there and get you." Arcee pointed out but then she heard Jenny chuckle.

"I sealed up the ship, tight as a bug under a flyswatter the Decepticons can't get in nor can they get out."

Arcee's grin got even bigger as she suddenly thought of something. "Jenny, can you access the ships records and see how much Energon the Decepticons have stockpiled?" She asked and looked at Bee.

Jenny pulled up a surveillance video, that showed the Energon storage bay. "The glowing cube things, because they are in a GIANT room, and it's full of them."

Arcee and Bumblebee gawked. "I Take it you want me to drop a few pounds off the ship?"

"I like you train of thought Jen." Arcee commented happily and then she radioed Ratchet, while Jenny opened a bay door near the energon storage room and began titling the ship ever so slightly.

Something was wrong.

It was the first feeling besides total victory that Megatron for the first time since the Terrorcons marched onto Tremorton. His optics scanned the area and he looked to see the Nemesis, he knew that something was off because he felt several members of his Terrorcon army get destroyed. He peered toward his worship, and to his horror saw a Ground Bridge Portal below it, and then he noticed that the ship was tilted and Energon was falling out, HIS energon.

The Decepticon warlord let out a snarl. "Soundwave, why is the ship EMPTYING OUR ENERGON SUPPLY!?" he boomed into his communications officer's face.

Soundwave stared at his leader for a moment, before turning and tried to activate the Nemesis surveillance system. They were all stunned to see Jenny glaring back at them and she grinned before it cut out.

Megatron growled but then he saw Soundwave shaking in anger. Starscream however didn't notice. "Well, looks like the unhackable Soundwave just got-" He said, before Soundwave grabbed him and punched him in the face before shooting one of his tentacles into Starscreams chest and shocking him. The Seeker let out a cry of pain before he collapsed. Soundwave then turned back towards the Nemesis and Transformed, shooting off at a very fast rate of speed.

Megatron grinned as he watched him take off. "Well now, looks like we won't have any trouble with Xj9 after Soundwave is through with her."

Soundwave raced across the sky, heading towards the Nemesis laserbeaks weapons out and ready for all attackers, he looked down and Saw Arcee and Bumblebee watching the Energon fall out, when BUmblebee turned and saw Soundwave racing toward the ship and the Groundbridge.

The Little scout let out a few terrified sounding beeps and then activated his comlink, and sent out a ton of beeps to Ratchet.

Up in the ship, jenny watched as the cubes fell towards the Groundbridge when it suddenly closed up. "WOAH!" She shouted and righted the ship and closed the door. "What the, I thought they wanted all the Energon, they didn't even get half."

Then Jenny looked outside and caught a glimpse of Soundwave activating a Groundbridge as he Transformed in mid air and disappeared.

"Uh oh." Was all she could get out, before Soundwave appeared directly behind her.

CU: Jenny's feet as they whirled around

Soundwaves Tentacle shot toward her. She let out a yelp as she disconnected from the sip

CU: Jenny's feet as they stomped hard on the floor, activating jet boots before flying off.

the Tentacle crashed into the monitor. Jenny flew up as Soundwave glared at her through his visor and drew forth all of his tentacles. HE stood in a battle ready pose and waited for Jenny to move.

Jenny however stared at him as she tried to find a quick way to escape, now regretting wielding the door shut, and she had no doubt that Soundwave was already undoing everything that she had done and making sure she couldn't escape. Narrowing her eyes,

CU: Jenny's right hand as it clenched into a trembling fist.

CU: Jenny's left hand as it clenched into a trembling fist.

CU: Ground level as Jenny's feet land into view before stomping them hard on the ground, trembling in the process after she clenched both of her legs.

from her arms came a laser and a sword.

"Alright tall dark and faceless, you want a fight?" She asked and pointed her sword towards him. Soundwave then ejected Laserbeak who floated in front of him, which Jenny took as a sign of yes, and with a cry she soared toward her enemy.

Jenny pulled back as Soundwave slashed at her once again

CU: Jenny's foot as it pulls back, before clenching and flying away.

she soared past shooting lasers toward him that struck him in several areas of his body, but this did little to slow the Decepticon down nor did it have an effect on LAserbeak as the little drone kept on Jenny's tail the whole time. Jenny whipped her head around, to see Laserbeak still on her tail sending shot after shot towards her, burning her back the teenage robot let out a cry and stopped flying, turned and pointed her laser toward the drone and fired off several rounds of weapons fire toward it, but the little drone managed to evade her shot and slammed right into her chest.

Jenny let out a grunt of pain and then a wild cry as she was slammed into the ships wall

she then grabbed the little drone and threw it across the bridge where it landed with a crash.

Soundwave, who had been trying to unlock all the doors that Jenny had shut whirled around and stared at Laserbeak then he glanced at Jenny, who lifted her arms and gave him the "bring it on" gesture.

CU: Jenny's right foot as it slides to the right.

Soundwave then leapt into the air and tried to slam Jenny against the wall, but the teenage robot, flew downward and all Soundwave did was dig his fingers into the wall. The Decepticon turned and shot after her.

"Wow you're pretty fast, unfortunately for you I'm faster!" Jenny commented and flew around and slammed a giant mechanical fist into Soundewave's' back. Soundwave stumbled and turned and then grabbed Jenny before she could fly away.

"Hey, no fair." She shouted at him as she found herself staring at his cold unfeeling visor, his tentacles emerged from his back and two surrounded Jenny.

"ummm look I've got an idea, I have a feeling I know what you're about to do, so I'll tell you what, you let me go and I promise to never touch your ships controls or your bet ever again deal?" Jenny asked nervously while chuckling.

Soundwave didn't respond, instead he slammed his tentacle appendages into Jenny's head and sent a very large shock through her systems. Jenny, let out a scream of pain

CU: Jenny's legs as they trembled from the pain.

Soundwave held her in place until he withdrew his tentacles and looked at Jenny, she was limp and charred, he held back his hand to lay her out and then he scanned her body.

