Once Alex came out of the bathroom, he saw Apple Bloom reading his note. He blushed hard. She was reading his confession note. As Alex slowly approached her, she turned around to see him, causing him to stop and blush harder.

Applebloom: Alex?

Alex: Y...yeah?

Applebloom: Was this note from you?

Alex: Well...uh...yeah. Where'd you find it?

Applebloom: Fell out of your pocket once you headed to the bathroom. Just one question about it: Was all of this on there true?

Alex blushed harder.

Alex: ...Yes. I fell in love with you ever since I first met you. You're cute, attractive, awesome, and sweet, and you have the best body than any other girl I've met. I just didn't know when I wanted to confess this to you and...and...

Applebloom took a step forward and placed her hand on his shoulder, staring at Alex lovingly. A few seconds later, to his complete shock, Applebloom kissed him on the lips. Alex returned the kiss as the 2 shared their first kiss.

They broke apart 10 seconds later and Applebloom gave him a big hug, with Alex returning the hug. She leaned toward his ear.

Applebloom (whispering): I already know how much you love me Alex. You're a very sweet guy. And a good friend. But after reading that note, if you need someone to take care of you for the rest of your life, then I'll do it Alex. I'll be your girlfriend.

She kissed him on the cheek as tears began to stream down his face. She then kissed his lips again as the 2 shared another 10 second kiss. They then touched foreheads, smiling at each other.

Alex (voice breaking up): I love you Applebloom.

Applebloom: I love you too Alex.

They kissed for a 3rd time as they kissed repeatedly on the lips for 20 seconds.

Applebloom: Come here.

They then shared another big hug as the 2 embraced with love.