As Danny exited the bathroom, he stopped for a moment and remembered something. It was his past: his parents gruesome death in a car crash. He collapsed and sat down, choked up. He started crying as he couldn’t hide the pain anymore. Nolan exited the bathroom and saw Danny crying.

Nolan: Danny what’s wrong?

Danny (voice breaking up): I need Wendy.

Nolan then rushed out to get Wendy. 20 seconds later, Wendy arrived and saw Danny crying.

Wendy: What’s wrong Danny? *kneels down to his level* What’s wrong?

Danny (voice breaking up): I can’t hide the pain anymore.

Wendy: Aww come here!

Wendy gave a sobbing Danny a big comforting hug and kissed his cheek 5 times.

Wendy: What’s the matter? What’s haunting you?

Danny (voice breaking up): The last time we met in 6th grade, which was when you left to Oregon, I got notified by the principal that my parents died in a gruesome car crash.

Wendy: Aww! Poor Danny-Boy! I’m so sorry about your loss!

Danny (voice breaking up): After the funeral, I joined the lone wolves. And life was going good and all. *sniffs hard* But I couldn’t let the pain go. Without my parents, I thought nobody was gonna take care of me for the rest of my life. I thought I would never see you again Wendy. And…and…

He continued sobbing before he could finish.

Wendy (whispering): Shh. I got you Danny. I got you.

She kissed his cheek twice as she continued to console him. 1 minute later, they stopped hugging and Wendy stared at him lovingly.

Wendy: Danny, I’ll take care of you.

Danny (voice breaking up): Really?

Wendy: Yes. I have always seen you as my true love Danny. Back then, I liked you as a friend, but looking at you now, you’re the sweetest guy ever. I will always take care of you Danny. You will forever be my little Danny-Boy.

Danny (voice breaking up): So does this mean-

Wendy: Yes Danny. I’ll be your girlfriend. *kisses him briefly on the lips*

Danny (voice breaking up): Oh Wendy. I love you so much!

Wendy: I love you too Danny-Boy.

She kisses him again for 15 seconds before hugging him again and she consoled him by rubbing his back as Danny continued to sob.

Wendy (whispering): Shh. That’s it Danny. Let it out. Let it all out.

She kissed his cheek several times as she continued to console him.