Seeing no traces of life the Decepticon communications officer threw her into the door that she had wielded shut and then she fell to the floor with a crash, satisfied that XJ9 had been rendered offline Soundwave went back to his work as he saw the Two Autobots below. If he could've Soundwave might have felt a sense of joy as he activated the ships artillery.

Down Below Both Arcee and Bumblebee were staring up towards the ship, arcee was trying to contact Jenny, but all she and Bumblebee were getting back was static. Bumblebee looked toward her and let out a series of sad sound beeps and chirps and looked back toward the ship. Arcee let out a saddened sigh. "No contact, either Soundwave has jammed the ship, or Jenny has been destroyed." She said, her voice breaking up, They hadn't even known jenny for that long and yet already she made an impact facing down the Decepticons despite her small size, it was impressive to say the least. "I hope it's not the latter." arcee said as she hugged herself slightly.

The Little scout looked up and he looked at the ship, his eyes searching for a sign of ;life, that came when the guns popped out. Bumblebee let out a loud and shrill beep and grabbed Arcee, diving to the side as gunfire exploded around them, blasting chunks of asphalt and brick into the air. As Bumblebee got off Arcee, they both looked up, to see the Nemesis turning toward them guns blazing.

"Something tells me I got my hopes too high." Arcee said darkly as the ship began firing on them. "MOVE!" Arcee cried out and transformed into her motorcycle form, and Bee didn't have to be told twice, and he transformed as well, racing away as the ships guns began pounding out shot after shot toward them

Inside the Autobots base, mrs, Wakeman and Ratchet were working as fast as they could on Optimus and Bulkhead, sparks were flying as the two of them worked their fingers and tools to try and get the two Autobots ready for battle once again.

"Alright Optimus, just a few more weilds and you'll be ready to kick Megatron's aft clear across the galaxy." Ratchet said with a half smirk, and the prime nodded, the AUtobots were listening in with the conlinks and they could hear everything, he looked over toward Mrs Wakeman, they had all heard Jenny's short confrontation with Soundwave, and was highly concerned for her daughter.

"Right now Ratchet we need to formulate a plan for when we arrive, the Decepticons already know that Arcee and Bumblebee Are there which means that MEgatron knows we won't be too far behind."

"Well then, what do you expect that we can do Optimus, they know either way." Bulkhead commented sadly. "And the Warship is probably goi9ng to try and blast us into dust the very minute Soundwave sees us too."

mrs Wakeman pulled up her welding mask. "Couldn't you use your teleporter to-"

Ratchet then stopped wielding. "First off, it's a groundbridge, not a teleporter, second of all we have tried many times to bridge ourselves onto the Decepticon warship, and most attempts have been met with failure, and before you even DARE accuse me of not being a good scientist, I am doing the best with what I have here on your planet, and the Decepticons have naturally, clocked their ship, so I cannot bridge the Autobots on board!" He snapped at her, and she frowned.

"Well I created nine robots that can think feel and interact with people and eight of those are just prototypes, so i don't think it's the technology I think it's the doctor!"

Ratchet threw his wielder onto primes chestplate, much to Optimus's displeasure but even he knew better than to entice Ratchet's anger even further. Ratchet stormed over to the human and got into her face.

"You barely even know what Cybertronian Tech can do, the only reason that you're fixing Bulkhead is to get him ready for combat, and once that's over I will go over the damage with a fine toothed comb, as you humans call it and make the proper repairs!"

Mrs Wakeman snarled at the medic. "Perhaps someone needs to be taken down off their high pedestal for a bit, to see the truth of the matter, I know my tech I once built a Robot, bigger than ANY of you and he was unstoppable, and even then my daughter destroyed him more than once!" She stated matter of factly.

Ratchet growled at that, "YOu also have no care for any of machine kind it seems, using them as tools!"

"Your're the one who's repairing bots to send them out to fight!"

"IT'S A WAR Mrs. Wakeman don't you understand that?"

"War Shmore, you don't treat patients properly either!"

"I treat them with the utmost care!"

Optimus let out a sigh as he leaned forward. "Be that as it may-"

"And another thing, this base is the best that we have at the moment until we can get something better!"

Optimus grunted as he heard a cough, and he turned his head to find Brad, Tuck and Sheldon out of their restraints and staring at up at him. "You know, maybe a more humane approach could be necessary in this situation?"

Optimus cocked an eyebrow as Tuck elbowed his brother in the knees. "HEY!" Brad shouted as tuck began speaking, "What he means is, we can help take down the Decepticons ship, despite me not even wanting to go near that thing." Tuck said with a nervous grin. However, Optimus shook his head silently.

"I appreciate your willingness to-"

"AND ANOTHER THING, I really do not know how you think that an Ambulance is a good altmode, your not big enough to carry another Autobot outside of robot mod so what is the point, so WHY an Ambulance when you want to be disguised!?"

"As i was saying, I cannot-"

"Oh, so you think that it's fine to mock my alt mode, it is because even on Cybertron I turned into what you humans would call an Ambulance as well, the siren told all Cybertronians to get their afts out of the way!"

"Oh really, and does that stop the Decepticons from trying to shoot at you?"

"Probably not considering that Megatron once vaporized half of another planet because he was-"

Optimus's head snapped around to the three boys and he let out a sigh. "Just go." He said cringing as the three jumped up and shouted WOO HOO, before running off to get their Jetpacks and go through the groundbridge. "Primus help us all." Optimus muttered under his breath as the Argument went into full force.

Back in Tremorton, Arcee and Bumblebee roared down the abandoned streets, as The Nemesis and a squad of Terrorcons roared after them, leaping and running as they went after their prey, while up above, Soundwave manned the guns of the ship, and was hounding them the entire way, blast after blast flew into the streets, cars and road as the Two Autobots raced on.

"We can't keep this up." Arcee said. "I'm running low on Energon!"

Bumblebee gave out a few beeps and some clicks as the scout slammed on his breaks and Transformed.

