As they continued sitting next to each other, Ben blushed at Amy Rose's beauty. He looked at her hand and her booted feet. He couldn't take it anymore. He tried to reach for her hand so that he can hold it. Amy noticed and, blushing as well, she held his hand. Ben blushed hard when he noticed Amy holding his hand. He then looked at Amy, who is staring at him lovingly.

Ben: Amy?

Amy didn't respond and kept staring at him lovingly. After a while, she leaned in slowly until her lips locked with Ben's. A super shocked Ben returned the kiss as the 2 shared their first kiss.

They broke apart 10 seconds later and Amy stared at a shocked Ben.

Ben: Amy...

Amy: You're very sweet Ben. You're also very very attractive. You know that.

Ben smiled, as he knew that Amy loves him.

Amy: Kiss me.

And he did that. Ben kissed Amy on the lips and they shared another kiss for 20 seconds.

They broke apart and touched foreheads.

Ben: I love you Amy.

Amy: I love you too Ben.

She kissed him again for 15 seconds before hugging him tightly, with Ben returning the hug.

Amy: I love you too. *kisses his cheek*

Ben: I love your boots.

Amy (whispering): Thanks Ben. They love you back.

She kisses his cheek again before they kissed for a 4th time for 10 seconds. They broke apart and stared at each other lovingly, before kissing for a 5th time as they kissed repeatedly on the lips.