Blake continued to play on his phone.

Voice: Hello.

Blake looked and saw Pinkie Pie.

Blake: Oh! Hi. Didn’t even see you.

Pinkie Pie: 2 movies in one day huh Blake?

Blake: Yeah. Pretty long night before we head to- 

Blake then stopped and realized what she just said.

Blake: Wait what was that? 

Pinkie began to stare lovingly at Blake.

Pinkie Pie: Remember me dude? We were best friends since childhood.

Blake’s expression turned to shock as he suddenly knew who it is.

Blake: Pinkie? I-Is that you?

Pinkie Pie: Yep. It’s me Blakey-Boy.

Blake, still shocked, looked at her from toe to head. She is wearing blue boots with bow ties on top, a pink dress with balloons on the side, blue bracelets on each wrist, a purple bow-tie belt, a purple white shirt with a heart on the center, and a bright blue jacket. His expression then turned into joy and excitement.

Blake: Oh you gotta be kidding me!

Blake got up and hugged Pinkie, who returned the hug and lifted him up as they continued hugging.

Blake: Pinkie Pie! Oh man it’s been forever since I last saw you!

Pinkie Pie: Oh Blakey-Boy. I feel the same way dude.

Blake: This is the best night of my life.

Pinkie Pie: Best night of your life huh?

They stopped hugging and stare at each other lovingly.

Pinkie Pie: I got something that will make it even better.

Blake: Really? What might that be?

And without notice, Pinkie kissed Blake’s lips for 3 seconds before kissing his face from forehead to cheek. Blake accepts this and the 2 stare at each other lovingly before sharing a warm passionate kiss as Pinkie put her arms around Blake’s neck, while Blake put his around her waist.

They broke apart 10 seconds later and touch foreheads.

Pinkie Pie: I love you Blake.

Blake: I love you too Pinkie.

They then kissed again as the 2 lovers embraced while kissing.