Arcee, sent herself into a skid as she turned around and faced Bumblebee who had his back to her. "BEE, what are you doing!?" Arcee called out. The Little scout didn't give her a response, instead he jumped up onto a building and then jumped to another till he was on top of a roof, and he began pouring fire into the Nemesis's turrets.

Arcee paused and realized what Bee was doing, and she raced forward towards the Terrorcons and transformed sharpy, and kicked up, sending her foot through the leader and then sliced it into pieces with her blades as she flew into the air and smashed another one into the pavement as she landed and then she spun around, sticking her arms out as she sliced two more in half, all the while, Bumblebee continued getting Soundwaves attention by running across rooftops firing upon the ship, hitting it in several areas, and even blasting a turret in just the right spot so it exploded, sending hot metal down onto some more Terrorcons. The yellow Autobot let out a whoop of victory, as he Transformed and roared into a carpark, building up his speed as Soundwave stood in the Nemesis, tracking his movements the best he could, he could tell that the Autobot was trying to build up speed for jump, most likely to get into the ship.

Dwmn below Arcee and the Terrorcons were having an all out brawl which she was quickly winning. Soundwave however paid little mind to her or the Terrorcons, yet.

Instead the nemesis' gns aime themselves directly toward the Car Park and began firing. Arcee whipped her head around to see part of the building explode, as Bumblebee raced from the hole into the air and Transformed. As the scout flew through the air, he began firing at the Terrorcons that were surrounding Arcee, as he caught the edge of the sip and tired to climb toward the entryways to break them open.

Arcee whipped her guns around toward the remaining Terrorcons and began blasting them into oblivion so she could follow Bee's maneuver. However as she finished she heard him cry out in fear and she looked up, to see a turret aimed toward him, a loud wailing beep came from Bumblebee, as several shots slammed into his chassis. Arcee let out a squeal and a scream as she saw the scout sail through the air, smoke trailing from him, Bumblebee hit the ground hard, sending sparks and bits of metal lay on the ground. Bee's chest plate had a small hole in it along with many blast marks, and his left leg was shot in the knee.

Bumblebee lifted himself up to his elbows as he peered upward at the Nemesis, which was now obliterating the car park that he had used.

The scout let out an angry beep, right as he heard screaming, he looked to see SHeldon, Brad, and Tuck, who was screaming, flying toward the Nemesis at breakneck speed. "Don't worry Bee, we got this!" Brad called out over his shoulder, right as he and Tuck smashed into the ships side. "No we don't." Tuck moaned.

Bumblebee paused and then with a sigh he got to his feet just as Arcee ran over. "Bee, we need to get moving now, are you injured?" She asked.

Bumblebee gave some short beeps and showed off his battle scars. but then he made a battle ready pose. Arcee giggled a little bit seeing that despite his damages Bumblebee wasn't one to say die so easily. She and Bee, looked up as Brad, Sheldon and Tuck, rocketed into the hole of the sip that Jenny had made. "What are they doing here?" She asked, turning to face Bumblebee, who gave a shrug, they looked as the Nemesis turned back toward them.

"Whatever they are doing,Let's hope they do it fast."

From atop the building, Megatron watched as the Terrorcons came toward him, the survivors and he scowled, seeing his army dwindled in numbers.

"How hard is it to disable TWO AUTOBOTS!?" He roared as he looked back toward Starscream who blinked. "Well, what are you looking at me for?"

Megatron grabbed the seekers wing. "Figure it out Air Commander, we have two Autobots out there destroying my army, I want to brought to me!" He said as he yelled into the seekers face, and he could feel Starscream squirm a bit.

"Y-Yes master, but Soundwave and the Nemesis should have it under control!"

"That may be Starscream but remember that if there are two Autobots," He looked out towards the city and saw a ground bridge portal open up. ",always there are more to follow!"

Intruders, there had been many on the ship in the past few Megacycles, from Autobots, robots and now Humans.

Soundwave was getting tired of it.

The Faceless Decepticon made his way away from the ships controls, the Automatic Pilot could take over from here, right now he just wanted to get out of there and throw the humans off the ship.

As Soundwave reached the door, he found that it wouldn't open, he scanned it and saw where Jenny had wielded it shut. Soundwave shook furiously at the sight of the ship damaged in this way. Soundwave then sliced at the spots where the door opened, with a sgoran, the door slid open slowly. Soundwave then walked out into the hallway, and extended his tentacles from his back, to begin his hunt for the humans that had invaded the ship.

"Hey Widescreen!"

Soundwave turned at the voice, right as he saw Brad holding his jetpack, and he turned it on and let it fly, directly toward Soundwave. The Deception moved to sidestep it, but the jetpack, slammed into his chest, knocking him back and then it shot forward, smashing into his head, and cracking his visor severely. Soundwave hit the ground as the jetpack roared past, and hit the wall, embedding itself into it.

"Brad, Tuck and Sheldon were watching the whole thing and he blinked. "Huh well that didn't go quite as planned, I expected it to blow up when it hit him." He said, and looked at Sheldon who shrugged. " must have made these jetpacks to be explosive proof." He said, holding his jetpack and looking it over.

"If she did that then why does Jenny blow up sometimes?" Brad pointed out. "I mean if she did have that tech then why not apply it to jenny?"

"Ah she's a teenager and damage helps her learn the moral." Tuck said, leaning his arm up against Brads leg, while looking back, and then his eyes went wide. "Uh guys, Widescreens getting back up!"

Both Brad and Sheldon looked to see that indeed, Soundwave was awake and he was coming right for them.

Brad turned to sheldon and asked, "Alright any ideas?"

"RUN!" Sheldon cried out, and the others followed his advice, and all three ran down the corridor of the Nemesis, Soundwave paused watching them, and then turned back and re entered the bridge. To him it wasn't worth the effort and those kids would be in fear of him chasing them down for a while, allowing him to terminate the Autobots.

