Pinkie and Blake walked together through the mall, holding arms.

Blake: I'm glad you're back Pinkie.

Pinkie: I know. 9 years and I told you I would get to see you again Blakey-boy.

Blake: *laugh* Hey, I needed someone to take care of me for the rest of my life anyways.

They stopped walking and stared at each other lovingly.

Pinkie: Well guess what? I'm always gonna take care of you Blakey-Boy. You sweet cupcake. *kisses his cheek*

Blake: I love it when you call me that.

Pinkie: I know! Cause you're my cupcake!

They both laughed and continued to stare at each other lovingly. Blake looked down at her booted feet.

Blake: I love your boots.

Pinkie: Aww, thanks Blake!

Blake: In fact, I love your whole body. I mean, back then you were all cute and funny, but looking at you now, while still being cute and funny, you're also very very attractive.

Pinkie blushed. She put her hands on Blake's shoulders and her feet onto his.

Pinkie: Oh Blakey-Boy. We're going to have so much fun together for the rest of our lives.

Blake: I know. And we're adding love to the fun we're gonna have. Lots and lots of love.

They traded smiles at each other before kissing on the lips for 10 seconds. They then broke apart and hugged tightly.

Pinkie: I love you so much Blakey-Boy.

Blake: I love you so much too Pinkie Pie.

They then kissed repeatedly on the lips.