However as he entered the bridge, he noticed something, Xj9 was missing, her spot on the floor where she had been laying was vacant, Soundwave began to scan the bridge trying to see if he could stop her before she did something-

"Hey Soundwave,"

Soundwave didn't need to turn but he did anyway,

CU: Jenny's feet as the camera pans up her body, holding a giant metallic baseball bat

", how's about helping me with my swing?" She taunted as a scowl crossed her face and she swung. Soundwave raised his left arm and tried to block the bat, which impacted into his left arm. a Tentacle shot from his back and made a grab for jenny, who dodged it, before withdrawing her Bat and pulling out a mace. She swung it at Soundwave, this time striking his chest. BIts of LAserbeak and Soundwave flew through the air.

Soundwave stumbled back and examined his damages Laserbeak was damaged, not enough to destroy it, but there was enough for concern. However he didn't have time to think, as Jenny was on him once again, swinging the mace she brought it down onto his head, or she would've if he hadn't dodged he wrapped his tentacles around her right as she missed. He stepped back, right as Jenny grabbed suddenly let forth a large burst of Energy, snapping several of them, as Soundwave jumped back and Jenny flew right at him, and uppercut his chin.

Whipping his arms up, the communications expert leapt toward the robot, and slammed her into the bridges deck.

Underneath his weight, Jenny squirmed as she tried to move. "Ergh, eumpgh, Let go!"

CU: Jenny's feet as she flew away

Jenny tuired to command, but Soundwave brought forth another tentacle, this one aimed right for her head.

Jenny scowled as she looked up at it, and then grinned, flipping her pigtails back, and firing off a blast of her jets, Scorching the Decepticon. As Soundwave grabbed his face she made her fist huge and then punched Soundwave, sending him flying back into the wall. Soundwave crashed through the bridges door and into the hallway, and was prepared to charge back thourgh when he heard a voice say,


He turned to see BRad holding his jetpack once again, now dented. "Forget someone?" He said tauntingly, as he turned his jetpack on. It coughed a second and then shot out of his hands, Soundwave this time was ready and snacthed it right out of the air, grabbing and crushing it, and not realizing that it was still running at full speed. As he crushed it the main fuel line snapped and caught a spark, resulting in the Jetpack exploding in his hands, and his face.

Smoke and flames shot from Soundwave as he stumbled back once more, clutching his visor, which had shattered at the bottom, and was cracked everywhere else. Before he could strike again, he felt Jenny use a large taser to deliver a shock to his systems. Soundwave took the shock and then felt himself falling, and then he grabbed the wall, he was numb and injured, his visor ready to shatter apart in a manner of seconds. He hadn't felt pain like this in a really long time.

He stumbled to his feet, gripping the wall. Then he heard a noise, he didn't need anything to tell him that it was Sheldon's jetpack. It stuck him in the back and this time actually exploded., this time causing significant damage to him, Soundwave knew that he had to flee, and fast. Now to him, the nemesis was lost for the moment, that is until he got his master back here, he activated a groundbridge and stood before it, he turned to see that Jenny was advancing,

CU: Jenny's feet as she flied toward him

Soundwave jumped back, and fell through the portal, vanishing just as Jenny got to his position.

"Dang it." jenny said angrily. ",he got away."

"Well now at least we can verify that your original story was true." Tuck said. "All's well that ends well."

CU: Ground Level as Jenny's right foot stomps hard on the ground

"ARE YOU NUTS!?" Jenny shouted, "The mere fact that you just said that-ugh- I'm pretty sure that my "stories" were verified the very minute that I dragged you to the Autobots base, and Tremorton is still under heavy assault from the Decepticons and terrorcons Tuck, THIS ISN'T OVER!" She shouted into the kids face forcing him into his underwear and blowing his hair back.

The Child blinked a few times and then his eye twitched.

"Woah Easy Jenny, what's with all the hate right now?" Brad said, grabbing his friends shoulder, "just relax everything is gonna be A-okay."

Jenny crossed her arms. "Okay 1, How did you get here, and 2. have you not seen Termorton!?"

Sheldon then spoke up: Well it all started when Ratchet and your mother got into a big argument and then-"

"Yeah Sheldon not to be rude, but can we get the abridged version?, mwe kinda need to save the entire planet here."

"Umm Jenny, you do that on a daily basis." Brad pointed out. ",and against much much bigger forces." Sheldon said..

Jenny cocked an eyebrow. "You really need to pick up more on this war."

Meanwhile across town, Starscream swooped in low toward the Groundbridge that had just opened up. His missiles drew out and were ready to fire, he scowled silently, as if he didn't have enough to deal with two Autobots running around, Now he was being sent to go and deal with more Autobots alone.

Note to self, stop bragging about killing Cliffjumper around Megatron. Starscream mused as he swooped in low toward the Groundbridge. he could see that someone was emerging and he shot off a pair of missiles.

"Hope you Autobots weren't planning on staying too lo-SOUNDWAVE!?"

Much to Starscreams shock, indeed Soundwave was the one emerging from the Ground Bridge, dented and beaten up, and his visor shattered, and now he was being treated to missiles being fired toward him.

Soundwave stared at the missiles coming toward him, and he saw Starscream who was trying to swoop away to avoid being seen, all the while saying, "Scrap,scrap,scrap,scrap,scrap."

The Communications master, suddenly sidestepped the missile to his left, only to find the missile on his right heading right toward him, Soundwave dived but was caught in the blast regardless, and it exploded, sending him flying through the air and smashing into the pavement. Starscream let out a groan. "Maybe I should just flee offworld and become a space pirate,or something."

The Ground bridge portal closed, right as the missile flew through it, and Starscream transformed and landed near Soundwave., he looked the Communications master over and almost gagged, Soundwave looked worse then Starscream had ever seen him in.

"Umm Soundwave…...would it be ummmm...less painful for me to tell you that this is all Lor4d Megatron's fault?" he asked, tapping his claws together as Soundwave got up and glared at him. "heh heh." Was all that Starscream could muster.

"What do you brush up on my war history, how am I supposed to study a war that happened across the galaxy!?" Brad shouted at jenny who narrowed her eyes, "Actually Brad it's the universe not the Galaxy."

"Wait the Universe, you mean to tell me that these robots have been rampaging across time and space unsupervised!?" Tuck screamed and then whirled toward Brad. "And you won't even let me use a laser gun!"

"Tuck these robots are like millions or Thousands of years old , none of them are little kids!"

"By our standards no, though Bumblebee and Arcee are around 17 years of age by Cybertronian standards." Jenny said and Sheldon raised a finger, "So how old would that make Optimus?"

"Mid Forties, fifties." She said.

Suddenly the Ground bridge opened once more, and from it came Starscream's missile which flew right toward them. "GET BACK!" jenny shouted throwing Sheldon out of the way, as the missile impacted with her. A large explosion rang through everyone's ears, as smoke filled the corridor.

The three teenagers began coughing. "Jenny?, JENNY!" Sheldon shouted in a panic. "Where is she/,, where did she go?, JENNY!?"

Right here.' Jenny said as Sheldon looked down to see the charred and burnt form of jenny on the floor. "This just isn't my day." She bemoaned, as Sheldon and Brad helped her too her feet.

Back with the Transformers now, Arcee and Bumblebee were no longer under fire from the Nemesis, but were now pinned down, as Terrorcons began swarming their position inside the first national bank of Tremorton. As the Terrorcons approached the building, Arcee fired a few rounds from her blasters striking a few, and taking one down, before blasting the wall above the opening that had been made by a few shots from the Nemesis, and collapsed it atop another Terrorcon, and blocking the entrance. Arcee leaned against it gasping as she looked over to see Bumblebee who was making sure that any humans there were safe, or if there were any, apparently they had locked themselves detected them, and he made sure it wasn't anywhere where they could see them. The scout stumbled back toward Arcee and beeped a little bit, before seeing Arcee in her current state and let out a low boop.

"I'm fine Bee, just low on Energon….." She trailed off as she heard the sound of the Terrorcons pounding on the door. ",these things don't die very easily."

Bumblebee gave a small nod, and peeked out a crack, and then he leapt back as a Terrorcons hand shot through it, the scut let out a wait before tearing the arm off, and hurling it aside. He looked back through the hole and fired a few shots out of it, hitting the Terrorcon in the skull.

He looked back at Arcee, and then looked down to see the arm crawling toward him, and with one quick stomp he ended it as well.

"Where the scrap are Optimus and Bulkhead?" Arcee wondered aloud.

Bee didn't say anything, not that he could, he had no answer nor guess, as he looked back outside he suddenly heard something, a yell.

he turned back toward Arcee, right as the remains of a few Terrorcons were sent flying through the wall. Both of them stood in shock as they peered outside.

"Well there's my answer." Arcee said, as she saw Bulkhead trashing the last of the Terrorcons outside.

"Hey guys, did I come at the right time?" He asked simply with a grin.

Arcee chuckled as she and Bee walked from the wreckage. "Perfect timing as ever, so where's Optimus?" She inquired.

"Well where do you think?" Bulkhead asked and looked toward Termortons tallest building."Wherever ol Bucket head is he is."

Things had been going great for Megatron today.

he finally had his Terrorcon army, the world was ready to be at his fingertips, and soon he would vanquish his foes for good.

But now things had taken a turn for the worse, he just got word from Starscream that their Autobot was in fact Soundwave, and that the Nemesis had been lost again., though the controls were booby trapped,, the rest of the ship was still under lock down, worse still, he could feel that the number of Terrorcons under his command was slipping, only a handful were left.

A scowl crossed his face, he was angry, and he knew just who to take it out on.

"So the great Optimus finally manages to show his battle mask around here." He said with venom in his voice as he turned around to face Optimus.

The prime stood behind him, his left hand converted into a blade. "Megatron, what you have caused today, is vile even for you." he said looking over the destruction. "What purpose could there have been to attack this city besides petty revenge?"

The Decepticon leader let out a dark laugh as his extended his own blade from under his fusion cannon.

"Because Optimus, right now I hold the power, I attacked this city because I could and I wanted to show the might of the Decepticon empire to this pathetic race."

With that he raced toward Optimus and let out a cry of anger, Optimus blocked his blade with his own and pulled pack and the blocked another attack by Megatron.

"The might of the Decepticons, don't make me laugh Megatron." Optimus said pulling back and going in for strike which Megatron blocked, and then he kicked and sent Optimus backwards. megatron then charged Optimus once again, and slashed his blade across Prime's midsection, causing a gash.

"What is that supposed to mean,are you calling my army weak?" Megatron demanded as he blocked another attack.

"Given that you are now attacking creatures smaller, and less powerful then you just to prove your army's might, I'd more say desperate." Optimus gloated.

Megatron stepped back and paused, glaring toward Optimus. he dare insult him, his army and his honor, if Megatron had his way in this fight than Optimus Prime just signed his death certificate.

With a cry of anger, Megatron rushed Optimus and the Prime readied to block the attack. But Megatron dove in low and tackled Optimus, and both sailed off the rooftop, Megatron then got atop Optimus as they fell.

"Let's see if the great Optimus prime fare better than Skyquake!" Megatron taunted, calling back to his fallen soldier, Optimus let his optics narrow and pushed Megatron off him, before leaping to the side of the building and digging his blade into it.

Optimus began to slow his fall, with his blade cutting into the side, however Megatron was never one to give up easily, and he attacked Optimus from above.

"FALl, FALL!" Megatron roared and kicked Optimus and then blasted the building's face, sending both falling once more. Optimus looked down to see the ground rushing toward him, and he looked up to see MEgatron above him his blade out and ready to end the fight once Optimus impacted with the street.

Optimus looked back as the street got closer, and all the prime could do wass wait for the impact.

The First thing that Optimus felt when he hit the ground was the feeling of immense pain, the second was one of anger and fear. Megatron would be upon him in less than a few seconds, however the prime had been weakened by the fall to earth.

he could hear the wind rushing as Megatron fell, and the Decepticon leaders war cry rang in his audios.

Optimus grunted as he kicked up his feet and kicked Megatron in the chest, causing the Decepticon leader to crash back into some parked cars, Optimus got up as Megatron tired to recover, Optimus charged and threw himself at his foe, managing to deck him across the face. Meghatron let out an angry roar as Dark Energon flew from his lips. Megatron pulled back and as Optimus came for another pass took a swipe at him with his blade, Optimus jumped back and dodged another blow from Megatron, only for Megatron to fire at him with his fusion cannon , blasting Optimus and knocking him back.

Optimus got up to fight again, only for Megatron to charge up and send his blade into Optimus's left side. A cry of pain came from Optimus and a maniacal laugh came from MEgatron, as Optimus placed his hand up to the damaged and looked, part of his left side was dented and some Energon was leaking out. Optimus only had seconds before Megatron punched his face head on, and Prime went sprawling across the street.

Megatron raced forward and charged up his cannon and began firing rapid bursts of energy, striking Optimus in many areas of his body, Optimus however took them in stride, letting each blast hit several of the thicker points in his armor.

Swiftly transforming into his big rig form, Optimus raced forward and smashed himself into Megatron's legs, catching him off guard and then Optimus transformed and swung his fist back in an arch and pounded it into Megatron's chest.

Clenching his fists and gritting his teeth, Megatron let out a battle cry and smashed himself into Optimus, this time causing him to go tumbling down the street and sending both into a roll.

As they came out of it, Megatron up as Optimus Drove his blade into his back, and then pulled it out as he came about Megatron's front and jumped, slamming both fists down onto him, before kicking him back.

Megatron slammed into the wall of a nearby building, causing a large gaping hole as bricks shattered and wood splintered. As He began to climb to his feet, Megatron turned to see a group of humans cowering in the shop, and he let out a cry of rage, causing them all to disappear in puffs of smoke.

Megatron got to his feet and glared toward Optimus who now had one of his hands turned into a blaster. Megatron picked up a chunk of the roadway inside his grasp and fired several shots toward his foe, as Optimus dove, Megatron threw the chunk and let it crash into the side of prime that he had sliced into previously,. As he fell Optimus cried out in pain as he gripped his side and tore the piece out, throwing it aside as he charged Megatron, leaping into the air only to be shot down by Megatron, who jumped atop him, and grabbed his face.

"I'll rip out your optics and spare you the sight of your spark in my servos!" Megatron threatened, as Prime threw him off and shot into him several times.

"Don't make promises that you may not be able to keep Megatron."

Optimus then made with his hands blades and charged for his foe, but Megatron dove to the side but Optimus turned and slashed him across the Decepticon insignia, and then tried to cut off his arm with his fusion cannon. But Megatron blocked it and soon her and Optimus were locked with their blades both staring each other down. Megatron pulled back and tried to run Optimus through like butter, but Optimus ducked down and kicked upward knocking Megatron's head back, Megatron stumbled as Optimus grabbed him, Megatron snapped back as prime picked him up and hurled him into a wall. Megatron didn't even have time to yell as he made impact. He fell to his knees as the remains of the wall cascaded down onto him.

He looked up to see Optimus walking toward him with his blasters out now, ready to fire. "This is your last chance Megatron, surrender now, or else I will fire."

Megatron scowled and then smirked."Becoming a bit bloodthirsty are we Optimus? and to think I thought that my time helping you fight amounted to nothing."

He could see Optimus falter and he laughed, before he transformed into Jet mode and flew extremely fast before slamming into Optimus's knees, transforming again and then punching him down to the ground.

"Even when you are strong, you still prove to be weak!" he taunted, as Prime punched him in the jaw. Megatron stepped back, gripping his jaw as Optimus rose, and pointed his blaster at his head.

"You have caused too much destruction Megatron, I am giving you some grace right now surrender now and I will see that you get a lighter sentence, than most feel you deserve."

What Optimus didn't notice was that Megatron's chest had been glowing throughout the entire fight, he was issuing a silent call and that call was being answered.

"If I were you prime, I would take a look around as I make you MY offer, blast me-" He said as Optimus did look to see most of the remaining Terrorcons swarming him, "-and the undead shall tear you to pieces."

From the shadows, Starscream watched the fight, Soundwave had gone into stasis lock in order to assess his injuries, leaving Starscream alone, atop a building nearby.

"Hmm seems like we are in a bit of a stalemate, this will be interesting." He mused to himself as he began to watch the Terrorcons went closer toward Optimus and Megatron.

Optimus looked around at the Terrorcons and then glared toward his foe who looked back toward him and grinned evilly. "Your choice Optimus, damage me and my Terrorcons tear you apart."

Optimuss considered his options and let out a small growl as he drew back his blaster, and Megatron kept looking at him.

"A Very wise choice Optimus, but still a foolish one!" He shouted and upper cut Optimus, and sent him arching onto his back. Optimus moaned as he rolled onto his chest and got to his hands and knees as Megatron pointed his fusion cannon at him.

"I would have waited an eternity for this moment, It's over Prime!" He announced as the Terrorcons began to swarm him. Optimus narrowed his optics, and tired to think of a way to attack but he could find none that would work besides outright running Megatron though the spark.

Right before anything else could happen, They heard the sound of jets and then several Terrorcons were shot through with lasers. Megatron turned around right as his face was struck with a giant fist.

he went sprawling, flipping over Optimus as he did, he looked up to see Jenny hovering over him.

CU: Jenny's feet as the camera pans slowly up her body.

"Figured you could use some help." She quipped and wrapped an arm around him, and then set him on his feet. "looks like I wasn't too far off,huh?"

Optimus gave her a nod. "Thank you XJ9"

"It's Jenny."

"I'm sorry Jenny, but where are your human allies?" Optimus asked remembering the three boys who had run off to save her.

"I left them at Mezmeriz the warship became a bit hazardous once Breakdown and Knock Out broke out of the med bay." She said flinching a bit. "Though after Soundwave booby trapped the thing I don't think that they will be running it for a while."

Optimus chuckled, as they heard a roar of Frustration, they turned as Megatron stood up, his body enveloped in purple flame.

"This time I have had enough with your interruptions Ms. Wakeman, time to put you in your place under the heel of my servos."

Jenny's eyes went wide as did Optimus's. "Could he do that before?" She asked. Optimus looked toward her and sighed.

"Dark Energon is dangerous but powerful."

Yes Optimus, allow me to be the first show show you just how deadly it can be." Megatron said interrupting them and he charged toward punched Optimus and then blasted his chest plate and Prime sailed back into a wall, as Jenny flew overhead.

"Hey big guy how about a little light show." She asked as her arms became lasers and she fired a multitude of bolts at Megatron, who turned and let out a cry of anger, and charged up his cannon, but Optimus came from behind and grabbed his back and forced his arm down and his blast shot through the street.

Megatron turned and bashed down on Optimus who then leaned down and smacked him with both fists, while Jenny continued a stream of laser fire at him. MEgatron stumbled and then with a shout, the Terrorcons charged toward Optimus and latched onto them much to this surprise and he extended his blades and began slicing them about.

Megatron laughed as he leapt up and slammed Jenny into the ground, and then picked her up and threw her into a building.

"When I am through with you all, all that shall be left will be dust!" He claimed and then closed his fists and the Terrorcons began to force prime to his knees and began to scratch and claw him.

"On this day all who oppose me shall meet their untimely demises!"

Jenny glared at him as she pulled herself from the wall.

CU: Ground Level as Jenny's feet stomped into view before slowly panning up her body.

"Yeah, and I'm going to become queen of England!" she shouted before shifting her body into a giant cannon and blasting the Terrorcons to bits and off Optimus who stumbled to his feet.

CU: Ground Level as Jenny's foot stomps into view before panning up her body.

"I've had enough of the Decepticons to last a lifetime now, you've trashed my town, my home and my reputation, but now I'm going to trash you!" She threatened and then slammed her body into Megatron,s shifted her hands into giant fists and began pounding him. Meghatron cried in anguish and grabbed her, throwing her off him as Optimus took the chance to get a few shots in and cleave into Megatron's side. Megatron kicked Optimus back as Jenny slammed into his face and then sliced across it with a buzzsaw. Megatron gripped his face in pain before he grabbed Jenny and threw her into the street,, smashing her down.

Optimus then once again attacked him and Megatron responded by blasting him head on once more, throwing him back,

CU: Jenny's feet as she stomped them real hard on the ground, turning into rockets before blasting off.

Jenny knocked Megatron off his feet, and she and prime both attacked. Screaming battle cries Jenny stabbed into Megatron's back and made a one hundred eighty degree slice up his back while prime punched him several times in the chest and then uppercutting him.

Megatron tired to fight back but under the combined assault he began to crumble. Inside his head his mind ran furiously, anger and pain began to mix, he couldn't lose now, to an android and Optimus Prime, not while he had the power of Dark Energon.

His rage grew and then he stood up and let out a massive cry as a wave of Dark Energon exploded from his body.

Both Jenny and Optimus were caught off guard, and Optimus was hit and knocked back, while Jenny tried using her jets to stay put, it was a mistake

CU: Jenny's jet feet as Megatron's hand grabbed them.

Megatron grabbed her out of the air.

"help." She gasped out as Megatron held her in both hands.


Optimus snapped his head up alarmed at Megatron's voice it sounded demonic, as the flames from Dark Energon shot higher into the air.

"Soon the earth shall burn under my feet, the humans shall be crushed under the might of the Decepticon empire, I WILL DRIVE THEM TO EXTINCTION!, and I shall leave you alive Optimus Prime to watch me finish off your precious earth!"

Megatron gripped Jenny and laughed.

CU: Jenny's feet as they trembled hard.

"But first, the android!"

Jenny tried to break free, but it became pointless and Megatron pulled and she felt her waist and Torso began to come undone.

"Well this is the only the eighth time this has happened to me." She mused as Megatron ripped her in half. "Yep there we go."

Megatron cocked an eyebrow. "You don't feel any pain?"

"No but you're about too."

Before Megatron could give a response, Optimus took the chance and got up, his chest glowed bright blue and with a final cry, he raced forward.

Megatron's optics widened as with the sound of smashing Metal, Optimus drove his fist into Megatron, now he was glowing bright blue as Megatron screamed and he fell back.

"The Power of the Matrix!?" he exclaimed and extended his sword to try and ward off Optimus's attacks and the prime charged him, and the two began brawling once more, this time their blows felt like they were punching each other with mountains, each blow causing severe harm, Optimus flipped over Megatron and punched into the spot where Jenny sliced into MEgatron and tore off a chunk from his foe.

Megatron whipped around and shot at Prime but his blast just dissipated and Optimus ran toward him and swung his blade down, slashing into Megatron's chest.

Megatron screamed and Optimus went in for another pass and slashed across his face. Megatron felt his body fading but he tried to continue fighting, and Optimus punched his face head on once more, the pain shooting through him, Megatron stumbled back. He could now feel his increased power weakening and then he felt a large hole where he felt the Terrorcons troops, Arcee, Bulkhead and Bumblebee had destroyed the last one.

Not only that but he felt his energy drained,he was firing shot after shot and already his blasts were getting weaker, he had used up too much Energy, and it was killing him unless he refueled soon.

But Optimus was just getting started and he knew that the Power of the Matrix was immense and plentiful.

Megatron scowled and reached for his com. "Starscream; get Soundwave And retreat, we're leaving!"

From his perch Starscream sniffed. "Figures, just when it looked like Optimus would take care of Megatron for me."

Megatron scowled as he heard that and looked at Optimus. "You may have won today Prime, but next time you won't be so fortunate!" he declared before Transforming and rocketing off in the direction of his ship, and Optimus saw Starscream dragging Soundwave as well,

He watched as the Decepticons flew in and the ship hovered for a bit before vanishing into the clouds and sky.

He grunted with anger and then looked down to where Jenny had fallen, she was slowly connecting herself to her legs and by the time he walked over to her she had done it successfully.

"Jenny, are you functional?" He asked and she looked up at him.

CU: Jenny's feet as she got up. The camera then panned up her body.

"Yeah a little scratched and dinged up, but other than that, I'm good" They both looked up toward the Direction the Nemesis had flown off into.

"So what they are gone just like that?"

"If only, for right now though Megatron needs to lick his wounds, as the humans say it, as is he will probably soon have another plan, but now however he knows not to underestimate some human creations." He said looking down at her and she blushed. "All in a days work."

"Optimus!" They heard BUlkhead and Arcee cry as they raced toward him and Transformed. "Jenny you're alive!" Bulkhead stated happily.

Jenny blinked. "Umm you all thought I was dead?"

"Well when Soundwave goes after a bot they tend to not make it out alive...most of the time." Bulkhead said rubbing the back of his neck.

"But we saw the cons ship leaving so has Megatron pulled out?"

Optimus gave a nod. "Though right now, we have won the battle, we haven't worn the war, but however in our cause we have gained new allies whom I am proud to stand beside."

"So now what?" Bulkhead asked and Bumblebee beeped a few times and made bloop.

"Bees right Optimus everyone in the town saw us attack, our cover is blown."

"Actually," jenny said as the Autobots looked at her, "I think I have an idea."

In the end of it, getting the town to believe that the whole robot invasion was a bunch of old Cluster tech that had been abandoned in space and had made its way to the plane with it's payload to destroy it was the easy part.

CU: Ground level as someone's feet enter view. The camera pans up to reveal Vega.

Fixing the town however was another thing, though the Citizens of Tremorton were used to fixing it at this point.

From atop the Hillside, jenny and Vega watched as Citizens of Cluster Prime and Tremorton were rebuilding the town to it's former glory while the Military was taking the dead robots away to be studied, in actuality they were going to be destroyed.

"So looks like you've had a busy day." Vega commented as she looked over her friend still bearing the scars of battle on her frame. "You look worse then when you did after the whole incident with my Mom back on Cluster Prime."

Jenny giggled softly. "Yeah well being in a warzone will do that too you especially when dealing with a guy like Soundwave, I've told you about him right?"

"Eer no, you told me about your fight with Megatron though I have got to say it must be odd to know that being torn in half doesn't phase you very much, I've seen videos of Megatron when he originally came to Cluster Prime, I think my mothers greatest moment was when she drove him off planet."

Jenny blinked and sighed happily, she had been surprised to find out that Cybertronians had come to Cluster prime before, in fact a group had just visited a few days ago, they gave their names as Sideswipe, Jazz, Prowl, Ironhide and Moonracer, had they not left Cluster Prime to respond to a call from another Autobot.

"I kinda wish that they hadn't left, we could've used them here." She said. "Thanks again for your help in this Vega."

"Eh least I can do after all that you did for me, so where are you pals now?"

"My Mom's helping them get repaired,after that, well as Optimus put it they will continue fighting until the Decepticon threat is ended and the Universe is at peace."

Vega scoffed, "So the Adventure continues."

"Indeed." A voice from behind said and they turned to see Optimus, mrs. Wakeman on his shoulder.

Optimus gently let Mrs. Wakeman down from his shoulder and she walked over toward her daughter.

"i just get done fixing four giant robots and still have one more to go, at least you I know inside and out." She said in a tired voice. Jenny giggled and looked up at Optimus. "So I guess this is goodbye for now then?"

Optimus gave a slow nod. "Though this may be farewell for now Jenny, know that ultimately what you have done today is a strong will and courage, and that is an example that I will carry with me in future battles."

He bent down to her level. "Know this Jenny, we will always remember your bravery in the fight against the Decepticons, henceforth I am also inditing you as an honorary Autobot."

Jenny gasped and blinked. "An Autobot? Wait does that me I have to get a size change?"

Optimus stifled a laugh, and then handed Jenny the Insignia of the Autobots and she held it in her hand, and then placed it on her shoulder with a smirk. And then it fell off with a clatter.

"I'll wear it with soon as I figure out how."

She heard Vega and her mother stifle laughter as Jenny watched as Optimus headed back toward the Groundbridge portal, he turned back one more time and said, "Until we meet again Jennifer Wakeman."

With that Optimus Prime walked into the portal and vanished from Termorton, a hero who deserved all the praise that Jenny got and never did.

Jenny looked down at the Autobot Insignia in her hands and back up to where Optimus had disappeared and sighed.

"Till we meet again Optimus."

She turned back to her mother and Vega. "So How about those repairs?" She said and her mother rolled her eyes and sighed as jenny and Vega shared a laugh.

"Turely it never ends." Mrs Wakeman bemoaned as she pulled out her tool kit. "it never ends!"

Inside the Nemesis's medical lab MEgatron aly on a table, with his injuries being tended too, humiliated, defeated by a human built Robot, it was more than he could stand, to his right stood Soundwave who was now fully repaired and waiting his master to be finished mostly because Knock Out had once allied himself with Starscream in an attempt to shut him down.

Megatron silently scowled to himself. The seeker was always trying to betray and stab him in the back, he knew that. In order to ensure victory he would have to put that seeker in his place soon, very soon.

First Starscream then the Autobots, and then that pathetic android will have noone to turn too, and then he would have his revenge!

The scene then fades out to a closeup of Jenny's right foot as the camera real slowly pans up her leg. Scene then fades into Jenny's pigtails as the camera pans around them, before fading into a closeup of Jenny's arm, panning down to her hand, which clenches into a really tight trembling fist. Scene then fades into a closeup of Jenny's legs as the camera pans around them, before fading to a shot of her hips, panning downward and around them. Jenny's bellybutton then fades into view, as the camera pans slowly to the right before fading to a closeup of her chestplate, camera panning left. Camera then fades to her white leg, with the camera panning down to her blue boot, which taps on the floor. The camera then fades to her blue boots, panning around them before fading to the tip of her hip, panning slowly left before fading back to Jenny's feet, as the camera real slowly pans up her body and to her face. She then looks toward the camera and winks at the viewer.

Cut to black.

Credits begin.